The Belmore Hotel, Maitland NSW

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The Belmore Hotel, Maitland NSW

The Belmore Hotel is a hotel located in Maitland, New South Wales. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.9 out of 798 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
We booked the function room for my Dads 70th. Hayley & Dane were wonderful to deal with, very accomodating and helpful with all the questions we had. We ordered the platter options, food was delicious & came out promptly. All the guests commented how lovely everything was. The bar staff were wonderful and took an overwhelming number of coffee orders in their stride. Great place to book a function. Thank you to all the staff.
476 High St, Maitland NSW 2320
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Latest reviews for The Belmore Hotel, Maitland NSW

di gontier
First time diners here. Very disappointed in the food. # people had pasta dishes and all said no taste and they were microwaved dishes , not made fresh. I had chicken schnitzel with prawn toppers, Mine was nice but the snitty was bit small for $32. Liked the decor and was very roomy and not too noisy. Dont think we will go back again.
Emma Elsom
I've just been to the Belmore with my parents my dad got the Morton Bay Bug pasta & my mum got the Pork Belly Bits & I had the Cheese & bacon Burger. The bug was the worst bug I have ever seen it was soooo dry!! Over cooked!! The Pork bits were just as bad!! The burger wasn't to bad. I would NOT recommend this place for food at all. The beers were great!! ??'???'?
Attended for lunch for first time, the lunch special chicken schnitzel was a decent size with chips and salad, gravy was nice but the time it took to come out of the kitchen when they weren't busy was disappointing.

Orders taken at bar and then having to be put in on opposite side by staff seems inconvenient and delays ordering/payment especially when numerous people in the group require same process.

Attention to detail here is missed in the sense of clean glasses from the bar, definitely recommend getting a straw.
Tables and rest of the bistro comfortable and clean.

Staff friendly, good menu options.

Nearby carpark on levy tight fit with small spots. Best to park a bit further away if in a larger car and walk down.
Bernice Cooper
Table booked for 6pm. Tuesday night. 7 adults, 2 kids a 3 and 2 yr old. Ordered cob loaf for starter. Slightly larger than a bakers delight bread roll. Main was not served until 7.30pm (kids meal came first) and wasnt correct. Adults meal came out 8pm and was average. Enough said. Do not recommend.
Karen Oldfield
We booked the function room for my Dads 70th. Hayley & Dane were wonderful to deal with, very accomodating and helpful with all the questions we had.
We ordered the platter options, food was delicious & came out promptly. All the guests commented how lovely everything was.
The bar staff were wonderful and took an overwhelming number of coffee orders in their stride.

Great place to book a function.

Thank you to all the staff.
Paul Fletcher
Arrived 1st for lunch , had to order from the bar we were a party of 9 , well half our table recieved their meal, I enquired about the other half, well they lost the order, " we will put a rush on it" another 20min lots of meals to other tables still nothing. Questioned again chef claims he only just got the order, we eventually recieved the meal after an additional 25min. Chips hard and dry, ribs no taste they actually had the taste of being par boiled and chicken snitzel was half the size of our guests who had finished their meal way before they bought out ours.
I doubt very much if I will return. I was quite disgusted.
Amanda Gibson
Stopped in for a dinner and we each had the Thursday Special - Steak, chips and salad.
The steaks we had were a little less done than what we had ordered but the flavour was wonderful!
Callum Duncan
Went there for lunch on a Sunday, ordered some drinks at the bar, asked for a kids pineapple juice and was charged an extortionate $4.30 (price for an adult) and still put into a kids cup.
Went up to the bistro to try to order food, placed the full order but when I went to pay, it didn't work, and the other girl that was standing there (came out to answer the phone earlier), only then said the pay terminal was down so I'd have to order all over again at the bar (could have told me sooner).
When the food finally did arrive, the $31 'lamb and rosemary' lamb shoulder was completely dry and had no lamb or rosemary whatsoever. Just a disgraceful dish.
Easily the worst pub experience I've had in a few years.
Touki Katoa
Stopped past to use the tab facility walked in a few people sitting around playing darts allgood a few people standing behind the bar just looked at me no hello no nothing didn't have intentions of staying long anyway on my way out heard one of the ladies at the table say yeah you heard what I said and just gave me a dirty look probably thought I couldn't hear her with my headphones on usually I would turn and say something but I just kept walking and just so you know I heard you to great job guys keep up the good work!
Simon Johnson
Tried to enter the venue with 2 friends on a Friday night for a quiet beer after work. We were appropriately dressed. All around the age of 38. We were all denied entry due to one of us having steel capped shoes, which are apparently a potential weapon.
Has anyone actually ever hurt anyone in a pub with a steel capped shoe? I would love to hear the story if they have. It's not an easy task to kick another person with the top of your foot.
Other than that, perfectly acceptable pub.
Jake C
Lovely looking place to dine and have a beer and the staff were very polite. We had dinner, it was quickly out.

