Cheers Sports Bar & Grill, Sydney NSW

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Cheers Sports Bar & Grill, Sydney NSW

The Cheers Sports Bar & Grill is a hotel located in Sydney, New South Wales. They have a bar and great food and drink options. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 1029 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Cheers Sports Bar & Grill is in Sydney so why not stop by when you are there next.
Met my wife cause of this place and made some good memories with some good friends along the way. 5 stars for old memories and the great crew that still works there.
561 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
This venue is currently open

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Monday: 24 hours
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This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 24 hours
Tuesday: 24 hours
Wednesday: 24 hours
Thursday: 24 hours
Friday: 24 hours
Saturday: 24 hours
Sunday: 24 hours

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Latest reviews for Cheers Sports Bar & Grill, Sydney NSW

Dave Robinson
Great sports bar, had the Scotch Fillet tonight, it was cooked perfectly (medium rare) , friendly service and large screens showing sports
Tina Schmidt
Nice Sports Bar and Grill! Had the Parmi special on Thursday and you get a lot of food for your money (see picture)! Service was nice. Bar has inside and outside seating! Lots of TVs as it should be in a sports bar! I posted a recent menu to check out. Recommended & would come back!

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Mark Edson
This is a wonderful sports bar in the heart of Sydney. Only a 7 minute walk from my hotel, I found this place when I was looking for somewhere to watch the NFL playoffs.They have big screens with live sports and really good food. I had a delicious chicken schnitzel dinner and it was huge! 2 sides included. I had chips and a salad. I will always head to Cheers whenever I'm in Sydney. Pleasant employees will always treat you right.
Darryl Dias
Interesting sports bar that shows a variety of sports, and has a good variety of dishes in their menu to suit most tastes. Relaxed atmosphere, good place to hang out & catch a game. +1 for having Guinness on tap. They get a very international crowd as well.
Tricia Valadez
Really cool sports bar with large food selection, decent draft beers, a full bar, and lots of space. They have an inside area with an upstairs so you have plenty of room with friends.
They have a small outside area if you want some fresh air, big tvs, and very friendly staff. It's our first time in Australia and this place was a great start.
Carlos Vilches
Thank you very much Mary, you are the most welcoming person that i ever found in the industry.!
My friends and I had a great evening and it's more likely that we'll come back soon again.
I am a regular customer of Cheers Bar Since 2019.

I have visited the venue at 3:40am on Friday morning 15/09/2023 for gaming.

I was treated with disrespect and disgusted by one of the Thai lady staffs rudeness

The chain of events as follows:

1. I was playing the machines at the back room next to the kitchenette.

2. After 10 mins or so, I was uncomfortably encountered by loud noises, shouting and yelling coming from the opposite back to back machines. I can hear both females/males chanting and cheering uncontrollably. I was barely able to hear the music played from my machine and was unable to continue to enjoy my gaming experience

3. I had to put up with this nonsense for over 10 minutes because non of the staff care about it, instead the staff member has joint them in yelling and chanting So, I decided that enough is enough so I walked over and said "can you guys please lower your voice, you are too loud and I can barely hear my machine plays." At the time, I saw one of the Cheers Bar's off duty lady bar tenders sat in front of a machine and surrounded by 2 other men and 1 "on-duty" staff.

4. After I expressed my frustration and concerns I returned to my machine. However, what happens next was totally unacceptable!

5. On duty staff who was accompany her friends, walked over to the kitchenette bench and slammed the glass in front of me and my boyfriend, stared at us fiercely and then walked away to the back of the bar with anger.

6. My boyfriend and I then immediately reported the incidence to the male Philippine Duty manager at the bar. As we were informing him of the situation, the lady walked out again and said "why are you looking at me like that?" My boy friend and I immediately responded by asking "how dare you slamming a glass in front of your customers like that and giving us the attitude? You are on duty working, supposedly you should be serving your customer with drinks and control any unfriendly situation. Instead you are watching your friends play, doing nothing and then protest of your discontent."

7. When I asked her to apologise she shows no signs of remorse but countered with arrogant once again and said "report me to the owner, I don't care."
For the last couple of days, I have shared my experience with my friends. They are all saying that the reason they do not go to Cheers bar to play is because of the yelling and and shouting behaviours of some gaming customers. The unfriendly and aggressive attitude of some staffs there really puts people off.

I never expect any 5star hotel service from [---] room, but when i went there all the time, i can see she
has lost her duty of care and RCG responsibilities.

