Warragul Club, Warragul VIC

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Warragul Club, Warragul VIC

The Warragul Club is a club located in Warragul, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 33 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Great staff. And just a good time there when you go out for a night.

The Warragul Club does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
55-57 Victoria St, Warragul VIC 3820

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Latest reviews for Warragul Club, Warragul VIC

Marie Bennetti
First time visit to this club let me just say we had the best meal in a long time.
The food was awesome and the staff very helpful and friendly. I had worked in hospitality for many years, and I found the young lady named Leigh to be absolutely awesome. Also, Mat was really great, too. We will most definitely visit again. So if you're ever in the area or just looking for a nice meal at very affordable prices, then take my word and give it a go. AAA+++
Robert John
I'm reviewing a item on the lunch menu only. I ordered the roast lamb of the day with vegetables and gravy. The lamb was completely dry and very tough. The vegetables had no seasoning at all and were steamed the potatoes still had the skin on and the pumpkin was probably the only palatable thing on the plate. It was horrendous to be quite honest the presentation was the only good thing about it. For $26 I expected better. The previous day I had a rissole and gravy lunch with vegetables and mashed potato at club hotel Warragul for only $18. The food there was sensational.
Kevin Kennedy
Great place to meet and talk, good food and coffee ?
Carol Muldowney
Great meal reasonable prices meals and alcohol nice staff
Sam Grundy
$14 Parmas, $11 fish and chips ??'?
John L
John and Trish love visiting.The staff are so friendly,the food is always delicious and the Club is always fresh and well presented, so enjoyable.
Rob Purdie
Like it, but Not like it use to be. What a shame, no raffles any more, not a warm environment like it was. When we moved to warragul, it was amazing, electric atmosphere and the bistro was buzzing. People everywhere, the place to be. Only the gaming area is friendly and inviting. Hope it may improve to its originality.
Scott Mckellar
Good place for meals and studying a course!
Angela Wakefield
Lovely meal tonight ??'?
Neil Lawrence
Used to be fantastic...not now..Why........money hungry....go to Moe Race club instead
We haven't been to the club for over a year due to the pandemic but were glad that we did. We had garlic bread with cheese, Gippsland Angus Scotch Fillet with mushroom sauce, and Chicken Princess. All of the food was excellent. The steak was literally melt in your mouth, and the chicken breast was tender and moist. The pokies took all of our money but you can't have everything.
Slodge ee
Kerry Rogers
Great staff. And just a good time there when you go out for a night.
Joseph Geary
Good food, don't quote me but kids eat cheaper Tuesday night
Alene Bonser
Meals are good and prices also good and I won on the pokies
Maz By
Nice meals, good value
Sean Johnson
10% surcharge on PH and what the lady behind the desk says is "gotta pay the wages" it is not the customers responsibility to "pay the wages" nor is it acceptable to think or believe it is! Terrible!
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