Moss Vale Golf Club, Moss Vale NSW

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Moss Vale Golf Club, Moss Vale NSW

The Moss Vale Golf Club is a club located in Moss Vale, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 4.4 out of 150 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5.
Beautiful well-kept course, very friendly staff and members

The Moss Vale Golf Club does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
38 Arthur St, Moss Vale NSW 2577

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Latest reviews for Moss Vale Golf Club, Moss Vale NSW

Paul B
Very impressed with this golf course. Fairway, greens and surrounds all in great nick. Played comp with a couple of members who were very helpful, will definately be back.
Greg La Peyre
A great course layout, in good condition. The new deck on the clubhouse is fantastic and, whilst all the rooms have yet to be renovated, the ones that are have been done tastefully and with good quality.

We stayed, played and ate there for two days. The food was excellent, the staff were friendly and helpful, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We will be back!
Beautiful well-kept course, very friendly staff and members
Ian Astill
Lovely course. Very tight fairways with big trees that will catch wayward shots. Fast greens, lush fairways, testing layout for newcomers. Bit expensive but worth it. All facilities available.
Arthur Pooley
Great staff, lovely room and facilities. Really enjoyable evening meal, and breakfast . If ever this way again , it's a no brainer going there again.
Mo & Arthur Pooley.
Mark Coppock
Beautiful course. First game of golf in 10+ years, so 9 holes was enough.
Buster Gonad
It's pretty quiet, laid back.
Golf's the game...the name reflects on an honest score...beware ye the Burglar of the Competition.
Andreas Ludwig
OK hotel directly facing the gold course. Cool to wake up to a view to all the beautiful lawn. Other than this, the rooms were nothing special.
JK Robbins
Beautiful course in the southern highlands, very hilly and steep. Particularly from the 1st to the 2nd. We played back to back days here and had a couple of nice rounds. There were some kangaroos on the course which is always nice in the Australian country side. We had a beer in the club house/ accom after and it was lovely.
Neal Cameron
Harder to score well than you'd think, tricksy greens put an edge to a lovely golf course. Incredibly friendly with charming staff in pro shop.
good fields and conditions hit a few holes in ones with my 9 iron on the fields
Ann Paterson
By far the best Golf Course in all of the Southern Highlands, a real pleasure to play at !!
Craig Langby
Friendly staff fantastic golf course pro-shop professional over and above his duties highly recommended for anyone to go and play
Claude Perera
Picturesque course. Chalenging despite hardly any water hazards. Had a wonderful time. Dormie house where we stayed overnight really took me back in time!
Stayed at Dormie House on the golf course. Course looks very inviting and well kept.
Noel Blue
This is the best course i have played on.Fantastic views, great layout and the fairways are in wonderful condition.The members are all happy to see you and say hello.My son is a member and tells me membership is priced reasonably and has increased recently.I am not surprised even the bloke in the pro shop was happy and helpful.Good facilities and a great drink at Dormie House when we finished. I will be going back.
Andrew Reilly
Great course and even had a drinks cart.
Mark Dimond
Great fairways & lighting greens; a real test of all the clubs in your bag. A tough walk for some.
Louis Fenelon
Picture perfect, friendly and a good test of golf.
Ivan Ang
Nice course in the country. Well maintained despite drought conditions.
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