The menu seems to lack variety and all meals were just lacking in quality slightly. You'll always get an acceptable meal however I've eaten a few times and never been amazed.

Pricing a tiny bit high.

Pokie room has 20 pokies not alot of variety and TAB/Sports area quite small.

Is a massive outside smoking area and inside pool table.
Shane O'Grady
The Rump steaks are absolutely beautiful. Great service all round, and the hotel is very clean and tidy. 5 star 100%
Andrew Czechovsky
Location handy parking is close & not a long walk. Service was very good & staff friendly. The food was great. There also a vegan menu as well. Very popular as the eating was just about full when we going out. Clean,friendly staff, food great.
Ken Foot
Had a meal and drinks with friends. Menu had a pretty good selection. They also had a Specials board, which looked good. The meals were big and tasty. The beers were tasty as well.. If you are looking for a really nice pub meal in a nice environment, I would recommend a trip to the Belmore Hotel in Maitland.
Poot Lovato
Nearly a two hour wait only to have our orders mixed up. I understand we were a large group but it was booked far in advance on a tuesday night, not even busy. We weren't offered compensation of any kind, just a sincere thank you from the overworked servers. Chefs need to pull their heads in.
Netty. Was. Here. A typical family style pub serving your $15 lunch special during the week. I like this place for the great beer garden. Food is always on point even the cheaper special menu! I had the Snitty; made in house from real chicken breast and a nice crumb... if it's not made in house they source quality meat. So thick and juicy chicken breast.
What is the point of buying temperature picks for steaks if they're never going to be cooked correct?
If it's undercooked they'll take the steak back and wash the sauce off under the tap and try again but won't fire a fresh one. front of house were great tho!
Chris Dunn
Food good, service great. Timing, another story. Happy to compliment a venue. But we waited too long. We were told a 40-45 min wait. No worries. 1 1/2hrs too long without due corespondents. Biggest table there?? Maybe the ploy??
Marie-therese Ajamian
nice atmosphere, good selection of beers.
was there for dinner to catch up with friends.
their foods was good,mine not so much.
just what ever you do, just dont order the lemon marinated burger with Turkish bread.
nandina vines
We have eaten at the Belmore several times now and have always been surprised at the delicious meals served to us, however, today there were a few issues with our meal, not the chef's fault. We returned our meals and asked for a different meal in exchange. We were disappointed at the second meal as the meal was over cooked and almost cold. If I were a chef and someone returned a meal, I would make sure the exchange meal was perfect. Luckily the restaurant manager, the lovely Sage, couldn't do enough to ensure we didn't leave completely disappointed. Thank you Sage for your professionalism and lovely attitude.
Danny Harris
The Belmore hotel has and is being renovated. Other bistro and Bar areas are clean and tidy.
Now for the meals...... The meals aren't even worth rating. My meal was brought out first. It was most likely microwaved it was scorching hot to touch but still ice cold inside. We ordered 4 meals in total, all meals were brought to the table about 10 minutes apart.... And they also of below average and my wife's meal was the last brought out 20 minutes after I had left mine on the table. It to was hot and cold..... I told the waitress about my meal being cold and she asked if I wanted it reheated, no thanks. My meal was refunded only. If I hadn't have paid at the time of ordering I would have refused to pay.
When we were leaving, I over heard another family complaining about their food too.
The bistro only deserves a 1 ? for food quality and the way the kitchen was managed.
I won't be recommending or rushing back to the Belmore hotel bistro anytime soon.
Open until 3am with lockouts at 1am Friday and Saturday. Clean and functional. Staff are without fault and food is usually pretty good.

