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Home The Venue, Sydney NSW

The Home Venue is a hotel located in Sydney, New South Wales. They have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.4 out of 1173 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Home The Venue is in Sydney so why not stop by when you are there next.
The team behind this venue are absolutely brilliant, I had the pleasure of communicating with Sophie and she's awesome! It's a great venue and the team of organisers will always help you out.

The Home Venue does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
101/1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000

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Latest reviews for Home The Venue, Sydney NSW

Nor M
Love the venue. The bartender, I think her name is Sahar went above and beyond and made my experience great. I love the way she made my drinks. I love all the separate rooms with different music and the giant disco ball. So fun!
Artin HB
Home bar is a great nightclub that offers a truly unique and exciting experience for anyone looking to enjoy. The club features two separate dance floors, each with its own distinct vibe and energy but unfortunately last time one of them was close. Entry was $30. Lighting and music was great. I like here
#Hashtag Lads
Pretty impressive club! We paid $25 for entrance on a Saturday that we paid for on the day.

Overall busy club with many different rooms - was a little confused with some however think I counted 3 different rooms.

Bar service was quick, really cool main stage with amazing sound quality.
Sweetheart Ray
We had the best night celebrating christmas party @ Home the venue??, the DJ so amazing ??'? ??'??
Prashant Bhandari
Home the Venue left much to be desired. The sound quality resembled a distorted cacophony more than music, making it impossible to enjoy any performance. The management team seemed oblivious to the chaos, displaying a lack of organization and professionalism. The service was abysmal, with staff members appearing more interested in socializing than attending to patrons. Overall, a disappointing experience that I wouldn't recommend to anyone seeking a quality nightlife venue.
Nathan Taing
Had the Junny concert here and the workers at the venue was so great! Offering to see if anyone wanted drinks while lining up and the security staff were so funny and still held their ground in the safety of others and the performers. Would love some more information provided when it comes to email information or website for ticket purchases.
Tori hahn
Home the venue has multiple dance floors with different music and always has an amazing vibe! Tickets are cheaper if you pre purchase online rather than buying at the door. The event nights are always amazing ? I'd definitely suggest going to one if you haven't been!! Home made Saturdays are also really good. You can guarantee a good time. It's great for when you want to listen to different music but also you don't have to go to the extra effort of trying different clubs! They have different lighting etc for the different rooms and the main stage has some pretty cool features depending on the night (e.g, a huge disco ball, confetti from the roof etc) Its close to various hotels if you're staying in the city and also within walking distance to town hall station (though you may need to catch a night owl depending what time you finish).
Isabella Cester
One of my favourite venues in Sydney! Lots of open space and many rooms to suit all kinds of taste. The staff here are so lovely and we've never had a problem. Will be back soon!
Andrew L
The team behind this venue are absolutely brilliant, I had the pleasure of communicating with Sophie and she's awesome!

It's a great venue and the team of organisers will always help you out.
Sam x
I recommend this place if you're visiting Sydney and want a night out on the harbour, great views, 10 min walk from town hall. Multiple dance floors, they were playing Hip Hop, House, EDM. There's a lot of couches for taking a break from dancing. However they didn't clean puke on the dance floor or sweep up cups the whole night.
Christine Starr
Great club, chilled water is easily available, they host great events and DJs. Both the main area and the rooftop are great! The rooftop has great views of darling harbour too, but I found it wasn't well signposted and a little tricky to find.
Julian Doyle
Security guards are bored and have nothing better to do than make mountains out of molehills. Have never seen them intercept dangerous behaviour I seem to only see them intimidate patrons and watch over us like chaperones at a year 6 disco.
Guards are meant to keep us safe not ruin our experiences that we pay good money for.
To be fair, I've only been here...more than a handful for times but never had a bad issue/time....
I only rated four out of five (4/5) stars as it's been far too crowded but as I'm lead to believe that's the promotors prouder issuing far too many tickets for the venue to hold.

However, I've always found the place to be clean (yes, even the bathrooms), security have been pleasant and mindful whilst doing their job in keeping all patrons safe. Drink prices WILL be a tad be more expensive BUT the venue IS located in darling harbour AND is a main source of revenue (especially when there's an event) so what's the big deal?! Don't like the prices? Then don't order the drinks...it's the EXACT same in ANY venue (ie - cinema).
The staff...never had an issue, in fact so helpful when pointing out the location of the bar, coatroom, toilets BUT they went above and beyond when I lost my ID at the Boulet Brothers event. I emailed and messaged the venue, both responded in a timely manner and on the same day.

