Golf House Hotel, Ballarat North VIC

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Golf House Hotel, Ballarat North VIC

The Golf House Hotel is a hotel located in Ballarat North, Victoria. They have a bar and great food and drink options. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.9 out of 518 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Excellent service and meal. Good value for money. Had two meals there, whilst holidaying in Ballarat. Wife and I both had the open lamb souvlaki on the first night. Food was good though there could have been a bit more meat. Second night I had the crumbed pork cutlet which was delicious. Wife had the chicken breast which was also delicious and satisfying.
920 Doveton St N, Ballarat North VIC 3350
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Latest reviews for Golf House Hotel, Ballarat North VIC

Kurt Gaylor
The tattooed bartender woman was great. Asked me to make me something random 4 times, always delivered something amazing.
Ronald Hain
Excellent service and meal. Good value for money. Had two meals there, whilst holidaying in Ballarat. Wife and I both had the open lamb souvlaki on the first night. Food was good though there could have been a bit more meat. Second night I had the crumbed pork cutlet which was delicious. Wife had the chicken breast which was also delicious and satisfying.
Carol Zanon
Ambiance is nice, pizzas are absolutely terrible just like supermarket ones and cider was flat and warm. Five staff members behind the counter and no one to clean the table. Maybe they thought we were going to eat the disgusting pizza. The F&B Manager needs to lift his game. We are all struggling financially to spend money in bad food when going out.
Terry Howell
Excellent service and meal....this pub had improved significantly. Good value for money. Give it a try. Have been back several times now. Maintains consistent standards.
'I mean, my expectations weren't high ordering a chicken burger, but I was still sadly disappointed. The bar staff didn't know their alcohol and I basically ordered a giant, hard bread roll. The patty kinda tasted like a KFC patty when I found it, the filling salad tasted old, and I think there was some form of avocado but it was stuck to the roll (which I didn't eat). Don't recommend.
Nathalie Cahanding
Food took 1 hour to arrive. When I asked around the 45-minute mark how long until our food was ready, I was answered very matter-of-factly that they're busy. I wasn't even complaining, just wanted to manage expectations, but the staff were not understanding/apologetic at all. Besides, waiting for 1 hour for food in a restaurant seems excessive. My experience is typically 15minutes wait time on average and if it's more than that, the staff usually tell us upon ordering so we can decide to wait or eat elsewhere. Couldn't even cancel my order because I already paid for it. Very disappointing since I've wanted to try the restaurant for a while now.
Cheryl hendy
Have been attending the pub since last year sometimes weekly or fortnightly on a Friday night.
Last night 2 friends had a bad experience with a bar attendant and a waitress.
It was embarrassing and rudeness uncalled for.
The bistro manager was most gracious and he was very apologetic and tried to sort out the dilemma.
Even after this the mentioned staff wouldn't even clean up our plates etc at our table the atmosphere was dreadful.
I myself wasn't involved in the disagreement just my 2 friends but feel that I won't be back.
Marie used to work on Friday nights and was so pleasant and now very much missed.
RobynLouise Thomas (robynlouise)
Quiet dining space on a weekday, with a menu that anyone is sure to find something they'll enjoy. Food was nice, although not a consistent temperature (one side of the plate was warm-ish, the other side was hotter). Staff were friendly enough.
Paul Hartwood
We went with a group of 12 for lunch and as it was fairly quiet,we had a private room. Everyone of our guests to the last said their meal and dessert was especially good. I mucked up my order and got the wrong dish. It was replaced with what I had been trying to order within a very short turnaround. The staff were great about it and there was no charge for the replacement. Jess looked after us mostly and nothing was any effort to her. The manager and other staff were also very accommodating. My wife and I and Sometimes my son are regulars as we live close. Our experiences have all been similar. Thank you, we will always be back.
Cassandra Bator
Started with the garlic bread which was delicious and venue was nice, however the main meal Linguini with Prawns was one of the worst meals I have ever had. It was tasteless, bland and had not been seasoned with any garlic, lemon, olive oil or salt and pepper. My brother also had the same dish and agreed it was a terrible meal. At $28 each both dishes should have gone back for a full refund.
Peter Richardson
Don't like leaving overly negative reviews, but the food was not good.

