Coppersmith Hotel, South Melbourne VIC

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Coppersmith Hotel, South Melbourne VIC

The Coppersmith Hotel is a hotel located in South Melbourne, Victoria. They have a bar and offer accommodation.
They have an average rating of 4.3 out of 331 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Excellent dinner at a very reasonable price. The publican and staff went out of their way to ensure our group had an awesome night. Classy establishment.

The Coppersmith Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
435 Clarendon St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

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Latest reviews for Coppersmith Hotel, South Melbourne VIC

Ian Grummitt
Excellent dinner at a very reasonable price. The publican and staff went out of their way to ensure our group had an awesome night. Classy establishment.
Emilie Durrieu
You have to know that there is no front desk when you arrive late.
They apparently tried to informed me but did not have the right email adress and did not bother to contact the agency who made the booking. Therefore I was not informed.
Due to a storm in Melbourne, my flight got canceled and delayed, I reached the hotel at 1AM and no one was there. I tried to call the number and it took them 30 minutes to answer. I was alone in a very quiet street in the dark with no possibiliy to acces my room. When I finally got someone over the phone and expressed my disappointement, the person (a guy) yelled at me saying that I should organize in order not to bother him at this hour. What a service !
On top of this, the room is dirty (dust and stains), very basic bathroom and cherry on the cake, they do not offer any breakfast.
I do not call this a luxury hotel. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE ! I do not recommend at all !
Marek Langhans
On pictures it looks nice, but the reality is different. The rooms need better cleaning (lots of dust, green and brown stains all over the bathrooms) and maintenance (broken and not functioning things). Feels like they don't care much about the hotel like they do about the pub. Also quite noisy for our taste.
This hotel comes with great extras.
These include:
Soap from the previous occupant.
Used coffee capsules.
Dust dirt and grime from at least a few months.
An apparently used towel.
Some rubbish in the corner.
Soap scum and other unidentified stains in the shower and around the toilet and bathroom bin.

It's a shame. It's a great reno, in a great location, but there appears to be no attention to detail, nor adequate upkeep.

Despite all of these great extras, I would say the price is a bit steep.
Graeme Bell
Went there for a club function.
Despite repeated emails and phone calls to advise my wife had a garlic and onion allergy prior to the dinner and being told no problem they are very aware and understand totally, and will cater for her on the night. Food was coming out to the tables but nothing without garlic all over it for her. Not to mention we had 4 tables of 12 and they were bringing out share plates of 6 per table. When questioned, the waitress said you should have told her there was an allergy. confronted the manager who was very rude on the phone the day before, didn't care, said he had told the kitchen. Eventually they offered her a steak with a bit of broccoli on the side. Was asked for well done, came out bleeding, can't even get that right. It came out when everyone else had finished eating, as usual.
What is wrong with you people, my wife is crook in bed again now due to your incompetence. Be lucky if she doesn't end up in hospital. Yes the club refunded our dinner cost but that doesn't fix the embarrassment and now recovery time due to you not listening.
We won't be back, especially when we a waitress said they never bother to cater to people with allergies or dietary issues, even though they say they do.
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