Unfortunately Cheers Bar's long standing positive image has compromise by her action.
Luchitoy Vale
Place is good, the pizza as well and they have Guiness beer. Only issue here its always is too busy and crowded dont go if would you like to stay chill out cause its too noisy and youll couldnt talk
Class Economica
Place is good, the pizza as well and they have Guiness beer. Only issue here its always is too busy and crowded dont go if would you like to stay chill out cause its too noisy and youll couldnt talk
keith bradbury
Great place to watch live sports while having one meal. Just don't try to get in with high visibility not allowed. The food was pretty standard pub food nice and a good serving.
Marisha Morris
Didn't eat or drink anything, just strolled upstairs to play a game of pool with my son, it was great fun. Lovely ppl working there, very inviting. Would definitely go again.
Warren McCowage
Gourmet food at very affordable prices. (Wednesday is THE day for Steaks!). Immaculately clean. 5 Star service from the gorgeous Thai ladies.
(if you're "on the wagon" there's a very professional coffee machine with Australia's lowest prices: $3.90(!). Highly Recommended, both day and night.
Alex Marsh
I have been going to Cheers since around 2005, watching Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League games here. I've had some classic nights in here.

It had been a few years before Covid since I visited, and recently a mate and I decided to pop down for the 2023 FA Cup final.

The main area with the large screen has now been replaced due to refurbishments to accommodate a "[---] room" (pokies), with multiple screens placed around the downstairs area.

Unfortunately, this creates a horrible, cramped, claustrophobic viewing experience for the big games. Getting to the bar is challenging, and finding a viewing space to watch the match can be tough.

Multiple screens around the venue from every angle have replaced the older configuration of having a giant screen at the front of the pub. The result is patrons watching the same game from different directions, creating a weird vibe for watching football with no single focal point.
Smoking is present throughout the pokies area, which is unpleasant and wafts into the back bar area downstairs.

Over $30 for two pints of Four Pines Pale Ale seemed expensive but that's Sydney now.

The owners have decided that the pokie revenue from the floor space is more important than a decent match-watching experience. However, by the looks of the crowd for the FA Cup, this isn't affecting attendance.

I definitely won't be back in its current configuration.

A shame.
Sally Jamieson
Great food ,we had the two salads a chicken and a beef very tasty and the others at our table enjoyed the steaks
Great service from the staff and we enjoyed watching the AFL
nikki kurniawan
Amazing service with affordable prices. Very recommended place to hang out! I wish I could give more than 5 star.
Steve Davis
I really like this bar, the staff are efficient, the Guinness is good and the food is too. The problem is for the last two nights a vaper has been in, smelling the place out stood by the entrance vaping.
I hate the stench of them, don't think I'll be back.
Visited on a Friday night. Reasonably priced drinks , good vibes and can watch the footy. Service could be better eg: wiping up a big spill. Bathroom was pretty dark.
Bob james
Good food friendly staff and cold beer with a lot of people after going to the Rockie horror stage show.
Sofia ia
Finished work at 2am (work in a bar) and went there to meet my boyfriend and his friends and the security told me I'm "too drunk"?? Even though I had 0 drinks. Not only the security guard but also the manager were extremely rude. What a joke for people that have RSAs like the rest of us. Clearly abuse of power.

Edit: is that how you instruct your security guards to deny entrance? By embarrassing and humilating the person in front of everyone? Interesting strategy
Piya Colada
Went there last week for my pub crawl after the renovations it looks so much nicer, I like the gaming room area the most. I went to get drinks at the bar so many staff there 3 behind the bar and 2 sitting and eating by the bar and talking to one of the staff. I used their bathroom once unisex nice and clean, we might go back there again.
Matthew Harris
Heineken zero beer is very different to Heineken beer. I ordered a zero, they confirmed a zero and gave me a full strength Heineken. I'm not allowed alcohol so very disappointed ??
Genevieve Banks
Great welcome, appreciate the lady who set up an area for the women's Rwc. Good screens and space but the food was not good and it was all cold. Come here for the sports and atmosphere but not the food.
theresa claveria
The place were cozy, great ambiance, a bit intense on their sound system but was a good one though. We ordered Rump steak Medium rare and Chicken wings in buffalo sauce however it came a bit longer than expected although it was not so busy! The steak served medium well though but the wings was perfectly fine. Good place to visit and we'll definitely come back.
Reannan Lee
This bar was ok.. but nothing special about it.

The food was very average and the drinks were incredibly overpriced.

I did however like how you could order your food/drinks using your phone instead of having to get up and order.

