Locomotive Hotel, Junee NSW

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Locomotive Hotel, Junee NSW

The Locomotive Hotel is a hotel located in Junee, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 16 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
small but cosy and great tacos

The Locomotive Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.
5 Hill St, Junee NSW 2663

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Latest reviews for Locomotive Hotel, Junee NSW

Tone The Bone
No cash accepted a real downer. Bar is very fancy.
Simone Clark
Disappointing, I went to pay cash for our drinks and was told that we don't expect cash, we'll I won't be back there again.
David Beard
Went there for dinner on a Saturday night. Staff advised no steak or pork, even suggested three times we go to a rival pub for dinner.

The food itself was not great. We both left feeling bloated and unwell.
simon cole
Best pub with the best service and bar staff in Junee
Sharon Foley
Great pub, cold beer & friendly staff. Just need to get stubby coolers to buy ?
Adam Proudfoot
Great vibe. Awesome play list. Great Beer
Jasper Goldstein
Great food, amazing staff, and the freshest, coldest beers in Junee.
Stif Wix
small but cosy and great tacos
Oli C
Love the positivity and vibe of the Locomotive Hotel :) cannot wait to work with the Pub to start a restaurant there.
Abhinesh Chand
Iam staying here
Diederick Devries
Best time of my life !😂😂😂
Mark Mcconaghy
Good to see the café and bistro open. Good coffee, flat white which is actually flat, not half froth, and a tasty bacon and egg roll. A relatively small breakfast menu but a good assortment, plenty to make me want to head back and sample a few more. Service is friendly, too!
Brenno Walsh
On Four separate occasions now since the Loco has re-opened my family and i have gone down to try and support the LOCAL!! and have a beer or a feed and twice the Bistro has been closed when it was clearly stated on their Facebook page that it was open with multiple posts of their meals and bistro menu Then yesterday the 29/12 it was the last time i will ever go back. Myself and a couple of mates Thought why not, lets go down for a few Sunday arvo beers around 3pm only to be told when we got there By the Abrupt lady that She was closing. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING HERE, there are plenty of other places in town that actually have a bistro and cold beer.
Helen Lloyd
It has cold beer friend ly people and has large open fire
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