Nicholson Hotel, Nicholson VIC

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Nicholson Hotel, Nicholson VIC

The Nicholson Hotel is a hotel located in Nicholson, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 246 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
My husband and I shared a room with another couple, it was great, we had a separate bedroom, the place was spotless, although we could have done with more coffee and we will happily stay again ?

The Nicholson Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
929 Princes Hwy, Nicholson VIC 3882

Latest reviews for Nicholson Hotel, Nicholson VIC

Rob Burton
Best Chinese food in the area! The Mongolian beef is perfect with just the right amount of spicy. Sauces are thick and flavourful with being overly salty like some. The Australian cuisine side of the menu has all the usual suspects, parma is as good as any I've had, good sized without being too big for my 12yr old lad with a bottomlessput for a stomach. Family stays there often, always happy with their rooms. Food, drinks and accommodation all reasonably priced.
Mark Bailey
Meals not overly great. Pricey for what you get. Service slow 15 minutes to get kids deserts.
The Gifted Giffords
I had dinner here last night. Didn't have my glasses on and so I played it safe and ordered the chicken parmigiana. Always a safe meal when you don't know a place. However it was $28 dollars compared to the little steak for 38. Chicken parmigiana is always a very safe order. My goodness. It was actually a crumbed fillet you can get from Coles and Woolworths. It had one slice of round ham prepacked to and the cheese was ok until my meal went cold then it was a plastic rubber you could flip around. I know because that's what I was doing with it. Very very disappointed. $28 at least prepare and stick in your fridge a chicken breast take the time to crumb it yourself. Doesn't take long really. And put some decent sauce. Mine had a very thin line of sauce they obviously use for the pizzas they might serve. Went to bed hungry last night. Now everyone knows in Australia wherever you go you go to sleep over bloated because you have over eaten if you have a chicken parmigiana from anywhere. Not here. The way they did it yesterday it should have been on the special board for $10 - 15 . Because there was no preparation of the chicken fillet or the crumbling of it let alone the ham and cheese topping. Everything on it was bulk purchased from somewhere. Tiny chicken fillet. Really really disappointed. Especially for $28 . Plate wasn't over loaded with fries either. I told the girl who came and got my plate. I was shaking the rubbery cheese. She laughed at me and said I'll tell the chef. And that was the last I saw of her. No complimentary drink or maybe garlic bread and definitely no can I get something else for you. The location is stunning the bar staff are very good. The chef needs to be put back in training. Especially if you can't do a good chicken parmigiana.
Jenni Whitehead
Went for dinner 2 x's. Food was great and plenty of it on both occasions.
Staff were excellent. Friendly and helpful.
I have absolutely no complaints
Terri Rask
Great meals. Not a huge menu but meals we ordered were nice.
Janne Smith
Great Aussie or Chinese Menu. Enjoyed very much.
Rose Simpson
My husband and I shared a room with another couple, it was great, we had a separate bedroom, the place was spotless, although we could have done with more coffee and we will happily stay again ?
Been 3 times and each time the meals have been poor!
Although the place hasn't been very busy each time we've had to wait an average of an hour for meals.
This time the rice and pork were barely warm. I'm not risking being ill from not properly heated food particularly rice, pork or chicken.
Such a shame as its a great venue and close to home.
Adrian Low
Surpringly good food. best steak I've had in years and mushroom sauce. Highly recommend
Nic Parisi
Don't order the chicken snitzel. Got a nearly burn piece with vegatables just boiled and no flavour. The main cuisine is Chinese food and no consideration for pub food. Chef has no idea of firing to golden colour.
The steaks are always good but the menu is old and stale. It hasn't seemed to change in years. Shame on you for having msg in all the Asian meals. I hadn't seen that for years until I ate at this hotel.
Hugh Spencer
We sailed up the river and had a counter meal here one evening and the food service and ambience is excellent. Very good range and meals to suit most budgets. Chinese through to classic Australian pub food. Overall much better than most alternatives in the region. And a great place to visit by boat and stay overnight! No driving!
Ingeborg Weber
Partner had lamb cutlets which were tiny but tasty had vegetables with it that were hardly cooked. I had Singapore noodles with prawn and pork the pork wasn't what I thought it would be. Wouldn't go there again, if you like views that is lovely from the deck overlooking the river
Matt Prosser
Great food for dinner and very friendly staff 🙂
Holly Williams
Was really looking forward to this based on reviews but unfortunately it was awful. The service and severe lack of communication between staff members made for a very difficult couple of hours. Spent over $400, and waited over 90 mins for food that we were told was coming in 60 mins (after enquiring). Allergens weren't taken seriously. Good for a drink but I wouldn't recommend for food unfortunately.
Roderick McKay
A very good menu, good service
B Tate
A lovely friendly service team. Many thanks for a good meal.
Guille ZH
Great place, cozy, has a lot of space. It also has outdoor tables, with a beautiful view of the river! the food is delicious and variety of beers. It has a fireplace and a pool table. the staff is kind and friendly fully recommended.
Shayla Odd
waiting so long for my meal been here for nearly two hours waiting for my meal
Martin Cox
Only went there for dinner. Had chinese. Best chinese I've had for a long time. Will definitely go there again. Go there, you won't be disappointed.
John Jennings
Great place to stay. Old rooms but priced accordingly and clean. Very good service. Great food.
Tammy Kestle
It was nice enough, I've have had better service and food but it wasn't bad. I would go again but I wouldn't rush back.
David McCourt
Lovely meals, generous servings and friendly staff
Ann Collier
Great beers on the balcony overlooking the river with friendly service and yummy meals?
one person on our table of 9 ordered 1 entree that only took 5mins to eat was realy quick to get to the table then we waited nearly 1 hour for our mains. the waitress said they put our order back because we had an entree was very poor wait time. I think the place needs renovating also why are Australians cooking mainly thai food?
New menu wouldn't go astray
Darren G (dazunlimited)
Service and food was great. Chefs were very helpful with vegan meal options (rich tonato gnocci/spring rolls/Mongolian stir fry etc) which were full of flavour and large portions! Will go again.
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