PARKROYAL Parramatta, Parramatta NSW

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PARKROYAL Parramatta, Parramatta NSW

The Parkroyal Parramatta is a hotel located in Parramatta, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 1778 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
PARKROYAL Parramatta is only 19km from Sydney CBD so why not stop by when you are next in the area.
Great service here whenever we needed anything. There is a parking garage and plenty of shops nearby. It was about a 15-minute walk to the bus station, which has a mall inside underground. Very pleasant to work around Parramatta from this hotel. Clean, spacious rooms. Nice bathroom. Great views.
30 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150
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This venue is currently open

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Latest reviews for PARKROYAL Parramatta, Parramatta NSW

JJ Bullbull
Locations not bad. Breakfast buffet with juice machine was a nice touch. Then it's just downhills from there.

We got two rooms over Easter. The second room smelt terrible and all they offered was to turn the aircon up. Basically said that previous guests may have created a bad smell they couldn't get rid of.

Then the bottom door seal came off that same room the following morning. We called reception straight away and they said they'd come and collect it. There are two huge screws sticking out. When we got back at night it was still there. So this loose metal flap with two (roughly8cm long) screws was just in the corridor waiting for an accident to happen. I ended up running it down myself as my 5 year old was in that room and would need to step over it on the way in and out.
deb longhurst
A superior king room was booked, and upon arrival, I asked it to be changed to a twin room as I unexpectedly had my sister with me. This cost an extra $30. Reception staff were friendly, efficient, and helpful, which made booking in & out a breeze.
Rooms were a good size, very clean and neat.
Had all the usual necessities, including a kettle, with milk/tea/coffee, etc. Having my name come up when the tv was turned on was a nice touch.
The beds and linen were very comfortable.
The location was great as we caught the train and the station was a 7 minute walk and Westfield Shopping Centre is next door! All flat area which was fabulous. Lots of eateries surrounding the hotel, all in walking distance and as the river is nearby, there are walking tracks alongside of it. This whole area was very nice at night, and I felt safe as lots of people around, including families, runners, and cyclists
The only negative I have regarding this hotel is the fact there was no top sheet, and as the temperature was still hot, the doona was way too hot to sleep with. Yes, I know what people will say.. just don't put it over you, but I'm old school who loves a top sheet.
Would highly recommend this Hotel and will return.
Lisa Russell
Such a great hotel. Everything was so easy - the location, the parking, and finding everything. Close to everything like shops and food places. Also great if you're going to the stadium for the footy. An easy walk. Highly recommended the Park Royal!
Sheena T Abraham
Great service here whenever we needed anything. There is a parking garage and plenty of shops nearby. It was about a 15-minute walk to the bus station, which has a mall inside underground. Very pleasant to work around Parramatta from this hotel. Clean, spacious rooms. Nice bathroom. Great views.
Kimrg666 Kim Rose
I enjoyed my stay at this hotel. The rooms are absolutely perfect, the bed incredibly comfortable. Staff and service fantastic. The kitchen went to a lot of effort to accomodate my food intolerance.

There were a few technical issues when trying to order room service and contact the front desk, but staff were quick to fix it. I was also charged twice because it wasn't obvious on the booking that I had already paid and they charged my card again without checking. Staff were very helpful to sort this out.

Not much entertainment. No streaming services or cable, so no movies to watch. Room service was delivered promptly, food was good but not great.

