How To Stay Safe When Going to Pubs

How To Stay Safe When Going to Pubs

Posted 11/04/2024 in General
Going out to the local pub can be fun, and if it's one you've been to before you can feel safe knowing what to expect. But what happens when you're going to a pub that you haven't been to before? Here are some things to consider to make sure you stay safe when going out to pubs, whether it be alone or with someone else.

Plan Your Evening

  • Choose the Right Pub

    When going out at night, it's important that you know the type of place you are going to. Be aware of which pubs have raves or parties that may attract emotionally charged crowds. Also, pubs with a history of frequent fights or disturbances. If you have seen people outside a pub getting into fights or showing aggressive behaviour, it might be best to avoid this one.

    Check whether the pub is well-lit because it is more likely that someone will do something underhand in subdued lighting. Having security in sight is also a big plus, as you know someone will be there to help you if something starts. By choosing a pub with these points in mind, you can enjoy your night out with peace of mind.
  • Inform People Where You Are Going

    Something we should all do, especially when going out alone, is to let someone you trust know what your plans are. Let someone know where you are going, and whether you are going to more than one place. If you are, then perhaps let them know a rough time you will be moving on.

    Of course, if you are out and your plans change, it pays to send a message to let people know they don't need to worry if you're not going to be home at the time you said.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings at the Pub

To stay safe when you are out, keep your eye on what's happening around you. Being aware of your surroundings will help you steer clear of trouble. If you see someone start to get aggressive or cause a scene, move away or move closer to security staff. Pubs with outdoor seating may give you more room as a group, allowing you to keep some space between you and other patrons.

It goes without saying that you need to be aware of your belongings to make sure you go home with what you went out with. If you have a handbag, make sure you keep it closed and hold onto it at all times. If you leave it on the floor beside your seat, it is easy for someone to sneak it away. If you have pockets, consider leaving your handbag at home and keeping some money or cards in them.

We all take our phones with us where-ever we go, and this is especially important when going out to pubs. Being able to call for help if you get stuck or find yourself in a situation will help keep you safe. However, phones are expensive which makes them a target for thieves.

Don't leave your phone sitting on a table unattended and give some thought to how you can carry it safely. This may be in a pocket, or in a zipped-up handbag. If you lose your phone, you may not just cost an arm and a leg to replace it, you will also lose your safety line for the night.

Avoid Over-indulgence

It's a fairly safe bet to assume that if you are going out to the pub, you will probably be drinking. Know your limits, and pace yourself so that you don't end up losing control over your choices. Don't leave your drink unattended because you risk someone slipping something into it.

The same caution applies to accepting drinks from strangers or people you don't know enough to trust. Only accept drinks you see the bartender pouring your drinks, or if they're unopened cans.

If you plan to drink more than just a couple, consider how you will get home safely as you may have had too many to drive.

Asking For Help When Out at a Pub

Above all, trust your gut when it's trying to tell you something because sometimes our gut thinks better than our brain. If you feel uneasy about a situation, remove yourself from it. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable then don't continue to speak to them. If you find that you can't shake someone off, consider moving to a group of people and start talking to them like they are long-lost friends.

If someone is bothering you, even if it's someone you know, think about asking the bartender for an Angel Shot. Bar staff undergo training to recognize this as a cry for help and will assist you in leaving safely. They will do this discreetly to make sure there is no scene or potential for upset.

Getting Home Safely From the Pub

Just as important as planning your night out is working out how you're going to get home safely. You may have planned on not drinking much, so drove your car. If you find that you've had a little too much to drink, then lock your car and find another way to get home.

You may be able to call a friend, or a taxi. Either way, better to come back for the car tomorrow then not make it home.

When you're leaving the pub don't be so engrossed in your phone that you don't notice if someone is following you. This includes wearing headphones or use ear buds, because you won't be able to hear what is going on around you. Forewarning about someone approaching could help you prepare for unwanted altercations. Perhaps turn around and go back inside or seek help at a nearby house or shop.

To make sure you arrive home safely from the pub after a night out, arrange your transportation beforehand. Choose a designated driver if you are going in a group and make sure they don't have too much to drink themselves. If driving is not an option, check public transport options or explore taxi or rideshare services in the area.

If you are planning on using public transport be mindful of how you will get to the station or bus stop at the end of the night. Will trains or buses be available? Check what time they finish running so you don't miss the last service.

Will you need to walk through unlit, sparsely populated areas to get to the station? If so, that might not be a safe option, especially if you are alone. Make sure there are safe options to get you home and have it worked out in advance.

Most Important, Have a Great Night at the Pub!

It's always great to go out with friends, just make sure you're safe when you do it. Overall, the chances of something going wrong when you go for a night out to the pub is fairly slim. A lot of people go out each night and only a very small percentage have issues. It just pays to make sure it's not you that comes across problems that may spoil your night out.