Millers ARMS Hotel, Soldiers Hill VIC

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Millers ARMS Hotel, Soldiers Hill VIC

The Millers Arms Hotel is a hotel located in Soldiers Hill, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 4.3 out of 57 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 4 to 5. It appears the reviews are fairly consistent, showing that everyone appears to be pretty happy with the Millers Arms Hotel!
A great old fashioned pub that hopefully will always be there.

The Millers Arms Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.
411 Howard St, Soldiers Hill VIC 3350

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Latest reviews for Millers ARMS Hotel, Soldiers Hill VIC

Cameron Haines
A great old fashioned pub that hopefully will always be there.
ian watters
Great pub bar staff very friendly great place to drink
Viv Parsons
Just had a 50th birthday celebration on a Saturday night. Great atmosphere, publican and staff were very obliging. We supplied a grazing table and live music and it was a fun night.
trevor hart
Great little pub. Nice cold beer. Not flashy just a comfortable place to have a beer with your mates give it a go
Donna Hart
Great little pub. Clean and a great barman
??? ,'J
Snug ol'e school pub with great meals & friendly staff. easy parking rite out front...
δϮυ :J
Snug ol'e school pub with great meals & friendly staff. easy parking rite out front...
Alice Christie
Daryl and Sue are the best. Good local pub atmosphere.
tanya lancaster
Great socialist place but no food or pokies.
Ole Nimeton
The place is a time capsule from several decades ago and that's part of the charm. Come here for a chat at the bar with the locals about the footy and anything else going on. Very old school country Victorian pub with great service.
gold hunter
Great friendly place
Good when the pubs open!
Cameron Haines
Great old fashioned pub. Extremely clean. Friendly atmosphere too.
Keith Bunney
Great pub awesome publicans,Daryl and Sue. Can't recommend this hotel,highly enough
Aaron Roberts
Atmosphere is awesome for darts, and catch up with new and old mates, I recommend going to Miller's
Ken Stewart
Quiet and peaceful, no rowdy ratbags, say hello to someone and you can have a conversation if you wish, otherwise just sit back and enjoy a beer or a drink of your choice. You won't be disappointed here if you need some relaxing time. Owners Darryl and Sue are friendly and socially conscious. Cheers Ken
Enjay Embee
It's a classic old school pub. Expect a small selection of beer and basic spirits. No food. I love it. Many won't.
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