I ordered the linguine, it was terribly bland, obviously had not been seasoned with anything, not even salt and pepper, let alone any garlic or olive oil. Ate half as I was hungry had to leave the rest. It should not have left the kitchen.

Wife's meal, the fried cauliflower salad was somewhat better. However, there wasn't a lot of cauliflower, and it had been covered in the salad dressing so wasn't crispy.
David Greene
Went and had dinner on the 11/03/2013 and I had the Barramundi while my partner had the warm chicken salad - My fish - 2 pieces were delicious but the salad let the grading of my meal down -
I mean - one small piece of tomato a couple of threads of onion in amongst an over proportion of lettuce?? My partner said that while her meal was also just okay it too lacked a good salad - otherwise the staff were friendly the atmosphere was there to be enjoyed ( I'm glad we booked) and the service had some efficiency about it.
Shayne Hogan
Outstanding pub since the new owners took over. Super friendly staff, ice cold beer and great food. Can't say enough good things about this place.
Abby Harrington
We all know that to get a feel of any place it's starts with first impressions. From the dirty look of the gentleman behind the bar around 60 years of age named Mark and to my astonishment is the manager I should of known that maybe i should of gone somewhere else.
His rude mannerisms and can't be bothered attitude it's no wonder there were not many people around.
If I could give some feedback then perhaps it starts with less flirting with his wait staff who are young enough to be his children to more focus on a customer experience.
Perhaps this is the only attention he gets however he needs to know where the line is not to cross.
Emily Jayne Cook-Newman
Highly recommend the chicken dumplings they are amazing
Eril Bruty
Great staff with great attitude - so helpful. Ours was an afternoon group gathering and the food supplied was well presented and excellent quality.
angela hardefeldt
Firstly to start on a good note, Brad was fantastic helping us organise the venue for our wedding, so for that we thank you, however once we got there, things went downhill fast. We had our wedding reception of only 28 people, booked 4 months in advance, we were extremely disappointed with the imcompent, unfriendly, rude staff, the meals were even worse, one of the bridal party ordered first only to receive their meal last, about an hour after everyone else, and then it was still unedible as it was raw. Meals were mixed up, guests were stuffed around and there were at least 8 meals that were uneaten. Plates were supposed to be organised for dessert, when we asked for help or needed something we were rudely told they were understaffed, we finished up alot earlier than we had planned because of such an unpleasant experience. Would not recommend for a function of any sort, they can't seem to handle an event for a group of people. Very very disappointing.
Attention ToDetails
Salmon was delicious. And the steak was cooked perfect for MR!

Staff customer service- shocking on Wednesday 19/10 dinner. Left standing at door ignored when 3 staff walked past to go into kitchen, a simple hello or be with you in a moment would have made a world of difference,
Asking to run a TAB was too much effort the girl, she had told us she would need to delete the order and re put it through, just pay for it now to save her was the reason. Well we didn't add dessert or extra drinks to the order after our meal so guess the no tab helped us not spending extra

Shame the booth seats were badly ripped. And the bar mats stunk so bad when you go to the bar (handy tip from one hospo person to the other, these can be washed in the dishwasher and hung to dry. Saves smelling like rotting old beer yeast!!!!)

