Pinsent Hotel, Wangaratta VIC

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Pinsent Hotel, Wangaratta VIC

The Pinsent Hotel is a hotel located in Wangaratta, Victoria. They have a bar and great food and drink options. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4 out of 887 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Proper Caesar salad! Soft poached egg, real bacon, plenty of anchovies, and not swamped with dodgy dressing. Senior's size for $15 ?. Table service, lovely friendly staff, and excellent chocolate mousse too. Well done this Wangaratta pub!
20 Reid St, Wangaratta VIC 3677
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Latest reviews for Pinsent Hotel, Wangaratta VIC

Fran Kirby
Proper Caesar salad! Soft poached egg, real bacon, plenty of anchovies, and not swamped with dodgy dressing.
Senior's size for $15 ?.
Table service, lovely friendly staff, and excellent chocolate mousse too. Well done this Wangaratta pub!
Attention ToDetails
The food is great. Parma is delish
Service is a bit slow considering all the staff on the floor. Drink waited on the bar for a while. Waited 15 min for someone to come take your dessert order. Gave up and left.
taylah Sims
Erica was absolutely incredible for our service, she was doing everything through the whole venue bar serving drinks and smashed dinner service out of the park, without her the bistro would not have ran. Aleisha however should be retrained, she did absolutely nothing the entire time we were seated and rolled her eyes at me when I asked to order dessert. The female manager on shift was ridiculously unprofessional. Overall the dinner service was the worst I have ever had without Erica our time in the pub would have been 100% terrible
Ellie Campbell
We went for dinner after a family function, and it was great except for the fact that there was an incessant banging coming from the kitchen. We figured the chef was making schnitzels or something, but maybe just not during dinner service? The food was good. And it wasn't too busy.
Daniel Schulz
I've been here a few times in the past and it was great but the last few months the meals have been terrible. Hopefully find someone who can cook a decent meal and get them more organised in the kitchen. Service staff were friendly and good considering how busy it was
Great food, friendly and accommodating staff, comfortable atmosphere.
Mary Ciconte
We had lunch here....the service was good - friendly and the food was lovely ?
Would definitely visit again and recommend.
Sandra Thomson
My husbands meal of fish and chips were nice. My Prawns in romesco sauce for $22 were a joke. 3 prawns on a bit of a really raw garlic flavoured sauce and a really hard to eat pita. I mean 3 prawns no chips or anything else for $22 is ridiculous. I told 2 people who said they would speak to the chef. I watched, no one went near the chef. Very very disappointed.
Nicki Brown
A great place to eat. The service is excellent and the food and menu very good.
James Elliott
Had a plentiful roast most enjoyable. Staff were pleasant and attentive. Nice atmosphere.
Debbie Cohen
The service from the front of house was awesome. Beth who greeted us was so friendly got us seated & served promptly. The meals we ordered were so yummy. Will definitely come back.
Anna Griffith
Room- check your sheets.
We recently stopped over night after a very enjoyable dinner . We pulled the sheet back to go to bed and the sheets had pubic hair all over them, not just one hair , many as if the sheet had not been changed at all. I spoke to a staff member , who when we said we wouldn't sleep in a dirty bed gave us new sheets. I asked them to come and have a look at the bed before I changed it.
We were asked to leave the sheets in the hallway and they would collect the sheets after I remade the bed. The sheets were still there in the morning.
I mentioned it to the second staff member when checking out the morning and she said sorry and would look into it.
A friend went to book in weeks later and to see what the feedback was after our stay and the manager was "surprised " that it happened. I received a call from the manager who said she was shocked that someone came I about it as the staff had delt with it at the time. I was told the cleaners had been spoken to but they couldn't work out who was on duty that weekend and that they followed up with the sheet company.
I felt it wasn't handled correctly no offer of refund or discount. Evenly offered a free drink when next booking for dinner.
We will not be returning for dinner or any accommodation.
The wait staff and food was lovely in the bistro however the rooms and the way everything was handled was not.
Nerf Herder
Table service only for drinks. Works well, unless you don't get your order taken at the table......waited for 15 minutes to get order taken. Went to the bar, told I can't order drinks, wait for order to be taken at table. Waited another 10 minutes to get order taken. Second round, same thing. Went to the bar to try and get someone to take my order, told again to wait at table. It's a pub...... with a bar....... Not good enough.
Food was good. Reasonable wait times, but to not be able to go to the bar to order a drink, is absolutely absurd. When I told the person behind the bar I hat their system doesn't work, I was told that "it does work" and that they're busy...... on a Wednesday night! Rubbish! Get your act together.
Judy Williams
We were in town for the Off Grid Living Festival and this was dinner out after a big day. It was a little fancier than I expected, but the food was good and (mostly) reasonably priced. It was the wine that was expensive! My friend had 2 courses from the 'Seniors' menu for $23. I had roast pork dinner and 2 glasses of wine and it was $53! It was okay, but not spectacular. I was shocked by the price, but never mind. Live and learn.
Justan Knoff
Nice bistro on the ground floor.
Prices are average for pubs.
Good selection of beers & wines available.
The menu is quite extensive.
Lots of options to suit any taste.
Bookings are best for fri & sat nights.
Cass Vance
Regular patrons. Had lunch today. 2 arrived ,ordered drinks whilst waiting for others to arrive, male waiter took order and drinks arrived promptly. Other guests arrived, now 5 in total. Female took drinks order. Three quarters of an hour later still no drinks.. nor had food order been taken . Had to find staff ( female ) to take order but she never took any notice.. went to find staff once more and male waiter took our meal order and had to reorder drinks that had been ordered now over an hour.
When food arrived, the schnitzels were so over cooked ( deep fried ) you could use as retreads. Male waiter was great.. sorry but you have lost a customer's of over 30 years..
jean rogers
Our family group was travelling through Wangaratta and decided to stop for lunch. Given that the two hotels in the Main Street were closed we went to the Pinsent. On arrival we were met by Bree who clearly did not want to accommodate us. There were many empty tables yet she said she didn't think we could get meals. Admittedly it was about 1.30pm and there were 12 of us. We said we didn't need to sit together as there were 3 family groups. She said there were only two cooks on so the menu would be very limited and that we would have to wait at least half an hour for our meals. She also said that we should have booked for a large group. She clearly did not want us there. The manager who came to take our order was absolutely lovely and the food was excellent. It is just a shame that as visitors to the state we were treated so rudely on arrival. In total we spent over $400. My daughter in law and brother in law wanted to leave because of her attitude but I am glad we stayed as we did have a nice experience and hats off the the chefs for good food,
Maria Lim
It was a holiday period when we came. Dont forget to book or else you will miss them.
Waiters are very friendly and attentive.
Although we waites quite a bit ( no issue) but the food came was superb. It was delicious and glad we made it here.
They dont compromise on the quality of the food.

