The Occidental Hotel, Sydney NSW

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The Occidental Hotel, Sydney NSW

The Occidental Hotel is a hotel located in Sydney, New South Wales. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4 out of 1214 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
The Occidental Hotel is in Sydney so why not stop by when you are there next.
The one & only Occ. Cannot recommend more highly for a night out w mates. Great ambience.
43 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:30 AM - 01:00 AM
Friday: 10:30 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM - 01:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:30 AM - 01:00 AM
Friday: 10:30 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM - 01:00 AM

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Latest reviews for The Occidental Hotel, Sydney NSW

Mark Cockroft
Dated, basic...could even call it retro. But just old+fashioned. A boozer bar. Opposite of glitzy. And thank goodness places like this still exist to unwind, chill, be yourself
Patrick D
Sooo happy with our experience at the Occidental. We had a function there on a Saturday night, the food was excellent, the staff were awesome, the space was perfect. Booked a room for the night and that was also great, so affordable and clean. The staff had my keys ready at 7pm soon as we arrived for the function. I forgot to return the keys and they were very relaxed when I returned them. Staff were excellent helping me book the function also.
Highly recommend the Occidental for a party/function, for a place to stay, or even a quick drink or meal right across the road from Wynyard. Thank you Occidental.
Cheers Pat Daley
Andrew Fletcher
Our room had an odd sound coming from the walls, perhaps a pipe or pump or something. We went downstairs and asked about it, they said they'd look into it but never did. Other than that the room was fine, average. Good location. Nothing too notable.
Michel Bivrot
Our stay at Occidental Hotel Wynyard was enjoyable. The shared spaces were clean, although room cleaning only happened once a week during our 14-day stay. It's worth noting that there is no reception. We did experience noise on two nights from a neighboring couple, and the room insulation wasn't ideal. Despite this, our overall experience was good. The convenience and comfort outweighed the minor inconveniences, earning it a solid 4/5.
Cuan Stephens
Look. You get what you get, at a price. But I wish I checked the reviews.

I am from a regional area, so the city noise and light was just too much for me.

The rooms are above bars and function rooms - so I only stopped hearing people at about 12/12:30am.

I'm not sure if it is the same during the weekend, but the dump trucks started at 03:00. The windows might as well not be there, no sound insulation. The offices across the road leave there lights on, so even with the blinds down, the room was lit the whole night.

Location is hard to rate because it is close to the public access routes and the city. So if that's what you're after - it's a win. But if you want to sleep... maybe consider spending a bit more.

Food was well priced and delicious though.
Brendan Irwin
Perfect location if in Sydney. Great atmosphere if outside at ground level. Upstairs open rooftop pretty cool. Nice place to catch-up with griends.
Sarah Peters
It's old world, so if you like the charm of wood paneling and hidden nooks and crannies, this is your place. My friend is staying there and it's super affordable, with their room having a shared bathroom. Well located to Wynyard station. Above a pub, so... that may not be everyone vibe. There's no lavish (or any) hotel foyer.
Lachlan Kierns
The best spot for happy hour beers in the city. Stand on the footpath, drink your pint, listen to the beats provided by the brickies apprentice next to you who has brought his own ueboom.
Harrison Triantafyllou
Very convenient location next to Wynyard station. Has recently undergone a renovation to the bar area which looks good. There are also seats and tables outside if you prefer but it can be loud with the traffic. Came on a Tuesday afternoon and it was packed. Fills up with a lot of Office workers each day from 5 and clears out around 7. Not sure if it's a constant thing but they had $6 pints (4:30 to 6:30) which is quite good in comparison to other places.
Sarah Philo
Clean and comfortable hotel, my room had a sink inside which was nice. Shared bathrooms were cleaned daily and I never had to wait for a shower. Was a bit loud in the early evening with the after work bar crowd downstairs but it quieted up by about 10pm on the weeknights. Checking in was a bit rough because I had to flag down a bartender but they were very helpful and friendly! Let me keep my luggage there all day after I checked out and before I went to the airport. Great location for the price. Minutes from a metro station.
Sam Higgins
Hit the Occidental on a busy Tuesday for Happy Hour Pre-VIVID. Staff were super fast and organised despite the high volume of punters. Would hit this pub again for a cheeky beer in the area.
Joel Harty
This place is the gift that keeps on giving! Having been a semi regular punter/patron for ten years, having access to $6 pints in 2023 is a windfall. And, this is on all beers between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Decor decent post renovation. Highly recommended!
Craig Henderson
The staff were friendly and helpful on arrival. The hotel did shut its doors early (6:30 pm on recall), with no meal options. We could still enter by key. The location was excellent. The room space was ok. A little noisy (to be expected in a central city location). The lighting was dim. The lack of hot water was the major disappointment, even though we ran the tap for at least 30 mins, so we had cool showers.
Monique Wildewood
Sorry for a long review here!