Overall I liked my stay here, I could have slept in that bed for days! If you're looking for a nice spot close to all the fun, this hotel is a great place to stay.
S Chitta
I have stayed here in three different rooms on levels 3,4, and 11.
I believe levels 3 and 4 have been renovated sometime recently and looked decent for the price charged per night. Road noise in these levels is at unacceptable levels during nights.
Level 11 views were great, but the room was shabby.
Staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to offer the extra steps to answer customer queries. Staff have always kept the rooms nice and tidy during their routine.
Overall, the experience could have been better.
The lobby needs refurbishment badly. The staff were helpful and the rooms were clean. I left my charger in the room and returned the next day to find it was stolen. Expensive hotel and not much value for money ey especially paying $35 for parking for one car as a resident.
Portia Capri
Unfortunately the worse hotel I've ever stayed at, $450 for one night & had to swap rooms in the first 2 hours due to anaphylaxis attack from lack of ventilation and built up mould/dust in room 215. The staff were helpful and moved our room to 213 with a window but unfortunately it still effected my health and needed an ambulance. $60 for breakfast that was rock solid, couldn't stomach it. wouldn't risk your health staying here. Apart from that staff are accommodating but clearly not understanding as I was just another person & all they can do is say sorry and still take my money photos are very deceiving does not feel comforting at all
Belinda Zammit
Rooms are definitely not 'polished' as per the description. Rather, they are dated with peeling paint, cracks and water damage (possibly mould) in the ceiling. Very noisy AC even if you don't have it on in your room. My room also stares straight into the gym, with anyone in the gym able to stare back into my room meaning I have to keep the curtain closed and use lights instead of getting natural light if I want privacy. Service has been mostly friendly but I'm here on a corporate booking and they refused to upgrade my room due to the level of room chosen in my booking, however, they gladly downgraded my room without warning because I requested to be on the same level as colleagues (who have far better rooms/inclusions), without modifying the rate charged to reflect the lower rate and refusing to include any alternate compensation or inclusions.
This hotel is definitely not worthy of a corporate stay unless you are in the new part of the hotel and the non-corporate rates charged are overpriced when you have the Meriton for a similar rate next door.
Best thing about the hotel is the convenient location for working and dining in Parramatta.
Edited to add: Regardless of management comment, the superior and deluxe rooms are not comfortable to stay - bathroom is small and almost need to be a gymnast to navigate the bathroom layout and rooms are dated and old. Carpet felt sticky when I walked barefoot, TV unit was dusty. No opening window or fresh air available. Would not return here if I could avoid it considering the other options in Parramatta. However, yes, staff were generally friendly and tried to be helpful but that doesn't change the other issues with the rooms. Thank you.
Connor McNaught
Very nice hotel with extremely nice rooms, the morning buffet breakfast is also a must have! They do keep a $200 deposit on top of the money you pay for the room.. they claim it as incidentals but the money doesn't come back to you for almost a week!
Scott H
Great location in the heart of Parramatta, easy to get to and plenty of parking that is easy to navigate. Rooms are basic but clean and functional. No mini bar in the rooms though so bring snacks if you want them. Be prepared for one of the slowest check in procedures you've ever experienced in a hotel though!!!
Hit or miss.. stay there quite a bit - they have newer rooms and older rooms.. be sure to make sure to ask for a newer room when booking as the older ones are quite dates.. some of the old ones have those small bath tubs and shower in one - shower head super low and small tub feels like a slipping hazard. Other than that good location and amenities
Shoaib Hassan
I recently stayed at ParkRoyal hotel and would like to share my experience. Overall, the hotel and room were nice and clean, creating a pleasant environment during my stay. However, I found the bathroom to be lacking in spaciousness, which could be improved for future guests' comfort.

On the positive side, the room was well-equipped with all the necessary amenities, ensuring a convenient and comfortable stay. The reception staff at ParkRoyal were professional and polite, providing a welcoming atmosphere and excellent service throughout my visit.

Unfortunately, I did encounter an issue with one specific staff member at the breakfast buffet. The lady staff working there seemed to lack basic knowledge about customer service and was not particularly pleasant in her interactions. This was disappointing and did not meet the standard of service I expected from the hotel.

One suggestion I have for the hotel is to consider installing water taps for guests, preferably near common areas or within easy access. Currently, guests have to rely on staff at the bar to fill their bottles repeatedly, which can be inconvenient. Having a dedicated water tap would provide a simple and convenient solution to this issue.

I must mention that before my stay at ParkRoyal, I had a delightful experience at Holiday Inn Macquarie Park, where I spent two nights. The rooms and bathrooms there were spacious and clean, exceeding my expectations. Additionally, they had a water tap available near the reception area, providing both hot and cold water. This was a thoughtful amenity that enhanced the convenience and comfort of my stay.