Overall not bad but wouldn't go back there.
Russel Jones
Hard no , plenty of other pubs around that are actually nice to there patrons
pawan raj sedhai
My friend has a prescription glasses which He didn't put on today.The security denied entry for all 5 of us judging his eyes. We haven't even had a single drop so far and he reckons we're too drunk. Need proper RSA holder security!!!
Avigya Rana
great place. enjoyed beer here and playing pokies too (i lost though)
Nittin Pradeep
Met my wife cause of this place and made some good memories with some good friends along the way. 5 stars for old memories and the great crew that still works there.
Joshua McKenzie
Iconic, the newly renovated Cheers is an institution not to be underestimated. The staff however are the GREATEST asset to this business and are always the best!
Frederick Sanger
Has been one of my favourite spots in the CBD for 8+ year - the newly renovated venue is now a one stop shop for a great night out.
Stephen Donnelly
Feels a bit soulless since it was renovated, we were just in to watch the UFC, the staff watched the entire bar watching the prelims, order food and drinks then when someone asked to switch over to the main event they were informed they don't do PPVs ( which the bar used to do )

Que the entire bar emptied out, definitely alot of angry people who wont be back.
The food was fine but the bartenders need to learn how to pour a pint of Guinness.
It's a good bar but their website lies about them being 24 hours
Chris Beaman
Well, it's a bar in the CBD. It's clean and has decent facilities. Unfortunately also has poker machines but they're in their own dreggyarea
Warren Smalley
Convenient and central meeting place. Reasonably priced drinks and good service
Stefan Jones
Fantastic 2 storey location, cheep drinks, great entertainment. Not a problem returning here, for a good time.

Thanks Linda, best bar maid...
Flame Lad
One of the best sports bars in Australia for EPL, not many places will give you a matchday experience like it.
the best service ever very polite and both the managers and all the security and staff are amazing literally would reccommend to anyone who wants a good place to eat and drink and socialize
Ian Clemonts
Great parma, and the staff are always friendly. Highly recommended!
Chris Myers
Nice food and sports bar. Will be back. Low rating due to poor turnaround time (40 min) for food, no menus could be found, took 15 min and still could not find, so they just gave me options verbally, and could not access Wi-Fi for some reason. Another patron wanted to listen to game, but they couldn't work out how to turn up volume and pipe it through bar speaker system
Claire Davison
It's obviously not the same as it was before, where everyone knew your name, it was cosier, homey, a place so familiar everyone felt at home, if not, a home away from home for some. The staff took the time to get to know regular customers.But with Covid times, and 2020 comes great changes, whether for the good or the better, only time will tell. The spirit of all cultures gathering in one sports bar in the middle of Sydney, on George st to celebrate a common goal, Victory for your TEAM and Country! Cheers!
Claude B
Classic sports bar in a busy part of Sydney! Watched the AFC Asian Cup game between Korea and the Philippines in this pub and although it was past midnight, the barkeep and security allowed me, a mate and a few bystander to enjoy the game! Pretty busy pokies spot and does good mixes!
Cheers Bar has a very rugged but cosy atmosphere. Staying true to their appearance, their Chicken Parmas are classic pub grub. Priced at under $20 each, theyre a good alternate way to fill up in the CBD. Freshly made and huge portions. You won't be disappointed!
Joseph Lloyd
Cheers has been a major pit stop for many of us over the years and through it's temporary evolution of the 80 Proof spinoff, we rediscovered a great underground venue space that hosts a lineup of entertainment from stand up comedy to hip hop crew dance-offs to corporate functions. So it's nice that it goes back to basics with what we loved most about it - Sport, Entertainment and Hearty food. Currently there is a streak of Asian in some of the dishes which makes sense, but all our old faves are still there.

THE HAWKER PLATE is a mixed grill of pork belly slices and southern fried chicken. Its a great example of how it's menu has streaks of Asian influence through it, as it shares the board with Thai/Malaysian street style peanut sauced Satay Chicken sticks - a welcome addition.

THE VERMICELLI NOODLE SALAD takes you Vietname with the crunch from the bean sprouts and kick of slight chill and coriander with battered sliced fish through it!

Mate had the NY BURGER: (Quote) "I went the double bacon cheeseburger and wasn't dissapointed. Not my preferred cheddar, prefer the American, but the beef and bacon were good. Bun was soft. Again, my dislike of sweet caramelised onions on a beef burger was apparent to me. Chips although basic were well seasoned." - I love caramelized onion so this burger would have been up my alley, but I was very pleased with my choice!

Lucky enough to be served by the manager himself, Mark and very personable character with superfast delivery times from the (I peered in) small kitchen! It's like magic I tell ya!!!

This isn't just for NRL, EPL, UFC fans as there's a great mix of sports lovers, carefree and corporates that come through setting a really relaxed and funky vibe to the place!
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