Fifield Hotel, Fifield NSW

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Fifield Hotel, Fifield NSW

The Fifield Hotel is a hotel located in Fifield, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 4.6 out of 61 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5.
Great place for a meal, any time of the day

The Fifield Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.
7 Slee St, Fifield NSW 2875

Latest reviews for Fifield Hotel, Fifield NSW

John Whiter
Lovely counter lunch.
Greg Parker
Was out past there for work, they made the best tasting ham & tomato sandwiches ?
Sam & mich
Food and service was good.
Family loved it. Definitely returning.
Alisa McNeill
Great place for a meal, any time of the day
Jenny Huppatz
Good food friendly staff
Chrome Bright
Good friendly staff and food is good
Levina Milsom
Looking for a country pub.. You have found it... Quick friendly service.... Beautiful cold beers..
Jeff L
Nice old pub. Cold beer! Good chat
Tony Swift
Awesome food if you like big country meals well cooked this is the place
Neil Kersta
I love this place. It's ran by some good country people who offer value for money and great company. The pub is the hub of the town make sure you experience it if you are going north up the backroad.
Kathleen Clark
A nice little pub to stop and break our trip. The publican and his wife were welcoming. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menu was ok, beer well priced. Free camping at the rear.
Rod L
Absolutely worth going out of your way to find the 'real' pub in the scrub. Authentic old hotel with great, delicious meals. Peak hour is when you get there.
Karen Macpherson
Cooks the best food around very friendly pub thanks sharon for the beautiful breakfast you cook us this morning and for the slice of Christmas cake for shaunys birthday . Catch you both again soon
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