Dunalley Hotel

Dunalley Hotel

210 Arthur Hwy, Dunalley TAS 7177, Australia

Visit Dunalley Hotel in Dunalley, Tasmania. This venue has an average rating of 4 out of 33 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Dunalley Hotel.

The Dunalley Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
This venue has a Gaming Room

Latest reviews

Tracy Canham
Nice meal & great entertainment, really enjoyable way to bring in the new year.

Warning - the Death by Chocolate dessert is huge! Get it to share ?
Liam Ridgley
Stop here if your hungry! VERY generous meal sizes and good food
simon saville
You better not be thirsty as publican could not care less if you are served to busy nursing her dog.
Elizabeth Scheu
We stopped for lunch on a slow Sunday. My husband and I ordered the reef and beef, which was plentiful and tasty. We were able to use it entertainment card so got one meal for free.
Staff were friendly and service good.
The restaurant area could do with updating.
Overall a lovely stop.
bruce cuthbertson
I had the roast pork.

I ordered the large serve but still walked away hungry.

The meal comprised of a small amount of meat with no crackling, 1 cut of the following, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli.

The only thing there was plenty of was gravy and applesauce.

I would hate to know what size the small serve will comprise of.

My brother had the seafood bake which comprised of a small bowl of seafood covered in white sauce and cheese and came with a small amount of chips and salad.

He was unhappy with the meal also.
Totally overpriced at $32

The food itself was ok but no way near as good as it has been in the past.

We are both locals and will not come back in a hurry to pay tourist prices and leave hungry and unsatisfied
Lisa Connolly
Seafood combo was a con...all from a box me thinks...straight from warehouse?? ? Maybe not the scallops but..very disappointing if you look at the sign on the highway says local seafood
Frozen pre-fab seafood....???
Jonathan McDonald
Was a great pub feed. I got the chicken schnitzel, which came with a choice of gravy. But definitely get an extra jug, unfortunately it's not quite enough.
D Reader
A lovely spot, amazing view and a friendly owner/manager a must stop on your way back from Port Arthur!
Rob Tratt
A great selection of Parmi's! I opted for the meat lovers. My mistake was also ordering the garlic and cheese bread, which prevented me finishing the massive serve! Huge piece of chicken, which I feared might be low quality, but was impressed with the slab.

No complaints, I stayed in a camper for free in their block next door, great bonus to finish the night!

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