Hotel Frangos, Daylesford VIC

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Hotel Frangos, Daylesford VIC

The Hotel Frangos is a hotel located in Daylesford, Victoria. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.2 out of 912 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Such good good, fast and friendly service. Good prices. Have t stayed at the hotel but their restaurant is fantastic!

The Hotel Frangos does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
82 Vincent St, Daylesford VIC 3460

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Latest reviews for Hotel Frangos, Daylesford VIC

Have had meals here before and always enjoyed until last nights
Dinner. There must have been a change of chef since we last went there. My partner had linguini Marinara and it was disgusting.Two mussels had not opened and definitely not fresh, the pasta very over cooked with a terrible sauce. My scallops were covered in a very dark sauce, not sure what is was. I did not complain about my dish but we did about the Marinara. The manager did apologise
And took the meal off the bill. We now know not to order seafood
Dishes on Tuesday night in a small town.
Meenakshi Singh
We had lunch here, the food was excellent. The service was a bit ? slow. For example, we ordered some drinks which I felt they pretty much forgot it, then we reminded them and finally the drinks arrived. Food took about 30 minutes to arrive, which is very slow. I can't even say that the place was super busy. There were people, but not to the extent that I would say is the reason for delays. But other than that, I love the vibes and the great place to be. So yeah, I will try again sometime to see if this was 1 off.
Emma Redpath
This restaurant came highly recommended to us but we were bitterly disappointed. The cider was flat, and my lemon, lime and bitters was not cold. My husband had the beef burger which he said was just OK, but I had the lamb shank and it was very hot at all. It also said it came with winter vegetables which really just meant carrot. Very overpriced for what it was!
Greg Bechly
Booked for restaurant but arrived to be served in the cafe area with poor ambience.
Pizza was doughy and half cooked. Salt and pepper calamari for the price was salty not peppery and poor quality. Fish of the day wasn't fresh and was not appetising. Staff seem uninterested that clearly no one at our table enjoyed their meal at all. Don't bother going here. They clearly don't care.
Rowan Pritchard
Don't go here if you have any other options.

First of all ordered off QR code because wait staff were inattentive.

Ordered a burger & chips which I could have whipped up better. To their credit pizza was pretty good.

Got a garlic pizza which was burnt in the middle making about 30% not edible.

Ordered a mountain goat summer ale and recieved a lager beer instead.

Wouldn't go back
Amy Woods
Comfortable stay, but comes with everything you'd expect an older building too (ie. Creaky floorboards and thin walls). Water pressure was great but the spa bath was a little over enthusiastic to be relaxing. Perfect for a weekend and great location. The free parking on site was super helpful too (the entrance is just round the corner and signed).
G King
Thought we going to have a great experience. Well that turned sour very quickly. Cold food and tin spaghetti served or broken pieces of linguine with prawns as a seafood dish. Could not believe my eyes. Walked out. Never would I recommend. Price over the top. Ended up in a bakery further down Main Street. No complaints with the bakery.
David James
Ordered the wagyu beef burger and chips. The burger bun was a cheap supermarket job that crumbled apart immediately. The chips served with it were stone cold (as were my friend's in his meal). Waitress asked how it was and I was honest. Got a quick "oh sorry" and that was the end of it till paying $27 for a meal I'd have done a much better job of myself with minimal effort.
ACCOMODATION stayed here as part of a package and loved it, we had the king room with a toddler and it was great even though its a bit on the small side. The location is perfect right on the main street and hospitality staff were all so lovely and generous with our requests and went above and beyond for us.

Food was decent considering it was part of our package but can see what people mean by it can be expensive when paid normally.

The only thing I could say about accommodation is room service of doing the beds etc can be improved as we had swing tag for it while we were out and it wasn't done when we got back.

Overall a good experience, lovely atmosphere and staff who were always so positive.
Carl A
Similar to others. Passing through on way to our new property in the area, and grabbed what was hoped to be a quick bite. Sad about this in a way, as this could have been weekly stop for our family. It wasn't overly busy but we still waited almost an hour for a pizzas. Didn't find it to be the cleanest of places. Toilets really poor facilities for a place of this size. Some staff we came across very impatient and bothered, though some were more friendly. If outside, you order through the app from a QR code (and get promoted to leave a service tip!) You'll then also get stung a weekend surcharge at the last minute AND then you'll get stung a card surcharge! (Can I shove cash through the app on my phone? - No) This is simply capitalising on visitors situation and timing. Perhaps would be considered justifiable if the facilities, food, staff and service matched. Poor model, doesn't work and has deterred us from returning.
King Kozmik
Great location. The rooms are not efficiently designed. The closet is in a bad location. There was a giant painting above our head in the bed and the base was close enough to hit our heads if we sat up too quick. The toilet is located right in front of the shower so water from the shower can pool at your feet if you're on the toilet. The bath tub was nice and roomy, loved that. The TV mounted on the wall as not in a good spot, it was off center but e didn't use it. The best part of the film was the bed, it was amazingly comfortable. The booking was another thing, read the fine print, 50% up front and the balance paid BEFORE you arrive. That's not standard practice at most places I've been. The location though, is hard to pass on but I wouldn't really book it again unfortunately, they need to work on the room layouts
Michael Nguyen
Horrible staff. Was greeted by front door staff and was told immediately they didn't have space for us, without checking. Then was told that they were only doing 'fried food' until 5pm. Which we responded that it was okay. During the whole dining experience all the waiting staff made us feel like we were not wanted in the restaurant. Food took 1hr + from time of ordering to receiving our food. Will be telling all friends and family not to go here.
During my recent visit to this town, I decided to stop by this hotel/cafe and grab their takeaway bacon and roll before heading back to Melbourne.

