Meridian Hotel, Hurstville NSW

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Meridian Hotel, Hurstville NSW

The Meridian Hotel is a hotel located in Hurstville, New South Wales. They have a bar and offer accommodation.
They have an average rating of 3.7 out of 873 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Meridian Hotel is only 14km from Sydney CBD so why not stop by when you are next in the area.
Superb location 3 min walk from train station which has a train on average every 8 minutes and takes approximately 30 minutes to get to Sydney Harbour. Room is very clean always replace what you have used. You have the option not to have your room serviced. Wifi is good speed nothing spectacular in views from rooms. Not far for places to eat or of you want a few groceries slap bang inside the station before the travel gates is a discount supermarket.
220 Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220
This venue is currently open

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Monday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 06:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 04:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 06:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Latest reviews for Meridian Hotel, Hurstville NSW

Naren Maharjan
Dear Meridian Hurstville

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with my recent stay at your hotel, Meridian Hotel Hurtville from March 4,2024 to March 6,2024 Unfortunately, my experience fell short of expectations due to several issues.

The locker(vault) of the room (210) where I was staying with my wife was not functioning properly, the batteries spring came off, no battery cover, which made batteries dropping while closing vault's door. I was there for my friends wedding and had jewellery so wanted to keep it safe.
We went down to inform staff that it will be grateful if they can fix it. The staff said if the vault is not working we can leave our stuff in the room but I clearly mentioned that the stuffs I was talking about is quite expensive and definitely not felt safe to leave it in the room.

The staff was rude and stated that I should book some other safe place if I want my belongings to be safe and will refund for 1 day. Instead of trying to help she was arrogant and dealt with us unprofessionally.

I thought it would be effective to talk to more responsible person from management because I totally understand sometimes there are certain things that staffs can't do or don't have permissions to so I asked her if I can talk to the manager. She said she is the manager, her name was "NATE".
I was already getting late to go somewhere but was stuck there for almost 30 minutes because of her unprofessional behaviour.
She offered us another room "106"with same price, the vault was still not working. I was tired of arguing and just wanted to leave so I did not even bother to ask again to fix it or look at it.
The ratings were quite good prior booking the room but after going through such ill treatment from the manager I will never visit the hotel again.
One thing I told her was, "There was thousands of things she could say but she chose the wrong one". Things would have been better and different if she dealt in a professional manner.
Paul Redfern
Superb location 3 min walk from train station which has a train on average every 8 minutes and takes approximately 30 minutes to get to Sydney Harbour.

Room is very clean always replace what you have used. You have the option not to have your room serviced.

Wifi is good speed nothing spectacular in views from rooms. Not far for places to eat or of you want a few groceries slap bang inside the station before the travel gates is a discount supermarket.
Cyril Karpenko
I never stayed in a traditional Australian hotel with a bar on the ground level, so this is new to me.

The room is surprisingly quiet, has AC and all the amenities.

It's a great value for the price. Also, the train station is just 300-something meters from the place with only 20-25 minutes to the CBD.
Jessica Ramadas
Would give 0 star if possible. The room smells absolutely disgusting and is not clean at all. There is a hole in the wall with what looks like a used bum-wipe stuffed in it. The toilet seat is broken and toilet wasn't clean. One of my towels had a brown streak on it. Really disappointed. The bed is comfortable but the smell was so awful I could hardly sleep.
Ankit Dallakoti
Jesse and Derick are one of the most amazing staff at night shift over here. They serve me in an professional as well as homely manner, the customer service service over here, best people ever met, as well as the manager for the night shift truly great and friendly personality.
Warwick Smith
Hotel check in as the bar so you have to drag your stuff infront of drunk patrons.
The rooms are not that nice, mine was missing a shower shelf, they're not kept super clean and the carpet never gets cleaned.
The whole place smelt strange and the air-conditioning wasn't cleaned so use at your own caution.
santu khadka
I had an extremely disappointing experience at the pub managed by Gaurab. On Monday 7th of aug around 9 pm, my friends and I were asked to leave by the security for seemingly no reason at all. There was a minor argument between one of my friends and another individual, which was resolved quickly. To our surprise, we later discovered that this individual was a friend of the pub manager, Gaurab, who had instructed the security to remove us from the club.

