Wellington Soldier's Memorial Club, Wellington NSW

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Wellington Soldier's Memorial Club, Wellington NSW

The Wellington Soldier's Memorial Club is a club located in Wellington, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 4.3 out of 191 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Fantastic venue whether you need to host a work meeting , have lunch , catch up with friends etc. I am not from Wellington but travelled for work meetings monthly, and the staff were friendly and accommodating. Would highly recommend!

The Wellington Soldier's Memorial Club does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
75 Arthur St, Wellington NSW 2820

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Latest reviews for Wellington Soldier's Memorial Club, Wellington NSW

Arthur Hoad
I visited Wellington Soldiers Club today for lunch and had a great experience. Despite initially feeling like the place was empty of staff, the Chinese restaurant inside offered a delightful surprise. The menu featured all the classic Chinese favourites, along with a diverse selection of "Australian cuisine."

We decided to go for the $13 lunch meals, and we were pleasantly surprised. The restaurant was clean, and the food arrived promptly. The quick service added to the overall positive experience. I would recommend Wellington Soldiers Club for a satisfying and affordable lunch option.
Sev K
Fantastic venue whether you need to host a work meeting , have lunch , catch up with friends etc. I am not from Wellington but travelled for work meetings monthly, and the staff were friendly and accommodating. Would highly recommend!
They have a kids area which won me over... Food was ok. Place could do with a bit of maintenance. Otherwise it's good.
Brenden Everett
Poker Machines have an incredibly low payout rate only once in the last 12 times of going there have i walked out up and they also kick you out of the club half an hour early before closing time if its a quiet night!.
Good food, great service. Not too busy with a fun crowd enjoying some music. Don't expect Keith Urban to be playing, good songs though and you can just relax and enjoy.
Jan Ross
Golf dinner. Food was hit and miss. My beef was very dry and tough. The jug of gravy didn't really help. Would have been better if the beef has been soaked in it beforehand.
Brendan Coad
This place is somewhere that you can unwind or even meet friends for a talk or even talk to staff

Have a few drinks

Play the pokies or make a bet on the Tab area or if your in bingo they have it there

If your a member they have raffles

The food is great

The staff is fantastic and understanding
William Jones
Food is really good in restaurant but sadly some staff members have poor communication of english. But it was a great night and service was good.
Great club good food and friendly ppl
Wayne Dries
Great staff , nice cold beers
Lovely atmosphere
Crinny Pully
Always lovely to go home and visit RSL club to catch up with family and friends.
Love Merino
Great place to go in Wellington
Great atmosphere
Friendly staff
My friends love the chinese restaurant here
Great hall to hold a function or event
There is also a great meeting room up the top and RSL kindly let our eisteddfod committee have our meetings here once a month
Thank you David French and your team xx
rebecca wade
the food used to be so good..but now its tasteless and the meat is awful the soup had no taste to it
Trevor Anderson
Great friendly local club meals good and reasonably priced.
Lauren Jenkins
Excellent food and ambiance. Staff are always polite and friendly
thorn li
Good staff, good meal, good service
Ben Douneen
Good place for a drink with comfy seating and friendly bar staff. However the dinner was very very average. It wasn't busy at all but the meals looked like they had been rushed out. Came out luke warm and the salad was drenched in sauce. Don't think I'd go back for another dinner there but definietly for a drink.
Darren Couley
Lovely customer service experience and a beautiful environment for a family to sit and relax and enjoy.
Bruce and Helen Hardy
Great food. Good value. Big serves
Mark Lucas
The Chinese lunch, @$10, was one of the best I've ever had.
jude riley
Great Staff. Food was nice.Only concern workmen on roof removing roofing ? Asbestos. They were suited up. We were walking near to go into entrance. No safety fencing or alerts
Raymond D
A top place for a drink and meal with a classy atmosphere.Love the big bar. The restaurant has great fresh beautifully cooked foods at very reasonable prices add the friendly servicefrom the staff. Gets a 10/10 from me.Well done.
Darren Hutchison
Beer and bar staff were fantastic. The restaurant staff were not- front of house was rude and not accommodating. Food- well- Could not eat the special fried rice (plate on its own) more salt than rice, chicken schnitzel was 5/10, crumbed lamb cutlets were 4/10 and the 300g set loin was a chunk of chuck steak. Dissappointed.
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