Despite my initial surprise at the price of $54 for three of those, I must say that the burger was delectable, and the avocado serving was quite generous, which added to the overall experience.

However, the service could have been friendlier, and I didn't even make an issue of the price, given the rush myself and friends were in.

While waiting for our meals, the hotel's ambience was pleasant and added to our overall experience.

I feel the hotel/cafe could justify their prices with such high-quality food and an inviting environment if they stepped up their customer service. With a little more attention to customer satisfaction, they could quickly become a go-to destination for people looking for delicious food and excellent service.

Overall, I enjoyed my simple dish and believe that with such a great burger, their other menu items must be equally good. If you're ever in the area, I recommend giving them a try, and maybe their customer service will be better when you visit!
Teale Roiz
Had a great stay here on NYE! We booked the Bromley room (which is their biggest room) and adored our 1 night stay! The room was clean, as was the bathroom, bathtub and bed. Love the art works and mirrors! Overall great location to stay. Highly recommend.
Kim Hunter
We had lunch at the Cafe today. It was very ordinary. Disappointed by the lack of options in Daylesford for food. Coffee size small, entree with a wad of cheese with a smear of onion on the side of the bowl came with 2 slices of toast, when I asked for extra bread to eat the cheese I was greeted with horror. Chips came out semi cold, if this is what's on offer in Daylesford don't bother coming. I expected higher quality, very disappointing
Griff Macey
My partner and I stayed here for for a short getaway and we could not recommend the hotel more highly. From check-in to check-out, the staff were all so friendly and helpful. Special shoutout to the man who served us at breakfast each morning, his sense of humour left us in stitches. The rooms are each individually themed, and luxuriously furnished. The location of the hotel is also very convenient, with free parking. We will definitely be back!
Had breakfast in the corner Cafe, meals were lukewarm at best, great coffee, friendly staff and fast service,inexplicable how cold the meals were as they were not that busy and had plenty of staff on, seemed like meals had sat for 10 minutes before coming out to us. For a near 100 dollar order with drinks and a tip which I regretted paying upfront via the QR code ordering system, for 2 people, pretty disappointing to say the least.
This review is for the restaurant. Completely overpriced, low grade pub food served in a fancy looking venue. $46 for scotch fillet that was from cheap and chewy meat, not to mention the poor presentation of the plate. I have had better steaks in the pub compared to this. Save your money and try the local pub instead.
P.S. they don't serve meals together, something you expect in a restaurant. I came with a friend together so we expected to eat together, my meal arrived 15 mins after theirs.
Olivia P
My Partner and I went for lunch and ordered what we thought would be home made soup of the day and fries. The food took a long while to come out (the restaurant was quiet), once it did come out the food was cold. We sent it back and had to wait again for our order. The soup tasted like canned soup, the fries were ok. Overall not great.
Victoria Strong
I stayed here a few weeks back for a midweek 3 night stay. I was very impressed by the food choices, staff friendliness and the beautiful hotel rooms. I was in the newer rooms over the spa and it was so cosy and warm with an incredibly comfortable bed. I wanted to take it home with me! The linens were lovely and the standard of everything was perfect. I had a huge double spa that I enjoyed daily... never actually used the beautiful shower! The auto fan was the only downside, especially trying to sneak in for a nighttime wee... without making a racket! Beautiful breakfast included daily if you book directly too. Daylesford is a fabulous town and 5 dats there did not feel like enough! I'll be back. ?
Cami Clean
Had a nice meal. Slight delay in meals coming out and the staff could've been a little more lively. Seemed to lack in effort and happiness to be at work. Al in all it was a pleasant experience. Great outdoor area set up.
Gaynor Stevens
We stayed 2 nights, the bed was absolutely great, the room was lovely and warm from air/con and oil heaters and the shower was lovely and hot.
Just a few small things, no light above the bathroom mirror, no cupboards or wardrobe just a quirky hanging pole.
Our breakfasts which were included had everything you needed, good choices, fast service and friendly staff.
We can recommend staying there, Daylesford has now been ticked off our bucket list.
Brittany Sorensen
Such good good, fast and friendly service. Good prices. Have t stayed at the hotel but their restaurant is fantastic!
Richard O'Hara
What a great way to start the day with a coffee in the ambience of this corner landmark. Staff are friendly, speedy and attentive. Coffee is very good and a sidewalk table is a good spot on a sunny morning to enjoy watching the town come to life.
Robert Hayes
Visited the restaurant for dinner with my partner on a Friday night.
Staff were full of energy and we had great service.
Food was delicious and drinks were great.
Not a cheap night out but definitely a good one!
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