As a regular customer who has spent a significant amount of money on games and drinks at the pub, I was taken aback by this incident. Throughout my 15 years of clubbing, I have never been asked to leave any establishment due to unruly behavior, as I pride myself on maintaining a respectful and courteous demeanor.

It is disheartening to have such an unfortunate encounter tarnish my perception of a place I've frequented for quite some time. I believe that all patrons deserve fair treatment and should not be subjected to unwarranted expulsion, especially when they have shown consistent respect and manners. This incident has left a sour taste in my mouth, and I hope that management takes steps to ensure that such occurrences are not repeated in the future.
we have booked this hotel online. this is for the first time we visited Sydney with my 3 friends. You can collect the key from the bar. It was hassle-free and quick. once you have collected the key, the staff will inform you about the room and its location. coming to the rooms, we are very clean and tidy and well-managed. The only hard task is to find parking even though there is a parking lot just in front of the hotel, but yet it's hard to find a spot. The hotel is very friendly and quiet and the service is excellent. The price of the hotel for few days is reasonable. It's better to book the hotel online with appropriate rooms for required people.
I went there for a meal.
The interior was old and dilapidated never updated from the late 80s.
TBH it was quite dirty, the food service area had alot of tables that either hadn't been wiped down or previous patrons leftovers still uncleared.
Overall it is disappointing at least.
Food l only gave 1 star not authentic and served luke warm.
Guy Rien
Not really a hotel rather a bar with rooms on top..Historic old bar with big rooms that was renovated recently but not maintained. By that I mean newly tile bathroom but some tiles broken and holes in entry door. Shame as they are nicely decorated.
Honami Noda
My partner and I had lunch around 1pm on Monday 5th June, we've ordered our food in Vietnamese restaurant as soon as we entered the restaurant. Food was served within not even 3min we thought it was very strange as what we ordered were warm dish. (Partner had crispy chicken with tomato rice , I had beef pho) but we finished lunch and head home. Service was ok everything was self service but didn't bother us at all.
Anyways, few hours later my partner had really really bad stomachache he had to wake up at night keep going back to the bathroom throwing up. It's been 2days since he had lunch but still recovering from food poisoning .

It is SO unprofessional to serve food that was maybe on the bench for too long so they can serve their food "on time".
I mean, if you are professional you should know food safety.
I would NEVER going back to this restaurant ever again.
Katherine Ho
Went here to the bistro, food is great value. Pho is well balanced. The laksa is also a highlight although not the regular coconut based one.
I'm not surprised this place has poor reviews, just money hungry not really caring about customer service.

Arrived at the bar before happy hour, waited for them to finally serve me, they charged me full price. I advised I arrived before happy hour ended and that they just didn't have enough staff to serve me but they didn't care.
Tylah Nash
Was looking forward to our trip and stay as the photos looked decent on the website, but when we arrived the hotel had a pungent Oder of cigarettes. Once we checked into our room, it had an un-cleaned smell and the bathroom smelt like stale water. The shower floor had mold all over it, the disabled seat in the shower was hanging off the wall and the fan in the bathroom didn't work. The balcony had a smashed glass coffee table that wasn't cleaned up properly. The floor wasn't vacuumed properly- if at all. I would highly recommend staying somewhere else as it was definitely not worth the money we paid.
Anuj Kandel
Stayed for 3 nights in hotel. Room was nice but doesn't like the service. I request them to clean my room each day and everyday they say they will clean it but they didn't. There was no DND Cards as well. Better to seek another hotel if you are staying for few days.
Javed Alum
Oh dear, in my second visit, un edible food. No taste, smelly beef. The chicken wings smelt of ???? not sure what. Sweet and sour pork was so over cooked, the batter was really hard. Dentist time.
Overall, awful.
josh gilchrist
I find it to be one of the better places in the area because it's spacious. The number one selling point for me and possibly you is that there is a great bistro inside. Lots of menu options and super fast plate ups. I mean just the idea of having Pho' in a pub. It must be done.
Matt K
I came to the hotel at 11pm to find a cockroach about the size of my thumb crawling its way through my sheets. While the front desk was able to give me bug spray, they couldn't facilitate a change of rooms, clean the room, or even give me a dustpan to pick up the body. They legit just gave me a paper towel and a plastic glove and told me to pick it up myself!

