North Pier Hotel, Bar, Bistro & Accommodation, Cowes VIC

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North Pier Hotel, Bar, Bistro & Accommodation, Cowes VIC

The North Pier Hotel, Bar, Bistro & Accommodation is a hotel located in Cowes, Victoria. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.8 out of 2256 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
It was exactly what we needed it to be. The location was perfect, a very short walk to the beach and very close to the restaurants and shopping strips of Thompson Ave. The price was very affordable for our student-sized budget. And the staff were very friendly and helpful, and made sure we were safe. Definitely coming back next time I want to stay at Phillip Island.
5 The Esplanade, Cowes VIC 3922
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Latest reviews for North Pier Hotel, Bar, Bistro & Accommodation, Cowes VIC

Andrew Sheu
I stayed for one night. The rooms were nice and comfortable. However, the walls were paper thin so we could clearly hear people walking up/down the stairs outside, and other guests talking through the walls.
Also, the bathroom had black mould on the ceiling.
The TV in the room only had regular TV on it and you couldn't connect your phone or play any streaming apps from it.
My recent stay at North Pier Hotel left me more than just disappointed; it left me feeling outright cheated. For a hefty sum of $350 per night, one would expect at least the basic comforts that are standard in any reputable accommodation, especially in Australia. Yet, what they audaciously label as a "budget room" is, in reality, a masterclass in skimping on essentials.

The most glaring omission? Air conditioning. In a country where temperatures can soar, providing a room without proper air conditioning is not just an oversight; it feels like a deliberate act of neglect. The hotel's justification for this lack of basic amenity is nothing short of scandalous. They argue that for $350, what I received was to be expected since it's categorized as "budget." This is a baffling logic, considering the average expectations and standards for accommodation pricing in the area.

To add insult to injury, the hotel's idea of a solution was to provide a pitiful excuse for an air conditioning unit - a portable device that seemed more adept at reheating the room than cooling it down. This contraption, something one might reluctantly purchase from Kmart for $25, was their band-aid solution to a problem that should never exist at this price point.

When I approached the front desk seeking a resolution, their responses were as cold as the air conditioning was hot. The repetitive mantra of "well, it is a budget room" did nothing but add fuel to the fire of my frustration. This isn't just poor service; it's a deliberate misrepresentation. The fact that North Pier Hotel charges an exorbitant $550 for rooms with functioning air conditioning only highlights the absurdity of the situation. It's as if comfort and basic amenities are considered luxury features, accessible only to those willing to pay an even more outrageous premium.

This experience has left me not only disappointed but also deeply disillusioned with North Pier Hotel. What they call a "budget room" is, in my eyes, a cleverly disguised scam to extract money while providing the bare minimum. It's appalling, unacceptable, and certainly not what one would expect for $350 a night. I strongly advise potential visitors to look elsewhere for accommodation, where the definition of "budget" doesn't equate to skimping on essential comforts like air conditioning.
Thought we would try the food again at North Pier hotel Phillip Island again. Last experience was very poor. Tonight both ordered fish and chips. One of the meals was uncooked fish. Did ask the staff member to get the chief to take care and cook the meals. They just don't care. My advice if you do go there don't order food only good for drinks. Never again for us.
Johannes Thiedeman
Dinner on a Friday night couldn't have been better! The Parma, spicy prawns and cheeseburger were delicious and service was fast! We ordered drinks and while the bar tender was getting another bottle for me three staff asked if I was being served. I've never been to an establishment on a Friday night and had that level of service. The location is literally the best you could ask for. The pool tables were $3.25 per game which I personally feel is a bit much considering you're buying drinks while playing so there's money being made regardless but other than that it was a great experience. So great that we went back for lunch on a Saturday. Bucket of prawns (10) for $30... I thought that was a bit steep but the generous serving of sauce and 9/10 delicious prawns convinced me it was worth it. My partner ordered the cheeseburger again but this time we weren't as happy with it as the onions were overpowering and bitter. It was the only meal we didn't finish. Overall, staff was friendly and attentive, food was great and we will be returning to this establishment when we visit Phillip island again.
A Sette
Great location over looking the water. During our summer stay this was our go to as there were 2 giant jumping castles as well as theatre room for the kids upstairs. Mum and dad were able to enjoy a drink together during daylight hours without being hassled by the kids.
Isabella Szybkowski
room was a bit small starting off with the bathroom the toilet had no door and the shower was fairly gross and hadn't been cleaned. Pool workers that didn't work at the resort were trying to enter my room twice. So much noise and disturbance by the pool workers as well at a very early time in the morning. Heard banging from upstairs while trying to sleep and can hear when people have a shower upstairs . The mirror in the bathroom was so high up that you can't even use it. Overall the room was half clean and great area if ur looking to sit by the beach for the day since it is really close to the hotel. I wouldn't recommend coming here in the summer as they only have a heater that barely works and no aircon . Probably wouldn't choose to come here again .
Lauren Gray
Rooms were clean, comfy beds.
Check in ladies were friendly, funny and welcoming. service was excellent
Great location right on the beach front.
Lunch and dinner at the bistro -that place is fabulous, excellent service again, food was well priced and very good. Great atmosphere , plenty of security onsite. Overall fantastic stay and will be back again.
Chelsey K
Restaurant - The food wasn't the best we've all had. Be prepared to go up & collect your food once it is ready.