In conclusion, while ParkRoyal offered a nice and clean hotel with professional and polite reception staff, there were areas for improvement, such as bathroom spaciousness and the customer service experience at the breakfast buffet. Installing water taps for guest use would also be a valuable addition. Considering my previous positive experience at Holiday Inn Macquarie Park, I believe these suggestions can help enhance the overall guest experience at ParkRoyal.
Louisa Squires
The room was adequate but no more than that. It smelled musty. The shower was impossible to turn on without getting either burnt or soaked in cold water. No menu provided for room service, we had to google the menu to order. The breakfast buffet was terrible. Whilst I understand that the main dining room is being renovated, that doesn't excuse the poor standards in the temporary dining room. On arrival at 8am, half of the tables were vacant but covered in dirty dishes and/or spilt food and drink. There was no clean cutlery available, we had to go looking for some and ended up taking some from another vacant table. In the 45 minutes that we were there, no attempt was made to clean the tables. The food was of substandard quality, bacon overcooked and tasted like it had been reheated several days running.
Jessica Hussein
Whilst I appreciate that this hotel is undergoing a renovation, even the renovated rooms are not presented to a high standard as I expected. The bed was large and the bedding was fresh and clean. The bathroom is modern and was also clean, but the room was very basically furnished, it was a little dusty and there were liquid marks and on the walls that could have easily been cleaned off. After searching, I discovered there was no mini-bar in the room, I had to leave the room and go down to a vending machine in reception. The breakfast was advertised as finishing at 10.00 am, however when I arrived they told me it would finish at 9.30 am. The food options had been depleted, there was not much on offer, and the quality of what food was left was not great. The buffet was quite dirty with many spills and messes around the serving dishes and juice bay. The staff very very friendly and there were many of them, the presentation could be improved dramatically. The food options needed to be presented in a way to keep them fresher, replenished and more tidy. I left a spare pouch of jewelry in the room, this was not located by housekeeping.
Eve Phyu
Overall: I don't mind staying again.

Pro: Good place for work visit or a long day out adventuring. Got every basics necessities. Quiet, Clean room, comfortable bedding. Good location with variety of restaurants nearby. Close to train station. Helpful staff.

