Blue Gums Hotel Motel, Fairview Park SA

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Blue Gums Hotel Motel, Fairview Park SA

The Blue Gums Hotel Motel is a hotel located in Fairview Park, South Australia. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 969 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Went here for my Nana birthday, to start with there was a mix up with the booking. But the manager went above and beyond to accommodate our group and to make sure my nana had a wonderful night. Food was really good and the service was great.

The Blue Gums Hotel Motel does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
345 Hancock Rd, Fairview Park SA 5126

Latest reviews for Blue Gums Hotel Motel, Fairview Park SA

Jenny Gaylard
Family birthday dinner last night. Can't recommend more highly. Staff are friendly and gave great service with a smile and a word or two. I haven't seen such nice staff in a long, long time. Meals all very good and priced reasonably. There was a band at the bar and bistro and the noise didn't intrude. Well done!!
Andy Shep
Well first, which is a deal breaker straight away for me, no dinner rolls. So sitting there for 15-20min twiddling our thumbs, waiting for some food.
Then comes out the garlic pizza. Nice, but no small plates to share with the family, so had to use our napkins!!
Food ok, but the burger came out with no tomato on it, so the waiter brings out a piece out on a plate.
Finally, 3 of us have just finished our meals then 4th meal, a small pizza finaly arrives, 15min later.
Ashton Spicer
I have come here now on multiple occasions and my food has always been delectable. I enjoy eating here while listening to people get angry as they lose their money on the pokies, great atmosphere
Gaylene Cox
If you just want to pass out and go sure , clean but hard beds . The light in dressing area was not working and no exhaust fan in bathroom, Couldn't have a shower in the end anyway as the hammering hot water was so bad it was unusable. I know its relatively cheap but a little bit of an update would get more return customers I'm sure .
Joyce Pamintuan
I rang to book an accommodation, but the staff who received my call appears too busy to attend to my inquiry. He can't even respond to my good morning greeting and instead asked me to get on with it. I'm glad I experienced this before I decided to book my accommodation. Thanks for the first impression. Not booking with this hotel.
Nick Acuna
Where do I start! Our experience was a comedy of errors. We were waiting for over an hour and a half for food. The food wasn't great.. appalling customer service, "apparent" till issues.. now tell me what did waitresses do before electronic systems were installed into bistros? They used to write on paper!. They did that and still stuffed up the order, they also told us they "lost" the order... no refund, nothing!.. sooooo we won't be going back but if you want bad customer service then go to blue gums!
Dani N
Friendly, funny and professional staff. Rooms have all you need. Drive thru bottleo and good prices. Close to shops.
Great menu selection including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. The vegan curry and vegan pasta dishes were delicious! Staff were helpful and attentive. Would definitely recommend and return.
Maddy Whaites
Best day ever!
Had my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary Sunday lunch here. Was perfect in every way! Organising was so easy with staff . All of them were great, food was excellent, servis was delightful, even with a packed dining room! Highly recommended!
Lauren Spree
Went here for my Nana birthday, to start with there was a mix up with the booking. But the manager went above and beyond to accommodate our group and to make sure my nana had a wonderful night. Food was really good and the service was great.
Lindsay Mason
Went to dinner with family from the UK. what a disappointment this used to be a great place to eat now it is low grade pub food at restaurant prices. no side plates were on table for shared platter of dips and garlic bread. had to wait an age for food to arrive. pasta was tasteless and overcooked steak was nice and cooked as I asked BUT chicken breast arrived raw and I don't me under done it was actually raw. when I told the waitress she said everything was tested before it came out but when she actually saw it she took it away. after everyone else had finished the replacement meal still wasn't forthcoming. we asked for a refund for the meal and was asked if we wanted it in a takeaway container. we refused got the refund on the chicken and left. we will not return.
Annie Mason
Well I guess you could say it's good value - I could have had 2 meals for the price of one. My chicken was that undercooked if I'd waited a little while it would have laid an egg!
When we brought it to the attention of the staff, we were told "they are all checked". Clearly not checked well!
Offered a free drink. Woohoo!
Rest of the table had finished their meals & my replacement meal had not arrived yet 3-4 other tables had all received their meals.
So I brought it to the attention of the staff again to be told "well it takes 25 minutes to cook". Right - so nobody else in the place ordered the same dish??
If I'd have had made the mistake I'd have done my utmost to make it up to my patron.
All I got was the offer of a free drink & attitude.
Requested a refund that still has not come through.
Do yourself a favour - go to Mecca's!!
trudy shearer
Went tonight for son's birthday. Can I say that the food I was served wasn't fit to eat. I sent the fish back (I ordered grilled but it was deep fried, tough & hard to cut) the next dish I was given was supposed to be tuna patties and this was just terriable. No one at our table except the kids who had burgers was happy with what was less than ordinary food. Please get a new cook!
Marion Bowes-Johnston
This was my first visit to the beer was comfortable with a lot of natural light, gas heaters and plenty of greenery. I didn't have much interaction with the staff as my grandchildren did the ordering but was greeted warmly. I have always found the dining room staff friendly and helpful and the food generous and well presented.
Grant Scarman
Have not been to this hotel for years, girls taking food order friendly but can't pay for drinks while paying for meal was told to wait at bar where older women serving drinks had no customer service skills no personality seemed like she was doing you a favour to get served.
Food was bland over priced. There a way better options in this area.
This place used to be great new owners are not delivering quality food or service.
Peter S
We went to dinner for a Birthday.
First up they were really good about the cake, put it in the fridge and brought it out later when asked including plates, cake knife and cutlery. There was No Charge unlike some places and this is excellent. All of our meals, everybody was happy and great meals all around. Unfortunately that night they had a technical issue which slowed the meals being sent out to numerous customers. Issues happen but it is how they deal with them and this could have been done much better. The staff were very apologetic but It took a while to tell anyone that there would be a delay and I think that perhaps that could have been dealt with better. Sending out some free garlic bread or something like that would have kept people happier. I would certainly still eat here as I said, great meal and anyone can have technical difficulties. Thanks again for doing the cake.
Colin Jennings
Still great staff but value for money is getting VERY low. We have been going here for over 30 years and until the new ownership, it was great. We expected improvements when Covid restrictions (masks & density limits) disappeared. No such luck! The salad and vegetable bar didn't return (despite coming back in a number of hotels) and you still don't even get bread rolls!
Great food, and good sized servings. Friendly staff and affordable prices. Highly recommended. ??'??
Been coming here for years. Went there 4 weeks ago for a meal, had a beef and chicken schnitzel both excellent and good size. Came here tonight and was shocked at the size of the chicken schnitzel. From being a good size to having a child like serving. Spoke to a very rude waitress who said that's the normal size also had to wait almost 1 hour for the meal and they were not busy. Won't be back.
David Jones
Food is good. Last night the waiting was quite a bit though. Especially when you have 3 hungry kids. Noticed other tables after us were getting there food first, bearing in mind the kids just ordered a pizza and nuggets and chips. Pizza wasn't great, but I did tell my daughter not to expect too much, as it is a pub. To finish on a positive, generally last night was just a blip, the food is good. I do recommend going.
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