Fairly decent for budget accommodation above a pub - close to Wynyard Station, opposite a park, friendly staff at check-in, clean room with comfy bed and surprisingly big wardrobe, and clean shared bathroom and showers. The showers had good water pressure and they were in separate lockable rooms, quite spacious so there's room to put your clothes and not have them get wet. I didn't hear as much noise as I was expecting from the street and pub (but I did have window closed and fan on, and it was a Thursday).

Cons were no air con, and only a box fan, though truthfully it wasn't too bad despite being about 35 deg out. Unfortunately my box fan gave up the ghost during the night, though I did find a smaller fan in a cupboard, and then it did get uncomfortably warm. No Wifi. Also the window at the top of the door and the wooden blinds let in a lot of light at night. No power-points by the bedside. Shampoo & conditioner not provided. No washbasin in the shared bathrooms (only in the showers, which might be in use and locked, or back in the room, which means touching your keys and room door before you can wash your hands after toileting).

It was old-style, and I don't mind that. It had its own charm. However, there were two locked adjoining doors on both sides of the room, as well as the room door, which were all old and wooden and I discovered at night-time that there were cracks in the wood from which you could see a tiny sliver of the hallway or rooms next door if you were close. That was a bit disconcerting.

All that said - it IS budget accommodation above a pub, it IS close to a train station, and it IS Sydney, so if you are just looking for a place to put your head for a night rather than a luxury stay, you're better off here than forking out a fortune.
Traders Bar: Drinks are good price. Dirty tables, 95% of the time, we have to clean our own tables. Staff are nice but most of them pretend to not care about the dirty tables. Most cocktails are par taste.
Such a good place to stay for holiday if you don't want to break the bank for accommodation. Working TV, comfy and clean bed, working fridge, sink, free instant coffee and milk, working fan, beautiful view of the city. The bathrooms were shared with other guests; but this is fine considering the cheap price. The location was amazing. The hallways smelt very strongly of eucalyptus which was odd at first but soon became a welcoming smell. Every day they gave us a new towel and emptied the bins. There was a big wardrobe to unpack clothes. I look forward to staying in the Occy again :)
Nick Cowdery
Very swish update to an old classic. It was a bit of a shock to find the back bar in a different place but seemed like the old crowd still turning up !! I love an old style boozer but then I'm old !!
Still a friendly pub and usually very busy. I'll still be going for a bus beer once in a while ?
A. Faustmann
Stayed one night. It is a pub and offers rooms, that clearly sets the expectation. Hence, I was not expecting much. The room was quite big, queen or double bed for one person. Unfortuantely a little smelly which probably came from the old carpet. As the sheet had come off I was able to take a look at the mattress and it looked like new!! Also slept really well on it. Perfect firmness. So that was definitely a plus. Shared bathrooms and showers were all clean. The place could do with an update. The carpet for sure ;)
As there are bars around - a certain level of noise is to be expected. Friendly team, especially security was super helpful. Overall things were ok and as expected.
Nice pub atmosphere until another patron wanted to pick a fight. Making it an unsafe feeling. That person was out looking to pick a fight and should have been weeded out by effective and active security.
Cameron Wilbraham
Stayed during the 1st half of October and would recommend this place to anyone! The room is of a good size, comfortable bed, facilities to have make yourself a coffee. The communal showers and toilets are always clean and each and every one of the staff are friendly and willing to help!
Martin Lander
Historic Sydney Hotel. Comfortable and quiet room. Bathroom is shared with other guests on the floor but not a problem for us as we didn't encounter any. Great value for money right in the centre of Sydney.
Heather Mae-rose
Just spent two nights here, great price, great location and decent rooms. Happy to come back here and recommend to others. One thing though the overhead lighting isn't the greatest it's kinda dim and blue.
So there I was surrounded by ex league players. Great blokes.

