Stella's Dromana Hotel, Dromana VIC

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Stella's Dromana Hotel, Dromana VIC

The Stella's Dromana Hotel is a hotel located in Dromana, Victoria. They have a bar and offer accommodation.
They have an average rating of 4 out of 1321 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
I dined here for lunch with a number of friends. Oysters were fresh and cutlets were tender. We thought the food was great. Manged to get in nice and early before it got a little bit busy and managed to snag a couple of seats on the deck. It was a bit of a win given the nice sunny weather.

The Stella's Dromana Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.
151 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana VIC 3936

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Latest reviews for Stella's Dromana Hotel, Dromana VIC

Gary Logue
Three of us enjoyed our meals and appreciated the reasonable prices. My spaghetti was nice and the steak was also reportedly good too. It looked like my friend got lots of sides with his steak.
Erica Reynolds
Good clientele at the front bar and was not too rough. The bartender was good at his job, he balanced being friendly and chatty but was not slow at serving drinks. I will be going back.
Leven Abell
We came down to the peninsula on a hotish Spring weekend and stopped at Stella's on our way to Sorrento. Nice pub to be at for a meal and drink with mates. Food was pretty good and found the locals and bar crew equally friendly. The fish and chips came with a large serving of sides and the batter was golden brown. Went down well with a cold beer.
Aleksey Panas
Quite a nice hotel on top of a pub. The building is old, in a good way. It has a historic feel to it. The room was good, equipped with a proper modern bathroom and good shower. Decent wifi, fridge, furniture, and everything else you'd expect was present. My only complaint was that there could have been more pillows on the bed, and the bed overall could have been a bit more comfortable. Otherwise its a good place to stay.
Jacob Wright
We ate at the Dromana pub a few years back (pre COVID) but never stayed before. Check in was relatively easy and the staff member directed us in the right direction. Just be aware that you will need to bring your luggage up a flight of stairs. But it's only one level. The hotel is old building but the rooms themselves are quite modern, as it is an older build the walls are quite solid so we found it surprisingly quiet. To sum it up it was a good place to visit, especially given the rate they charge is very reasonable given the premium location next to the ocean.
Ethan Edmonds
Very nice place to go for a meal. I ordered the lamb shanks and the meat was falling off the bone. The shanks were slow cooked to perfection. I would recommend if you feel like a counter meal at a hotel.
Ibrahim Chapman
Came here Saturday night 5th August 2023, 3 diners. One meal was a porterhouse and the other two were a seafood pasta dish. We don't go out for dinner often but it was a special occasion as we were celebrating a milestone birthday for a close friend. It was the first decent pub meal I've had for a very long time. The staff were super friendly and I though the man behind the bar had exceptional customer service and I was happy to have a chat to an old timer like me. We ate in the backroom which was lovely and open with lots of greenery. The pub itself is very clean and welcoming.