Hotel - We stayed in a 2 bedroom Bayview room. The photos were very different to the actual room, the room definitely needed some renovations, however it was fine for one night. Hotel is right across from the beach and close to the Main Street. There's also quite a few sets of stairs, they're also quite dangerous when they're wet.
The beds were very comfy.
The staff were helpful when we saw that their website was cheaper than the website we used to book.
Unfortunate that the smoking area is right near some of the rooms - loud drunk people also gravitated to this area.
Lena Torke
Great location, but that's already it. There were loud, drunk people at night and no security on side. Couldn't sleep between midnight and 3am. Was told I could've called police. Well... I guess that's correct, but I don't see responsibility for other guests behavior with me. Rooms were old. Somewhat clean, but not as nice as they look on the photos. Didn't feel save at all and couldn't wait to leave this place.
Russell Wicking
The ambience and facilities are excellent with a real holiday feel.
It's a great place to take the family and enjoy the great food.
Cost is mid range
We did not stay, so I can not comment on accomodation.
Teagan Brien
Room had very dirty floors (not vacuumed), toilet had a stale pee smell, pee on toilet seat when arrived, rubbish in the bins on arrival, cups and wine glasses very dusty, tiles cracked in bathroom, light switch broken. Customer service was very welcoming and friendly but the room cleanliness let them down. Location was great. Right on the water. Easy booking process.
Anthony Tompkins
The reception people were great and the bed was comfortable.
There was an awful smoke smell in the room and they couldn't change cause booked out, they did give us some scent to mask it a little but was overwhelming.
The rooms are very noisy whether it's drunk people getting home or the traffic.
Room was spacious shower had good pressure.
Perfect location near to the bustling cafe area and walking distance to the pier.
Rooms are good sized with clean linens and comfortable beds. There's a mini fridge with a small packet of fresh milk, kettle, cups, plates and few utensils with tea/coffee but no microwave.
Free Parking spaces available in and around the property.
Peter Huynh
What a disappointing family budget room! Cleanliness of the room was an issue for us - clumps of dust under the bathroom sink, cobwebs hanging down from the ceiling, a couple of teabags were already ripped open, cups and plates dirty. Our two young children couldn't sleep all night due to the constant noise of loud, inconsiderate drunk people until the early hours of the morning. When we asked reception for a room change, we were immediately refused with the response being that they were 'fully booked' even though we saw that there were other rooms available on the website. We couldn't wait to leave on the day of checkout. We love Phillip island but definitely not returning to North pier hotel again!
Rooms were different in photos compared to in person due to in person there was no microwave not even water bottles when we requested for a room with basic daily needs we were told to pay an extra $70 things such as a microwaves , water bottles and such a simple thing as just tissues were not provided and you have to pay $70 to have these things. There was not even a intercom to ask for help you had to walk in the cold all the way to the reception and we were told if you need anything come to the reception and when we went at only around 5 o'clock it was closed and shut with no one inside. A receptionist named Monique had bad hospitality skills and was very non cooperative. Our car was hit in the middle of the night in the hotel parking lot and when we asked to see some camera footage the completely refused. Think twice before coming here to stay here.
Simone Schaefer
We stayed here for one night in room 103. When we arrived the lady at reception was friendly and welcoming. We travel a fair bit and usually choose places in this price range. Honestly the north pier hotel has been fabulous for the price it sits in. The room was spacious, clean and welcoming. The bed was honestly by far the most comfortable bed we have slept in and everything was spotlessly clean. I even looked at the mattress brand so I can upgrade ours at home to this it was that comfortable. Restaurant in the facility was not only super handy but also really good value for money with good size delicious meals.
We will definitely stay again when in Philip island.
Well done to North pier hotel.
Enjoyable stay.
Daniel edwards
Great for Easter Saturday dinner. Bit of a wait for a table as there was no bookings but got there in the end. Great play area upstairs for the kids to keep them busy. Porterhouse was the best pub steak iv had in some time. Tap beer selection bit underwhelming but you have to consider the location
Sarah jane Morrison
We had a great stay at North Pier Hotel.
We had originally made the booking in September but due to our car breaking down we weren't able to make our reservation. Reception were more then happy to give us a credit. We were finally able to make it down to Phillip island this weekend. We had and amazing view on the bottom floor with a huge spa bath, our daughters absolutely loved it. After a big day of exploring our girls were very thankful to have the pub literally on our door step. Meals were great and the play room is impressive.
Rooms are dated but very clean.
We would not hesitate staying at the North Pier again.
C Barrett
We ate at an evening meal (on a public holiday) at the venue, which was well 'packed out' both inside and out. They were short staffed but still managed to get the meals out in good time. The meals were tasty and of a fair portion size. Live music plays and there is an extensive bar (order and pay at the bar); security is onsite at the access points. Restrooms located inside the building for patron use. Dogs permitted in the outside area.
Kyra Hatzikosmidis