I was happily reunited with said missing property when I stopped by the venue. Both security and bar staff were friendly and attentive whilst listening and one staff member even checked the area that described AND the lost property box/area/hand in which either a patron or staff member found and handed in my ID.

I was probably waiting at the bar, five minutes (maybe even less) to which I was in no rush and certainly didn't not expect my ID to have been found or even handed in.

Keep up the great work folks and I am humbly grateful that a staff member took the time, in order to assist me.
Rodrigo Esteban Marquez
Home The Venue is a fantastic nightclub that offers a truly unique and exciting experience for anyone looking to dance the night away. The club features two separate dance floors, each with its own distinct vibe and energy.

The lower level can sometimes feel a bit crowded, especially during peak hours, but the music and lighting are always on point, creating an electric atmosphere that's hard to resist. However, if you're looking for a more relaxed and spacious experience, the upper floor is the place to be.

The upper level of Home The Venue offers a more laid-back vibe, with plenty of space to move and groove to the music. The music selection is just as impressive as the lower level, with top-notch DJs spinning the latest and greatest tracks.

Overall, Home The Venue is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a night of dancing and fun. Whether you prefer the energy of the lower level or the relaxed vibe of the upper level, this nightclub has something for everyone. The music and lighting are always on point, and the atmosphere is electric.
spunky t
Great bar/club to shake a leg. And every now then host great LGBTQ events. But poor signage, it can be a mission to find on the wharf strip.
Charisse Ponce
I had so much fun and exciting experience. The music was great and the crowd was fun. Everyone was just enjoying the night and partied till dawn. Highly recommended ??'?
Ivy Buddee
What a wonderful place! Spilled drinks cleaned up quickly from the dancefloor. Patrons all friendly and not afraid to have a chat. They have multiple floors and rooms, so there's music for everyone.
Gabriel Moreno
I went to a show in the venue recently and I liked the place. It's well located and the structure is good. The only drawback, which might not be related to the venue itself, is that the place was too crowded, I could barely walk inside. But overall a nice place for a party.
Sarah S
Friend didn't bring a purse since I had one so I held onto her ID for her, we were searching for her ID (too dark to see so we were taking everything out to find it) then got denied entry because apparently looking for your ID to enter a club means you're too drunk. There was barely a line so it wasn't like we had much time to search either nor were we holding anyone else up. Tried to explain to security but he wasn't having it.
Sunni Wan
Walked in through cockle Bay wharf, they should put signage as we went the wrong way initially. There were two checkpoints where they checked your ID. Then there's a feature wall where you can take sticker photos and a 360 video (but the video never arrived via SMS or email). A can of Canadian dry was $15, and this is meant to be for uni students so that's quite expensive. DJ's were good. The outside area was refreshing and you had the view of Darling Harbor. It's an ok place but there are better options to go clubbing at.
Uddhav Gajurel
I've been going Home the Venue for more than a three years now .I'm gonna hate Google for not having zero star , but I'm feeling horrible for home the venue because they allowed such a event organiser who are promoting like they have a future as a headliner artist but in reality they have Mula feri , joke after covid. Guys future is metaphor.
Price for liquor was abit overprice that's okay , and the number of bartenders were understaffed . Condition of Washroom was
(-) star . How can I give a star so I hate google for not having negative star .
Kenzie Turai
Home The Venue was the first club I visited when I moved to Australia and I was overwhelmed with how friendly and attentive all the staff was. The ID check outside was extremely organized and it was reassuring to see all the security staff keeping an eye on everyone. Lastly the bar staff was very fast working and fun to interact with! Definitely recommend
Dr Fahimipour
If you are keen to pay 35$; a good place to go. Try Eventbrite to book the ticket earlier and way cheaper.
Jack Stanyon
Venue is let down from the mob of security they've got littered round the place. So over the top, rude and power hungry, way too many as well. Creates a poor vibe and is such an easy way to ruin your venue.
Victor Phan
Had lots of fun, great music and awesome dance floor, bar staff were great and security were relatively friendly. Drinks were a steep on my wallet but overall great place
Ngoc Nguyen
Explored and sight seen at least 50 clubs on every continent of the world, but 'Home Bar' is still home. The crowd and energy on electro music nights is a true buzz, tribute to us Aussies. Layout and size of the club is a blessing. Club always trying to bring in international acts is always appreciated. Showing a bit of love, can't wait for the club's reopening!
Mussolini Mussolini
Last gig was Infected Mushroom early 2020. Staff at the door were very friendly and had a good vibe. Crowd inside were there to have a good time and the bar staff worked their arse off to get drinks to party goers. Had a fantastic time - the dance floor is not huge which means you are close to the gig. Can't wait till it all starts up again.
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