I found an appallingly thick layer of dust, grime, and rubbish under the bed - along two very large cockroach bodies. This suggests that not only did the Meridian cleaners not clean under the beds before my stay, but they clearly haven't done it for at least 6 months, giving the cockroaches a perfect environment to live in.

I have numerous emails with them asking about the potential for a refund, and they haven't responded to a single one. My advice is to take your money to a place that actually cares about cleanliness and its guests concerns, because its obvious they just clean the visible areas and couldn't care less about what pests are breeding under the covers.
Mary Maddocks
I was pleasantly surprised that the rooms were so lovely and modern for an old pub. The room is on the small, but it was not a bother, as I only needed a bed for the night. The bathroom was fresh and new. The room was very quiet considering it was a pub. Very convenient to just pop downstairs for a very nice steak and a couple of wines. The food is typical of what you would find at a pub. My steak was very tender.
Paul Thompson
Stayed one night. A wet towel from the previous guest was in the bathroom and the bed unmade.
Parking was very limited in the street outside. No milk in the fridge for a coffee.
Went out for breakfast in the street the next day (Wed) and couldn't find any cafes open.
OK if you needed access to public transport as the station and bus terminal is nearby.
Don't recommend it
Milky Mint
Very affordable nice rooms. Checking in and out was an easy process. Our stay was over all pleasant but it definitely had a lot they could improve on. For starters, our room was never once cleaned after having a "please clean my room" sign on the door for multiple days in a row and there were MULTIPLE cockroaches found in our room. Because the accomodation is on top of a pub there is a lot of yelling and noise from drunk patrons late at night while you are trying to sleep my final complaint is the view from our room. They gave us a giant window view of their dumpster. Mountains of trash and used cigarettes. Disgusting. If you are a student or a backpacker looking for cheap accommodation then this place id for you but if you are looking for an actual experience i would definitely avoid this hotel.
When I was a little fetus child I came here and they had the best fish and chips with the most incredible sauce imaginable, its a shame that they changed it :( Portions are smaller too
A Grace Darcy
Booked in advanced, when I arrived from the airport at 9pm ready to check in and go to bed. The staff informed me the room had simply 'not be cleaned' and they didn't have a room available. I was forced to try and find another hotel at 9pm on a Saturday night and ended up paying double. I asked if they would at least cover my taxi to get to a new hotel as I had already paid for a taxi from the airport to come here, to which they agreed saying to email the receipt, but they have not answered any of my multiple emails. Terrible experience.
Jimmy Yau
The Vietnamese food is decent. Place needs a clean for sure, as it can get quite dirty. This is most likely the only place that opens till late in Hurstville.
Sarah Spring
We stayed upstairs last night , beautiful rooms just a few things still waiting to be renovated but didn't bother me at all
The service down stairs was amazing and the food was great as well
Will definitely be coming back
Sherona P
I moved away from the area 10yrs ago, but still try to get back to the Meridian bistro occasionally to have a meal, because no where else around serves the same chow mien - it's soooo good! Great quality and quantity for the price. I'm getting hungry just thinking about their chow mien..! 😍
Norris Baker
An underrated establishment in the Hurstville area.
Cheap beers, great food and a Gambling den.
If Hurstville had a visitors centre and you asked them where to go for dinner, They'd surely send you to the Meridian.
The price of the pho has gone up but the quality has declined from being average to below average. Only 3 pieces of beef and not much underneath. Only used to come for convenience as not much else around. Disappointed.
Jennifer Robinson
We stayed in a king bed room no. 103
Meridian has been newly renovated and our room was immaculate, compact but not lacking anything. Bed and linens super comfy however I'm glad I bought my own pillow as provided ones were a bit too high and firm for me. Bathroom literally spotless with fluffy towels and rain shower nozzle. The manager was so lovely and polite. I had surgery at Hurstville Private Hospital the next day and they allowed my husband to have late check out without a problem. Dinner downstairs was quick, reasonable and delicious. Would definitely recommend this hotel.
Christine Firmstone
Stayed a night while my husband was in a nearby hospital. The room was very nice a great size bathroom. The room I had was very quite and the staff in the pub very helpful. If I ever had to come back this would be my choice to stay
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