Paynesville Hotel, Paynesville VIC

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Paynesville Hotel, Paynesville VIC

The Paynesville Hotel is a hotel located in Paynesville, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 3.7 out of 456 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Food is great. Service is a bit slow. We get two toys from the claw machine by $5. ??'?

The Paynesville Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
75 Esplanade, Paynesville VIC 3880

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Latest reviews for Paynesville Hotel, Paynesville VIC

Professor X
Food is great. Service is a bit slow. We get two toys from the claw machine by $5. ??'?
Michael Dean
Absolutely putrid food... steak order medium, was crucified on outside but still mooing on inside. would have been better off eating my work boot. rock hard pumpkin, bean ends only and cold mushroom sauce. highlight was the 7 chips I got. Local Gummy shark was just an oil sponge.... and the Vegie Pot Pie disgusting. Would have been better off walking over the road and just throwing $110 straight into the water. great way to ruin our sons birthday dinner.
Sam Ennis
Old duck with glasses behind the bar is incredibly rude.

If you guys are wondering why you are struggling for staff, may have something to do with the ones you got already. I wouldn't work with them either.

Customer service is easy, get it right.
Troy Williamson
Disappointing is the word I would say. Walking in a smell of unemptied beer trays filled the air, lucky turned left into a nice bistro area. Menu is boring and has little local flare. Food was no even average clearly frozen food is thing here. Lemons have sat in fridge that long you squeeze them and them turned to mash.... Really not hard to have fresh cut lemon when your selling local frozen gummy shark. Parmas were thick but way to much sauce on top, when using can products your cant over do it, if was a fresh sauce would have excused this but clearly from a can. Disappointing because so much protentional but clearly they know they have the market so it seems the care factor has slipped away. PS don't ask for a bowl of chips you will be yelled at that they dont them and you can only have curly wedges, even though the menu offers a bowl of chips.
Arthur Cheung
Despite that it was a super busy night at the hotel due to the ferry outage for Raymond Island residents, the staff at the restaurant and the bar were very friendly and worked very hard on an Easter Sunday to please the crowd. Something when wrong with our booking but they managed to squeeze us in with a table. Food and drinks were great, for a family dinner.
Dave Weston
Gummy shark, chips and salad were spot on. Great place for a coldie on a warm sunny day. Music playing was also to my taste. Looking forward to going back.
Tracy Zhang
It's like a family running bistro .
The food was okay.
The seafood plater is good to share with 2 people. I love the fish and scallops. We got a roast of the day which is lamp and the lamb which I think it's really good.
It's suitable for several friends to chat and drink some ?
The sunsets was beautiful.
Sharell Bertram
Not much to see here unfortunately. Been coming here for 15 odd yrs as have a holiday home in the area, venue is tired and in need of some love. In reference to the two ladies behind the public bar today, sheesh some basic customer service training would go along way to helping improve your customer experience, a little hello and a smile never hurt anyone. On the upside, 2 stars for the cold beer!!
Rod Armstrong
The meal was very disappointing. I paid $40 for a scotch fillet that I could not chew. It didn't look like a scotch fillet and was full of sinew. I had veggies and chips which consisted of a bit of pumpkin and a small piece of corn. It took over an hour to get our meal.
What has happened ?The meals used to be nice before covid.
shane burke
Very small menu. Can't even pick how your steak is cooked. On the plus side, it's one of the few places that still offer a mixed grill! 50/50 on the service.
Took an hour and a quarter to get our food. People who came after us were served and finished their meals before we received ours. Chicken schnitzel was deep fried with thick batter and tiny salad serve. Pasta bake was something even my husband could cook and corn and pumpkin are not really seasonal vegetables ( as stated on meal description) in spring. Not a green vegetable anywhere. Only redeeming part of experience was lovely friendly waitress who was working hard but unfortunately couldn't make up for poor quality food. Overall disappointing and would not recommend.
Linda Hammill
Great menu, plenty of choice. Friendly service. I had the best Vegetarian Pizza. Our group of 6 all loved their meals and recommended the Fish and Chips, and Chicken Parma??'?
Paul Barrett
Awesome take away food these guys do everything to a high standard. Fish and chips, pizza, pies (best ever) my fav is a hamburger with the lot double cheese double bacon. Proper old school burger
Anh Huynh.
Had one of the best parmas and the fish and chip felt really fresh. Was a good start to our east coast tour
Leigh Davidson
Seafood was awful and staff aggressively argued when asked why we didn't eat it. Can now understand why there are so many 1 stars. Shame as Paynesville is lovely place, spend your money at another place for food and drink in this town.
Michael H
Processed/frozen seafood in paynesville at a pub on the water?! Paying $45 for the pleasure of wait staff being rude and argumentative when asked why it wasn't eaten. 2 from 2 for bad experiences at this pub, no more chances for me, save your money and time, go elsewhere!
TheDark Project
Do not eat here, better places in Paynesville to support

Staff acted like it was a huge effort to pour a drink.

Meals were really average, serving of lasagne was pretty small. After asking how meal was staff aggressively argued with us on our feedback.
Leon Zelvys
Hard to give a rating as I am still yet to receive service. I've walked into this pub 5 times over the last 4 years. I've stood at the bar for five minutes on occasions with no patrons at the bar. Bar stuff pretend to be busy and avoid eye contact.
Other times I've been told the kitchen is closed when it was 7:30.
What is going on? Am I just unlucky?
Joanne McLeod
Huge disappointment!
Our meal took an hour To arrive after ordering even though the place was only half full. People who arrived half an hour after us were served first and the staff were so RUDE! I have never been treated like that. The Oysters tasted like tap water and the salad was pathetic- we were served the brown end of a lettuce! Normally good restaurants would apologise and make a peace offering but the staff were more interested in their jokes conversations And bantering together rather than helping patrons.
Please avoid this bistro to avoid such disappointment.
Philip Foo
Good food, good service & reasonable prices. Clean and safe dining facilities.
en bomb
Dinner for our work weekend away on 20/3/2021 Totally disappointed with the price of the seafood plate $45.00. Not worth the $$$. Steak was cheaper. I mean a lousy small piece of fish. Also bar staff rude when a comment was made to a colleague stating its not rocket science as to whether she wanted a half or full glass of wine.
Christy Wayth
Haven't visited here for nearly 50 years. Very different. Lovely spot, especially for boats. Bigger thgan i thought it would be as well. Enjoyable lunch. Good wine. Great view
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