The design of the venue seems to be catering for bigger crowds than I have seen in attendance in recent years.

Overall worth a lunch visit or a late night gambling fix.
Sheryl Circus
Food was very nice, service was very poor at the bistro, the cooks were giving one of the female staff a hard time which is not needed and it made her very uncomfortable as she didn't say anything back just carried on with her job as myself and others were waiting to order food and not getting any service, on Sunday 1/8/21 about 2.15pm, some staff had attitude as if they didn't want to be at work not my problem just because they were short staff again not my problem, not empressed about the pub as it was my first time there and probably wont be back, thanks Sheryl
Kelly Martin
To the absolute legends that are working The Belmore Hotel kitchen tonight - If I could give u more stars I would ?

Ordered dinner and wrote in the notes that i had teeth out and i was just dying for real food so i was willing to risk it.
... So they broke my dinner down for me into pieces so i could eat ???
First proper meal in days and it was sooooo good!

Give them a raise!!!! Absolute Kings and Queens! ???
Nick Wangmann
Great food, friendly wait staff in the restaurant part in particular a special mention must go to the gentleman serving who was wearing the spider man face mask. Most polite gentlemen that has served myself and my family for a long time
Gail Denner
Lovely renovations done to this place since we were last here (we used to be regulars but haven't been back for a while and certainly not since covid hit).

The food is still awesome!

I was a bit surprised at the cost of drinks, but when you add the cost of their lunch specials and total it all together, it is actually comparable to other pubs and clubs in the local area for overall cost, so can't complain too much. I suppose if it really bothers you, just drink water! ??

I still give them 5 stars!
Carlo Cocco
Every time I go to The Belmore Hotel, the food is consistently good, real value for money. Keep up the good work!
Sandra Butler
Have always enjoyed The Belmore until recently. Service has gone downhill. No friendly face at bar tonight, beer was flat...took it back and was met with an eye roll. 2nd beer not much better, are the glasses being washed properly?
Helen Rymer
We came here for dinner as my daughter lives up there and mentioned they have pretty good pub food.
The awsomest pub in Maitland, besides the one I work in of course! Always great food, decent beer selection, friendly staff that remember you and nice and clean. Love this joint and less than 50 metres from the house. ???
Greg Hodson
Well I knew there where lots of pubs in Maitland and making a decision on what one to go to for lunch. We decided on The Belmore Hotel and we all had a magnificent lunch I decided on the Salt and Pepper Squid with salad. I must say this was sensational the salad would have to be the best pub salad I have ever had and the squid was cooked perfectly. We did have to wait a long time for our meal due to a very busy time in the bistro. Definitely worth the wait thanks for a great meal definitely recommend this place for eats and drinks
Marcia Brandt
Great food and service we will be going again
Tania Roberts
The meals were lovely great valued $15 lunchtime specials. Service was very pleasant and friendly. We were a big group and we were serviced quickly.
Helene Ribbons
Nice friendly staff .reasonable prices . Friday night entertainment
Helen Scott
Do not like been charged for veggies and gravy when requested instead of salad.
Timothy Tofaeono
The best pub feed I've had.(and ive been to plenty). The staff are friendly, the service is prompt and the food is consistently amazing.
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