A fantastic old pub, with great staff that serves good bistro food. The staff look after their patrons.
Darrell Morley
The staff made us feel welcome, especially the guy behind the bar. What an absolute legend! Good at his job and gave out positive vibes. Not all bar staff are this happy so it was refreshing, that's for sure.
Candice Paine
For a winters day we lucked out and got a relatively sunny day and sat at the front where we could see the beach. The food matched the view and was superb. It was our first time visiting being relatively new to the area, but was impressed and would consider coming back again another time.
Jennifer Hughes
With a location just where the main street starts, the location is central so in terms of an affordable hotel it's excellent in terms of price and position. We also had dinner in the bistro during our stay and thought it was a quality pub feed. I suggest to book early during long weekends / peak season as it books out relatively quickly.
Shaunna Britton
Nice pub and good atmosphere. The roast was perfection, it was a big serve with plenty of sides and a delicious gravy. Staff were busy but still patient enough to be nice.
Laurence Alvarez
My partner and I stayed a couple of nights over the busy summer period. The rooms were basic but very clean which was the main thing. The room also had a good split system which kept us cool during the hot weather. It was the perfect location with the beach out the front. A real novelty staying in such an old hotel and would come again.
Seeta Hale
I came here for a small birthday dinner and enjoyed the pub meal very much. I had the fish and chips (which was large) with two large pieces of fish cooked golden brown. The rest of the group also said they enjoyed their meals very much. It is not fine dinning so if that is what you're after don't bother. But I thought it was a great pub meal, perfect for a catch up with old friends.
Elena Lucero
Great venue and amazing staff. It must have been tough for staff to work on such a hot day during summer. The young employees waiting the tables were excellent and very accommodating even though we didn't book. All the food was went down well which included freshly made pasta, a schnitzel and some oysters. Standard pub prices but the serving was rather large.
Valiant Sprite
The food was appalling. The Beer Battered Flake was like rubber, very few chips and a poor salad. The bar staff treated us like we were a nuisance when ordering drinks. They were distracted and disinterested in serving anyone. A terrible lunch. Never going again.
Tara Mccullough
My partner and I stayed over the Christmas and New Year period and found it overall a great holiday. Plenty of parking at the back (especially earlier in the day) and the location is unbeatable - literally next to the beach. The beach itself is one of the better beaches in Melbourne being nice and clean and free of seaweed. It would be a good beach if you have small kids. The room itself was clean and had everything you need, it represented good value. I am not sure if I would visit every year but at some stage I would be keen to return. Perhaps a winter visit next time?
Tony Geldart
Had a meal there with friends on Saturday night. We ordered 2 x eye fillets, what came out was top side cut round. Tough as old boots. Mentioned this to the waitress, she said everyone likes this, and agreed it was not eye fillet.
Also we ordered oysters morney, cheese sauce was shocking and they were only warmed in the oven, not grilled.
Do not recommend to anyone. Had the same rude owners for years. Give it a miss.
Tyra Prentice
The family enjoyed a very pleasant meal in the backroom where it was nice and sunny and not too hot. The grilled fish was cooked well and the kids enjoyed their smaller kids meals. All the staff were welcoming but particular the bar staff who were very friendly even though they were busy.
Maryanne Porto
We had a delicious lunch at Stella's! We were served very quickly by the lovely staff and they promptly cleared our table when we were finished our meals. The meals were delicious and the serving size was very generous. Today they had a two course lunch for $26 which was fantastic value! Very highly recommended!
Scott & Donna McHenry
Called in for a midday lunch. It was a bit of a time warp. We felt like we were stepping back 50 years. The bistro was lovely and sunny. The food was basic & tasty. An unusually large choice of eating areas. Perhaps too many to maintain a fresh appearance. Overall a pleasant experience.
Katie Regal
Visited the bistro on Saturday night for dinner with my family. A good vibe with an atmosphere that reminds me of a good old fashion local pub. Food was excellent, loved the steak in especially as it was juicy and tender. I would recommend as a good option for a family meal, as the establishment is very family friendly and welcomes children. It was a first visit but would be happy to return at some stage in the future.
Janet Hogge
Such atmosphere. Had a room with a spa and water view. The cold weather didn't stop us from sitting outside watching the sun go down. Loved the old ambience of this place and everything looks well looked after. Clean and comfortable room. Nice staff and the food in the tavern was good.
One suggestion would be to provide tea bags in individual paper sachets...much fresher and, a biscuit wouldn't go astray. Close to shops and sight seeing. Nepean Point is a definite must see. If you like a touch of traditional antique retro then this is the place.
Mac Cat
Ray Stella's pub is iconic and merits every success. Ray Stella and many of his staff are personable and friendly but some of them, especially some, but not all, at the main bar, are gruff and rude.
There's no need to be offensive blunt when a patron asks for anything other than an available in tap beer.
Alberto Pierce
I dined here for lunch with a number of friends. Oysters were fresh and cutlets were tender. We thought the food was great. Manged to get in nice and early before it got a little bit busy and managed to snag a couple of seats on the deck. It was a bit of a win given the nice sunny weather.
Not your typical pub/hotel food, but it is good. Honestly, feels a bit like a home cooked meal, not much attention paid to the presentation of the food, but does not lack any flavour. I return here frequently for a consistently decent feed.
Jason Sosa
Overall very good accommodation. The room was big and clean, the location itself is central to other shops and cafes. We only had one meal in the bistro and that was enjoyable. We timed it mid week post school holidays so it was a little quieter and more our style.
d & h building
Upon ordering we were informed that no pizzas were available, because it took too long and they were too busy. Eventually the food was brought out and it 'wasn't even that good'. Then, an hour and a half after we ordered some lamb shanks, we were informed they weren't available. The wait was too long, the food wasn't available and it was expensive.
Dina Tovar
I have only visited during summer previously and I must say I really enjoyed visiting during winter. Good food and we watched the clouds come over the bay.
Deb Erivo
Good for family's with a kid's menu that is good value. Friendly staff that made us feel like locals. Thank you.
Scott Blackburn
We have had dinner at the Dromana pub twice now over the last few months and both times were a lovely experiences. The last experience (Saturday night dinner) we both went with the roast and it was first-rate.
Janel Giamatti
Stella's is always a reliable visit. Has a good feel about it, the place when I want to meet up with the family. Pokie area is separate and can be easily avoided if that's not your thing.
Betty Best
We were treated exceptionally well. Great table near the fire. Great service and food great. We are going back next week.
Vince Andrews
Incredibly nice staff. Beautifully cooked fish that complimented the large wine list. Nice pub to visit on a cold day.
Janelle Forse
Our group really enjoyed ourselves during a recent small 40th birthday. The staff were prompt with their service. Food was well received by the group. It was an enjoyable night out.
Glenn Eaton
Food is tasty but for what you pay you don't get much. Probably half the normal size of other hotels. Service was very slow, nearly an hour for the food to be served and the place was not busy. Sitting on the tables near the street was great and the ocean was a lovely sight.
A Coates
Could not fault at all. Fresh cream mushroom gnocchi pasta. It was a nice summer visit in during the Australia Day long weekend, busy night but service was reasonably fast given that they had a lot of patrons on the night we visited.
Connie Spina
It takes a lot for me to review anything. An experience needs to be exceptional or a total disaster. Unfortunately Stella's proved to be the latter. Our welcome, if you can call it that was rude and quite authoritative over face masks. Yet staff themselves were not obliging to correct mask use, and some wore no masks at all. The hotel managed to disappoint our entire family of ten. Much of the food took ages to arrive, was processed, tasteless and insufficient in quantity, yet prices were expensive. No bar tab or drink waiter service was available. My poor sister felt like a waiter ensuring that all her guests were catered for. The Dromana hotel is in a prime location and should be a happening place. Instead it is in great need of renovations, a good clean and a revamp in management and staff training.
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