If it wasnt for the food being good you would have got 1 star.
asif idtell
went there for a function with 90 other people.
Staff looked grumpy and didn't even know what table was what.
worst of all, it took 1 hour and 20 minutes to get our food after we paid. Some of the kids (under 10) got their meals last.
One woman ordered fish and had to ask if it had been caught yet.
Longest Ive ever had to wait.
We had booked and given numbers in advance. clearly should have had more staff on. If you can't handle 90 people, be honest and say so.
would give less stars but meal was good when it 'finally' arrived.
Pellen and Palmer Specialty Hypnosis Training
Delicious meal - chicken and camembert in pic - great service and really cool astmosphere ... will be back ?
Ray Gason
Abby and Mark served me and I couldn't be happier with their smiles and attitudes... bless them. Lovely people when it was my first time here
Phill Hocking
Great meals but gets a bit busy, so waiting times can vary
Rhys Jones
Took the family here to celebrate returning home after working interstate. Had a disappointing scotch fillet that could have been redeemed if the pepper sauce wasn't one solid clot. Kids meals were great, friendly service and a nice atmosphere. If they can get the grill and gravy up to scatch would come back.
Katrina Woods
We had our daughter's 21st birthday celebration at the Golf House Hotel on 20th March, 2022. Our experience from booking, to confirmation, to the service on the day of the party was outstanding! The advice and guidance from Ellen and the service & help from Lewis on the day of the party was 10/10. We all had a lovely day. Thank you!!! We will definitely recommend this venue to family & friends. ?
Chris Morrison
Went here for dinner Saturday night. Had the steak. Was fantastic. Cooked to the right liking and the sauce was amazing. Serving size was great value for money and venue was clean and tidy. Bar staff were pleasant. Only downside is when we were seated we were not given any menus had to use Google and waited for table service that never came ended up having to order at the bar.
Jenni Johnson
The Golf house was renovated a few years ago and it is clean and still in good condition. I had pumpkin soup as an entree and although it was lovely and thick, not watered down until it resembles orange juice, which I've experienced at some hotels. Unfortunately, it really tasted quite bland to both myself and my husband, who tried mine. I'm quite a good home cook, so was disappointed by the lack of flavour of something as basic as pumpkin soup, prepared by a chef/professional cook.My husband had chicken schnitzel with salad & chips, which he basically enjoyed, although he found the salad dressing a bit on the vinegary side. Perhaps it could have been in a little jug on the side.The menu has certainly been expanded since we last dined, prior to COVID 19.It was unfortunate there was only one staff member providing service. He was doing a great job but was responsible for welcoming customers, directing them to numbered tables. He was also the bar person, taking meal orders at tables as well as collecting meals from the kitchen and delivering them to the tables.We had booked a table for lunch and when we arrived we had to line up and wait for the staff member to take an order for drinks for quite a few people sitting in one of the rooms off the main dining area. After he was finished taking the order, he very politely advised us our table number, and told us we could order drinks at the bar and that he would be over to take our lunch order. Unfortunately, my husband had to motion the staff member over when we had been waiting for about 10 minutes, as he was delayed filling the drinks order he was taking when we arrived.I must say he provided excellent service, its just that he was doing his best to take care of all diners on his own.When we have been there previously for lunch there have pretty much always been two staff members providing service, regardless what day we were there.Basically it's a lovely hotel however some of the food lacked flavour, while some tastes were overpowering. Also, one staff member providing all aspects of bar & table service is not sufficient to provide quality service to all customers.
Bianca Wilson
Food was delicious and very generous. Prices were fair and good for what you get. Service was very good, even though they were busy, we received everything within a fair amount of time. Definitely deserve 5 star. Well done!
Dianne Williams
I thought it was good, may have been better if I had left the hubby at home. Staff and meal was great. The hotel it self was really welcoming.
becca Macca
Meal was great, reasonable. Only one person working the bistro and she was running off her feet and did a great job. Wasn't real keen on the music/tv station.
courtney ogluszko
Had a booking reservation at 6:30pm and got our drink not long after sitting down, then had our order taken about 20-30 minutes after arriving. We waited about 2-2 n half hours for our entrees and meals to be brought out to us, and on top of that the food was over cooked and dry!!!Drink wise good service BUT WOULD NOT RECCOMEND EATING HERE.
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