It was exactly what we needed it to be. The location was perfect, a very short walk to the beach and very close to the restaurants and shopping strips of Thompson Ave. The price was very affordable for our student-sized budget. And the staff were very friendly and helpful, and made sure we were safe. Definitely coming back next time I want to stay at Phillip Island.
The North Pier Hotel is an excellent location on the esplanade of Cowes for exploring Phillip Island. Just a stone's throw across from the main street with access to shops, supermarkets, and lovely cafes. The hotel is located just a short walk from the beach and ferry terminal. The location is simply amazing with a great ocean view, and is handy for the penguin parade. It was my first visit to Philip island, and we stayed for 2 nights. Good value for money. We stayed in the Ocean View Guest suite with a balcony to sit out and see the ocean. The room was spacious, clean, and tidy, and the bed was very comfortable. The staff was very friendly, and welcoming. It was an excellent experience, love staying at the North Pier hotel.
Shell Belle
Enjoyed the stay. Great location as it's close to everything. A good room for a couple and two kids. The bay view room was lovely. Pub also had a fantastic vibe and outdoor seating perfect for sunny days. Self service; Order meals to collect when your buzzer goes off and go to the bar to get drinks. It would be too busy for table service.
Kate Quigley
I had a great stay at North Pier Hotel earlier this week, the property is in a great location on the esplanade and the views from my room were stunning. My room was large, clean and the bed really comfortable with a pillow top mattress and comfortable pillows (which can be rare to find in hotels). The staff were lovely and really welcoming too. I read a few negative reviews prior to staying which had me a little nervous, but I had a great stay. I highly recommend paying that little bit extra to book a Bay View room, they all look to have either a balcony or courtyard and are a very generous size.
R Kaur
Good place for holiday, just lack of customer service, such as I dint know that we spent so much on food in the hotel restaurant but we need to go and collect our food from the counter,even small busy bar do not do that. Moving on the hotel has jumping castle upstairs which was fun for kids but we have been here twice there is a cinema room I guess that never been operated no any sign of any movies and I think it's just for show/display. We love our bay view room,that was the Good highlights about this hotel, rooms are very clean,beds are good. Just can't seem to find rubbish bins outside of rooms or around the block so hard to look for one. Which to see more friendly smiling face at the main hotel reception if possible. But all around the hotel is very clean. We love our stay here will come again soon.
Michael Gallus
Cannot thank the team at the North Pier Hotel enough for their outstanding food, quick and friendly service and great value for money. Congratulations to the chef and the wait staff for their scrumptious food and very friendly service. Times are tough in hospitality at the minute and we all should be so grateful to have our freedoms back and have this opportunity to go out for dinner and stay in a hotel. Some people need to focus on the positives. Glass half full peeps Glass half full! Cheers to all at the North Pier Hotel and thanks for working so hard so we can relax in freedom again! Many thanks to the very cheery and happy young ladies who welcomed us at reception too! Room was very clean and comfortable. Fantastic location easy walking distance to everything. Front beach magnificent. Lots of natural bird life and very friendly locals. What a great break away from Melbourne. Appreciate everyone having us!
EA IT Expo
We got one of the best view as we were given a room in front of the bay. There were couple of downsides though. First is the room service - we were told that there will be a housekeeping by 2pm but they only replaced our toiletries and did not clean the room. They did not even bother to make our bed which was disappointing. Second - staff were cold as autumn. You can't feel their warmth or hospitality. To be fair, it's not only them that we've experienced this kind of cold treatment but other establishments around the area as well. It could be the aftermath of the long restriction. Anyhow, I might think twice before coming back again to this establishment or Philip Island as a whole. I had better days in this place and I hope it will return.
Natalie Edwards
A really good place to take the kids for dinner! Beautiful view. Lovely decor. There was a long queue to get in as it was Easter Sat night and a market outside, but the queue moved quickly. Food came quickly and all five dishes ordered were excellent and large. We only spent $82 as a family of five which is really good value for us. The bonus we weren't expecting was the upstairs kids area. There is a cinema, two inflatables and air hockey and fooze ball. The staff are all lovely and our night exceeded all expectations!
Matthew Macisaac
Visited with the family over the weekend, had 18 people and was able to find adequate seating in a reasonable amount of time. The service was quick and the food was delicious, hot and fresh. Love music set the atmosphere really well even though the weather wasn't that great there was still ample room to move without being too busy. Definitely will be stopping by next time we're down in Cowes.

I wish I took a snap of my pizza, "The Boss" was so yum!

Thanks guys!
Jacqui lindholm
Absolutely an amazing stay! The room was super clean and really pretty. The staff where beyond lovely and where very helpful. We got the beach view suite and wow! Waking up and seeing the amazing view of the ocean was beyond gorgeous. The restaurant attached has wonderful staff and great food! We went upstairs to look at the play area and MAN its huge and looks so much fun! We will definitely being our children down next time.
They followed all Covid-19 rules and made us feel safe.
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