As for drinks, they have a lot of selection for the drink.

Overall, very enjoyable experience. I see lots of family with kids coming here.
Parking is easy to find ad well
Tracey Bradfield
I started with 2 stars, but added an extra for the previous visit, which was better than this one. Lovely staff, drinks came quickly to the table. Ordered 2 seniors meals, one which was chicken caesar salad. They arrived, but no chicken on the salad. I returned it and watched the chef being informed of her mistake. Then I waited and waited and waited...Eventually I caught the eye of a waitress, she was shocked. Heated words in the kitchen between staff (its an open kitchen guys, we see what's happening).
Finally my salad came, which was excellent btw. We had ordered sweets at the beginning, so when our meals were finished we moved our plates to one side so staff could see we were done. Nope, nothing. Ended up speaking to a young staff member, told her we were ready for sweets. Another 15 minutes wait while our pre made sweets were delivered. 1.5 hours in total for 2 very simple meals. Table service is good IF you have the staff to cope. I know its COVID safe etc but there needs to be a way in which tables can 'flag ' a staff without having to yell, or train staff to look at all tables, not just the big $ ones. AND get the orders correct. (The roast Turkey looked disgusting, big slabs chucked over the top of the veggies, but apparently tasted good....not very professional)
Disappointed with this place, public bar shuts at 7.30 pm on a Thursday night ? Other side is family oriented but they have table service only and only does one bill, so we ate in public bar. Food was ordinary and had to wait. I was told by a local about it. Only good thing was bottle shop next door to grab a couple after public bar shut. Barperson didn't even smile must really like the job. I wouldnt recommend it
Timothy Baxendale
Excellent place for the price. Room had space but the furnishings could do with a refresh. Nothing broken, just felt dated. Can come and go at all hours with room key.
Sarah M
Went for dinner on Sunday as previous times I have gone it has been really good. Can't say the same for this experience though. You'd think after waiting an hour for our food that at least the chips would be hot but they obviously had been sitting there for awhile. Meals came out at different times and the lady who took our payments was incredibly rude and had such a bad attitude. Very disappointing and won't be back.
gunner smith
Food was excellent however the male Toilets need cleaning more often as they always smell of urine. Yes I'm aware it's a Toilet and for some reason people are pigs. Please clean way more often.
Mal Haddon
Service, as in Wait staff and Bar staff excellent. Meals just average. I know it's trendy to under cook vegetables, but in this case they were closer to raw
Pee Jay (Pat)
Seems like they've grown too big for their own boots. Full table service at a pub?? Was sat on a table that had a scrunched up napkin on it that was taken away as I was seated. Turned over the wine special menu and it had dried old food on it. Then the person who came to take my order couldn't put through the order because my child was in the bathroom so I didn't know what flavour of topping they wanted on their ice-cream, when I asked if I could let her know she bluntly said "I can't take the order without that info, it's a whole process". Lunch out at the vine hotel was delightful and very laid back
Darryl Cowen
Nice roomy Bistro, friendly/cheerful staff.
Food OK, nothing special, but good Pub food. Very convenient location as well.
Would go there again.
amar AMAR
Good eatery with tasty food. good fast friendly service by the staff. Ample space inside too. Well maintained wash room.
Bruce greaves
Feeling like a pub steak I met a friend for lunch (14 June) .... rare scotch fillet with garlic butter : worst steak I've had in five years, and the chips were barely warm ..... too disappointed to be able to say anything to the "how were your meals?" ..... never again!
Mason Fuller
Poor customer service, was unable to order a beer from the bar because it was table service only. Then they went onto serving other patrons who were seated after us. Very upset was keen to have a pub feed an a few beers for lunch for a mates 21st birthday
Patrick Gleeson
Mothers day was very busy. Meals arrived quickly and were good quality. Staff were attentive. Overall we enjoyed this experience and will dine here again
Denis Ellem
VERY busy on a Friday night. It took 25 minutes from time of order till we got our first drinks. The meal was good, but being busy, took about 45 min, which is expected for freshly cooked meals. We had a view of the kitchen, and saw that they worked efficiently. The waiters worked very efficiently, but the barman had 3 of our drinks made and sitting on the bar for about 15 minutes before we asked where they were. It only took a further 10 minutes to add the schooner of beer before it was delivered to our table.
Bree Gibb
Absolutely delicious meals - I had the chicken Kiev and my partner had the fisherman's basket. Helpful and really friendly service. Will recommend to anyone going to the area!
Justin Pettigrew
Great food and very reasonable prices as well as excellent service, couldn't ask for more
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