Berriwillock Hotel (Golden Crown), Berriwillock VIC

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Berriwillock Hotel (Golden Crown), Berriwillock VIC

The Berriwillock Hotel (golden Crown) is a hotel located in Berriwillock, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 4.5 out of 19 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 4 to 5. It appears the reviews are fairly consistent, showing that everyone appears to be pretty happy with the Berriwillock Hotel (golden Crown)!
Great local with friendly residents and staff

The Berriwillock Hotel (golden Crown) does not appear to have any published opening hours.
55 Taverner St, Berriwillock VIC 3531

Latest reviews for Berriwillock Hotel (Golden Crown), Berriwillock VIC

Ben HW
Great local with friendly residents and staff
Debz Van T
Great little pub
Kenneth Strachan
Just off the Calder highway, mine-host Bobby, will make you feel welcome in the quaint country pub
Paul O'Meara
Great company and cold beer
Spaceman Leo
Fantastic Food great friendly atmosphere a must stop at destination !!!!! Free swimming pool next door.
Lori L
Lovely staff good food and great atmosphere!
Kaw TJ
Friendly staff, great place to stop in for lunch and a beer on your travels
Dawn Morgan
Great clean country pub full of great people. Excellent meal. Very accommodating.
Tommy O'Dea
Great country pub feel, great tucker and extended hours in the kitchen for travellers and truckies and a good mob, staff and locals that will make you feel welcome.
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