Exeter Hotel, Exeter TAS

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Exeter Hotel, Exeter TAS

The Exeter Hotel is a hotel located in Exeter, Tasmania.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 103 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Exeter hotel is a good place to visit the staff are friendly and helpful.

The Exeter Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
122 Main Rd, Exeter TAS 7275

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Latest reviews for Exeter Hotel, Exeter TAS

Angela cashion
We stopped in after Tassie Mack muster, Absolutely beautiful meals, Tassie scallops and slow cooked ribs were a hit for us. ??'? The pub was packed yet the bar service was exceptional, beer cold and lovely cold clean glasses. We will be back. Excellent to say the least.
David Ryan
Our 3 meals were excellent, will definitely be going again.
Spike Elsa
Can actually not fault this place. From the time we walked to the door the 2 ladies were nice and friendly. Well the food can not be faulted
The mash potato is so yummy
The steak cooked just how you order it. The place is clean. And the alcohol is so cold. It's a treasure so we will definitely be back
Karen Lee
Looks a bit like a small town pub but the food and service is exceptional! Not a vegetarian but had a salad that is on my top 5 salads!
Jessica Mulhall
Slightly run down. But lots of options on the menu. Essentially what you'd expect for a pub but has a gorgeous garden deck out the back for a sunny days lunch.
Marcus Bagley
Excellent octopus entree and slow cooked pork ribs! Pleasantly surprised. We'll be back.
George McLagan
Not what you would expect for pub food, but the Raywin Thai restaurant is worth the stop. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ralph Creswell
Magnificent, authentic Thai cuisine at Raywin restaurant. Good service, great value, I can't recommend this venue highly enough. We will keep coming back.
Food was ok ,soy sauce in my dish was a bit overpowering.
Partner had battered pork he wasn't real impressed either .
Delphine Campbell
We've been here twice now and absolutely love their Thai meals, they're delicious ?. We'll have no hesitation to recommend them or to go back again. Highly recommend it ??'?.
Alan Campbell
The Thai restaurant food is fantastic and with the lunch specials available they are great.
A-M Polack
Only Called in to check keno and the other half had a drink, there was only 1 bar staff on but he handled himself superbly lol he was accommodating he was entertaining, he was lively and also quite charming. Very impressed with the service we received and most likely will call back in next trip passing through.
Tony Robinson
Good food at the restaurant as well as the hotel.
Catherine Sweet
Exeter hotel is a good place to visit the staff are friendly and helpful.
Simon Smith
Nice Thai food for lunch. Bar staff friendly.
Callie Henderson
Terrible food, awful decor (and not clean)
Billy Melville
Beautiful food.. so authentic...very clean... excellent Covid safe policies.
Narelle O'Callaghan
Stayed in the back in our van and it was

Perfect for our needs. Staff in bar extremely friendly. No Covid sign in required. Thai restaurant food delicious but a little pricey.
Gary Gorsuch
Located in Exeter Hotel with access to Big Bargain drinks list, Raywin offers all our favourite Thai plus Aussie pub dishes with prompt friendly service.
Bill Donald
Really nice food. If they were in a nicer spot they'd do well. Back of a pub isn't the best spot.
Kim Atkins
This is surprisingly good food for a little country pub, and, happily, my local. I travel internationally regularly and this is consistently fresh and tasty Thai food, and definitely well-priced. Some reviewers seem to expect michelin hats everywhere they go, or else to be thanked for showing up - not really the attitude for a friendly country pub!
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