Bairnsdale Club Inc, Bairnsdale VIC

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Bairnsdale Club Inc, Bairnsdale VIC

The Bairnsdale Club Inc is a club located in Bairnsdale, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 62 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Great food, Great friendly Staff . Friday night raffles . Really friendly people made us so welcome . Great atmosphere, will be back there soon .

The Bairnsdale Club Inc does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
68 Nicholson St, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

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Latest reviews for Bairnsdale Club Inc, Bairnsdale VIC

Love this place down to earth food and great service
Lee & Tye Stacey
Very nice meal but it could of been a bit hotter the vegetables were not hot.
gary Hutton
Great food great price I like the atmosphere
Marney Howes
Burnt food did offer replacement but went with dessert meals had always been good here but tonight they were disgusting
Derek Wilson
We called in last night for a beer and a feed. Was surprised how really nice the food was! The cheese n garlic focaccia was sooo nice, as was the Mongolian beef and fried rice and the chicken parmigiana!

My 2 favourite sweets are self saucing chocolate pud and sticky date pud. Both were on the menu...trauma!
Bought both...the chocolate won...!

Friendly staff...would go back in a heartbeat...
Very disappointing experience rude young blonde waitresses food very average for the price not recommended.
Merilyn Leatham
Great food, Great friendly Staff . Friday night raffles . Really friendly people made us so welcome . Great atmosphere, will be back there soon .
Billy Baggins
Food was excellent, gluten free lamb shank and fish and chips. Place is looking good the change in manager has certainly worked..
ruth pye
Great food good service
Peter Theodore
When there's an item on the menu and you are asked is it fresh.... in this case lambs fry and bacon, and you are assured it is when it is presented clearly it has been frozen resulting in a mush you have to ask yourself are these cooks capable of cooking and telling the truth.... clearly not. The plate was returned to the kitchen, replaced with an equally disgusting roast of the day.... um freezer.. before you assume I'm just a wringing customer I am a chef of forty plus years and run my own catering company. Change your staff or employ people who really know how to prepare decent food.
Roderick McKay
A very nice venue, friendly staff and a nice menu
barry fidler
Certainly value for money with a pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and good food, well done to all involved
Wendy Danvers
Great meal, friendly staff
Darrell Traplin
Great club
Tracey Kuhnel
Excellent food, excellent service, great dining experience everytime
Great meal and great service. Highly recommended.
Paul Toohim
Small place but pleasant to have a drink, but what I can't understand why I was forced to take off my hat. It's not the RSL I did mentioned to the lady what if an Indian guy walk in with a turban on his head what would you do throw him outside. No answer
Lynette Hall
Great meals great atmosphere good friendly service
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