Paid my way. No trouble every time Ii got beer.

Went for steak. Asked mate for Red. He got one, I didn't.

No reason. Wobbly? No.
Wendy Colins
Location was great, everything was within easy access. Beds were comfortable & that's as far as the positives go for this place. Its old in age & keeping the characteristics is great, but it's time some money was spent on the fixtures & fitting of the accommodation. Rooms are small & that's okay considering the age of the building. Couldn't tell you what the views were like as the windows were that thick in dirt you couldn't see out, windows shutters were broken & didn't open up properly to get what light the filthy windows could let in. Light fixtures missing light globes, tv was as big as my laptop & couldn't always get it to work. One pillow per bed & were paper thin, couldn't get any more as no spare pillows anywhere to be found & hotel staff couldn't find any extras either, rooms not facilitated each day so no clean towels or crockery. Only supplied coffee sachets for first day of arrival, don't be a tea drinker because they don't supply any tea bags only coffee. You'll be one of the lucky ones if you ask for the use of hairdryer or iron as staff said "we know we have one, but don't know where it is". Be aware it communal showers & toilets. Also before making a booking (if you're game enough to take the chance on this place) ask if a function has been booked because they don't make mention on the website that you'll be kept up until the function music stops punching out its beats until 1am, so no sleeping until then. Lastly most of the staff we dealt with really unfriendly & came across as everything was an effort when asking for anything.
Won't be returning or recommending
Richard de Zwart
Great range of beers on tap, including some good craft ones. Happy hour of $6 pints (again including craft beers) makes this a great place for Friday drinks!
Ben Burke
Perfect location.. old school charm. Good Tucker. Coopers on tap. What else do you all for?
Hunter Wardman
The one & only Occ. Cannot recommend more highly for a night out w mates. Great ambience.
Norris Baker
For what its worth, this is an authentic experience for a pub, the heritage runs through the walls.
(It may or may not also double as a brothel).
Great prices, great atmosphere and the best happy hours in the city.
4/5 would recommend.
April Power
Old school classic Aussie pub. Dark wood furniture and pretty blokey down stairs, but multiple levels and function areas.
Not pretentious, I quite liked it! But don't order anything too complicated :)
Richard Wakeling
Over 40 years of the beautiful same thing. Love things that have a sameness that is reliable. Yes that is the Occidental, no accident.
Chris Boxsell
Food upstairs is great. Downstairs you get hammered by smokers right out the front door with their smoke being sucked inside the pub. I was sick for a week because of it.
Place would be great otherwise
Geoff Gallagher
Simply awesome on all fronts. Great food, great beer.
Dan Raja
Good food and the general vibe from staff in this place is excellent.
David Pearson
Crusty old pub with limited beer selection. Great value happy hour. Good atmosphere.
James Windsor
Sydney icon that has friendly staff and a good selection of cold beer on tap. Always busy on Friday afternoon - great spot to wind down after a week in the office. Decent pub food.
Ken Jiang
Cheap beer, good selection of food, what else...Good hang around place after work.Only thing is the interior is a bit old, 5 star if it had a renovation!
Andrew Marcroft
Great city pub. Perfect place for a low key business catch up. Excellent value. Old world Sydney city charm.
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