Club Bondi Junction RSL, Bondi Junction NSW

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Club Bondi Junction RSL, Bondi Junction NSW

This venue may be temporarily closed. Please check before attending.
The Club Bondi Junction RSL is a club located in Bondi Junction, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 3.8 out of 86 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Club Bondi Junction RSL is in Sydney so why not stop by when you are there next.
Nothing wrong with this place. Sadly bistro shutting down first before the club does too for renos. Hopefully won't be long before it's all back to its former glory

The Club Bondi Junction RSL does not appear to have any published opening hours.
1/9 Gray St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

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Latest reviews for Club Bondi Junction RSL, Bondi Junction NSW

Nothing wrong with this place. Sadly bistro shutting down first before the club does too for renos. Hopefully won't be long before it's all back to its former glory
Nothing wrong with this place. Sadly bistro shutting down first before the club does too for renos. Hopefully won't be long before it's all back to its former glory
Mark Causer
Great local club to catch up with friends and family...
Karyn Brown
I Came with a group for my mums birthday. My mum and i ordered the whiting fillets, chips and salad. Looked more like frozen fish pieces. First mouthful of the fish there were three sizable bones. Two bones i managed to politely remove from my mouth and place on the plate. The other bone went down my neck making me feel quite uncomfortable. The chips were a soggy mess and covered by a salad that consisted of lettuce leaves red onion and one piece of cucumber. I ate practically nothing and when the waiter collected the full plate i showed him the bones and his disinterested response was that the fish was prepared off site. My mum barely ate her lunch either...what a disappointing day. We travelled over an hour to this venue but wont be coming back.
Andrew Jens
An old-style club that is definitely one for the locals. Sorry to say but the staff seemed to be going through the paces. On a positive note, the food was okay and reasonably priced. Guessing that they don't have the money, but a renovation would do a lot to attract more visitors.
Ray Stanborough
A club in the traditional sense, I found the food good not great but good, the band playing was excellent, a Elvis clone and great to listen too
Christine Lasker
Love this 'country local feel type club', great Raffles and very reasonably priced bistro!! Staff very friendly too! Very welcoming!
Shaun McIntosh
I must of picked a bad night. Most staff were pleasant, with the exception of a very rude barmaid with the most abrupt customer service skills. But the cook in the kitchen wasn't a happy camper because l returned a dish with a uncooked egg on top. After having to approach management twice l finally got a refund. You would be best visiting for a drink but steering clear of the barmaid and taking a wide berth of the kitchen!!!
Caroline Thompson
The club is run down because it will be rebuild eventually. Most of the staff are wonderful and the Asian food usually very good. There is however one very sarcastic, rude barmaid who has ruined my experience - and the experience of others there on a number of occasions. This person should not be working with the public.
Mary O'Connor
The RSL itself is 5 stars, I really enjoy going up on a Sunday for the raffle and live music - always a good buzz but tonight my partner and I ordered the steak as we always do and my partners came out with sauce all over it which he doesn't like (usually on the side). No way of just scrapping the sauce off or anything so we decided to tell the waitress who kindly took it back to swap next minute the cashier from the restaurant came out and slammed it back on the table and we were forced to Go back and pay for another steak wit no sauce... waited 30 mins for it so of course didn't get to eat dinner together. I think she needs to learn a little customer service, even the smallest bit goes along way.... it's a shame that one person in a business can just leave such a bad taste in someone's mouth!
Luana Pitone Aluni
Great prices on food and alcohol - especially if you become a member (only costs $5 to do so). They have really good raffles, cash prizes and meat trays to be won. Very friendly staff.
Matti Jones
Possibly one of the best budget eats in Bondi Junction.

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

The atmosphere is very typical of an RSL, with live music on some days, or football on the big screen if a game is on.

The bistro food is good value, though it sometimes can be a little bit of a hit and miss (I was once was served cold food, after they mixed up an order and had it sitting there for 10 minutes).
To put this in perspective, I have only been disappointed in the meal once in the dozen times I have been there.

Note the advertised bistro prices are for members only, however with membership prices being so cheap, It is worth while becoming a member if you intend on frequenting this club.
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