Con: Room facilities feels old for a 4 star. Do not expect much on river view as there is a construction nearby.
Great hotel, rooms were clean. Buffet Breakfast service was great, great choices of hot and cold food. Definitely staying here again. You can even walk around and grab a bite with the amount restaurants choices around you.
Savitree Narula
Initially the room was not tidy and carpets was having foul smell, we dint expect as we paid a-lot for the room, we almost about to cancel and leave but only because of manager Harsh we did stayed and he gave us required remedy straight away and he really understood our situation and was very helpful in dealing. Harsh is very nice & humble, he has very good people skill.
Zey N
We enjoyed our stay at Park Royal. The room and amenities were clean and bedding was very comfortable. Location is great too, lots of restaurants nearby so you don't really need to travel far to find good food/entertainment. Staff were very friendly and attentive. Thank You!
Craig Fitzgerald
I enjoyed my work stay here. The Rooms were very clean fresh and was appointed for both Business and Personal use. The Conference and Meeting rooms were clean and open and were capable of expanding to a larger area if required.
Bar area with a street patio for evening get togethers and little breakout areas outside of each of the Meeting and Conference Rooms were convenient.
Breakfast on Level 1 unfortunately wasn't such a views and seemingly tucked into a corner and felt a little claustrophobic. The food was good with a reasonable selection...not the best I have had for this level of Hospitality but I guess the lack of space plays a part in this. Staff were great, very friendly and helpful. My summary and opinion is all in all I would be quite happy to recommend this to other Businesses wanting to accommodate up to a maximum of 30- 40 for a Conference. I think anymore they would struggle along with catering for other Patrons at the same time.
Marie C
My husband and I regularly travel with my sister and her husband. We have stayed at so many hotels and every single time without fail, we book very far in advance and we specifically request and get rooms next door to each other or at least on the same floor. Every single hotel for all these years have been able to accommodate this. We get to park royal and without being informed prior to arrival, are told at the desk that we are on floors 2 and 7. I understand that it is subject to availability but we have never had an issue at any other hotel and would have appreciated being informed in advance because we would've stayed elsewhere. This is our last time staying at a hotel together for a while because I'm about to have my first baby and, it was ruined because we were on totally separate floors that we couldn't access without the key card for that floor. Also, the curtains in my room were broken. Would not recommend this hotel.
Peter Ralevski
I am a regular but on my last visit, I stayed in room 220 and it was filthy. The dust on the TV cabinet was just appalling. The tables were sticky and I had to Glen 20 the room to bring back a nice smell. Room service is ok but the location is great. Short stroll you have great places to eat.
Ali Mosavi
My family and I had a very bad experience with the staff who work at the reception. We wanted to check in and they were very rude to us. I had two kids crying and tired of the long trip and when I asked questions they replied to me in a rude manner. They spoke to us this way because we are Muslim. We spoke to Grace and Michael. I told them to refund me the money because I no longer felt comfortable staying here and they told me
that they will not refund me one dollar from the 1200 I payed. I was forced to accept the manner they treated my family and I in and stay in this hotel only to not lose my money. I am disappointed of the way the hotel employees treat their customers.
A nice, comfortable room with a decent shower with good water pressure. Staff were lovely. I wouldn't recommend the restaurant or room service, the food was cold on arrival and the pancakes were burnt. It wouldn't stop me staying again but I wouldn't use this service. It's right next to Eat Street which is convenient.
Marni ison
Make sure when you book you are staying in the newer part of the Motel not the old rooms as they are terrible and definitely not worth the money. They need an update desperately. I did go downstairs to the front desk and got moved to another room in the newer building for extra though which was disappointing.
Buffet breakfast was also average. Would not stay there again. Overall overpriced.
Paul Hatzi
Slept like a log last night. Super comfy beds, room is modern, clean and had everything you need. 1 star lost as you need power points at the bedside tables.
Gordon Holley
Very nice quiet room.
No outside noise.
Reception service for initial booking, then booking in and out were quick and well handled by staff.
Would recommend this hotel for its easy access to Parramatta business district.
Will be back.
natalie boss
This Hotel in Parramatta was below average.
the rooms were tired and the windows needed a good clean.
the bar and restaurant staff were not friendly at all except the young waiter in the restaurant who I also watched get spoken to so badly by a senior staff member which was so horrible I chose not to eat in the restaurant. Sadly he was one of the only nice staff out of the whole place. but I will say the house keeping ladies were nice and friendly and always had a smile on their faces. the rest of the staff made you feel like you were bothering them by ordering drinks and food.
raelene moon
Stay regularly and the premises have been clean and well located and the staff friendly which has encouraged us staying there when we head to the city.
Was disappointed after this last stay by the way the manager spoke to me after I called about being double charged and refused to sort the matter out and rudely told me to talk to my bank before hanging up. Was due to arrive again this week and once a month for events but may now look to find another place where we won't be talked down to and ignored when they make an error.
Benett Raj
The seafood buffet which was $90 pp is definetely not worth it. The service was very slow and the seafood was below average.
A lot of the times we had to wait 20+min to get our seafood platter.We were a table of 4 and they gave us a seafood platter with 3 of everything. It semeed as though they werent ready to serve seafood. Over the course of 3 hours we were served 11 prawns for 4 people for such a price thats a joke.
The oysters were very grainy and unpleasant to eat.
We had ordered a jug of coke which was forgetten and 40mins later was given to us as a compliment.
At one point i asked one of the waitresses at the dessert bar for a spoon and her reply was "i dont have one" , theres a kitchen 10ft behind you.
I would not recommened the buffet, better off going to the star buffet or elsewhere for a better experience.
James Arvanitakis
A wonderful experience... comfortable rooms, friendly staff and excellent atmosphere
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