Pontoon Bar, Sydney NSW

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Pontoon Bar, Sydney NSW

The Pontoon Bar is a bar located in Sydney, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 3.5 out of 1485 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Pontoon Bar is in Sydney so why not stop by when you are there next.
Aussie burger was delicious! Fish and chips was really nice too. Friendly, fast service and probably the best priced restaurant in Darling Harbour. Great portion sizes too! Highly recommended.
Cockle Bay Wharf, Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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Latest reviews for Pontoon Bar, Sydney NSW

Mohammed Tayyebi
Had lunch here with family and ordered the beef burger with chips. Service was kind and efficient, pricing is normal for the area and the food was decent. It is pretty good and for what you're paying you are getting a decent amount and consistent quality.
Sharon Stone
Had lunch here with a friend and ordered the beef patty with a salad instead of chips. Service was kind and efficient, pricing is normal for the area and the food was decent. It is nothing too special, but for what you're paying you are getting a decent amount and consistent quality.

The toilets are a disaster, dirty and falling apart. Definitely something they could improve in.
Cassandra Cutler
Does not meet expectations for a waterfront restaurant. Waited about 40 mins for the final dish to come out (25 mins advertised). First dish came out after about 20 mins, the final dish (including a kids meal) was at 40mins. The food was ok. However main concern was the kids nuggets. I can't believe a restaurant can serve such poor quality these days. The chicken was fake brown mush. No resemblance of actual chicken at all. Better quality at MacDonald!. 2 Drinks came out incorrectly, tried to give us a small beer instead of large and incorrect juice. Asked for water and it never came. staff don't know their product. Describing a barramundi burger as a "fish burger" and not being sure what it actually was.
Hayley Howells
Great location right next to the water on darling harbour, the food is great and super affordable prepared to other restaurants close by. Service was good too. Will definitely be back when we are in Sydney next.
Taka Hako (Sora Hako)
We went here for our lunch after the wild life zoo.
There is a lunch special that is only $12. This is one of the cheapest price I know in the Darling Harbour area.
We had BLT hamburger with chips. It was great.
The only concern I had was the price of alcohol. Bit expensive than I thought.
But considering the location, we had a great experience.

PS. Just be careful with the Seagull as they are watching to hunt your foods!!

Recommended to go at lunch!
Nathan Griffiths
Food was great, but no idea out the front. The bar tender was making as much noise as possible by throwing bottles in the bin. Repeatedly had to ask for drinks and forgotten food. Reported it to the manger and he gave us 10% of our next visit. I think it would have been more suitable to take it of the poor experience we just had then I may have considered coming back. It had a list of all their restaurants in the group on the discount card which is great as now I now which other ones to avoid in the future. I think these guys have forgotten the basics of hospitality.
Marcela Rodriguez Ragua
Last week, five of us went to this restaurant for lunch. The experience was just OK. When we got there, we noticed they had only one waiter on duty, who seemed totally swamped trying to handle orders, clean tables, and serve food all at once. In the kitchen, there was this chef who kept ringing the bell non-stop. We wanted to sit outside, but with the bell ringing like 10 times every few minutes and the chef's annoyed expression, we changed our minds and opted to sit inside.

The food was decent, and the location is great, but those little issues really affected the overall dining experience. It's a shame because with a few improvements, it could be a much better place to eat.
Ernesto Foodie
Burger wasn't that bad, although the pizza wasn't good.
Prices are moderate. You would get what you are paying for, and it is on the water on the Darling Harbour, which might make the place appealing. However, the food is just average.
Helen Gilmore
The schnitzel with chips and salad with gravy was delicious. My son ate the Aussie burger minus pineapple and he absolutely loved it. Great location and a comfortable atmosphere. Staff were very helpful. Highly recommend.
Bronwyn Henderson
The location is good with nice marina views. We visited on a Sunday for lunch and got a table easily. We had a BLT, an kids cheese burger and a chicken Caesar. Stale buns, frozen Pattie's and frozen boiled chicken. Old cold oily toast called croutons. Wouldn't recommend it for food.
Rose M
Beautiful location, ok food, but alcohol...what alcohol?? We had a cocktail and felt no alcohol. Even friend of mine asked if this is a cocktail or a mocktail. We also had tequila shots, and they poured tequila from non-original bottles. We felt no alcohol buzz in any of the drinks. I think they are diluting their alcoholic drinks with water. They charge for alcohol but serve water. We were there twice on 2 different occasions.
Ammar Alarajy
Visited this place last Saturday. Busy yet service on point!
We ordered schnitzel plate, burger sandwich and a couple of drinks. Service was awesome and staff were very helpful and took into consideration our special requests. Me and my Mrss were very satisfied and definitely will be back!
Unfortunately I don't have more photos to share.
Maryam Khouei
Terrible experience here. They used to have normal pizzas.. Today we ordered perry perry chicken poor pizza with basically no cheese on it. Once we complained they add frozen cheese to it brought to our table... like do you want extra cheese????... i said NO I WANT NORMAL CHEESE!! And I asked could you at least warm it up?????? At the end we got a terrible burnt pizza.. nothing you can even eat!! Will never get back there. please see the picture.
Matt J
View is nice, plenty of shaded spots, I did not try the food but it smelled good. Australia, however, is not heavy handed with their alcohol, but this place came close to making a somewhat strong, off the menu, old fashioned. They could have made it a tad bigger but nonetheless it was delicious.
Not table service . Bartender was OK who served us, i got the jack burger the bread was stale and I had to eat just the fillings. My son liked his burger but left the chips so did my mum because they were like the crusts.
Melinda Muyargas
You can't beat $9.90 kids meals, salads, and the daily special (a BLT burger with chips, on our day). So good! All the food tasted great and were great portion sizes. I tried the pine nut salad, the BLT, and even the kids vegemite cheese pizza and all were very yummy. Only complaint is that the waitress got several of our orders wrong (we were in a large group), but no complaints otherwise.
Mathew Dunk
The food was delicious. The service after we ordered our food and drinks however was extremely poor. Understand they were a little busy but 30 minutes to just get drinks (which was after the food came out).
Jason Lau
If you are after a drink and some average food this is the place to go. Had some Friday drinks. It was busy but drinks were reasonably priced. Happy hour starts at 8pm with $10 Long Islands which isn't bad. They also start the dance floor around 9pm.
Joeli Taoi
Venue is OK first time ive ever eaten there and food was late abit cold but the view is good.
Calum Dempster
Corrupt security guards.

Last night around 10:00PM I was taken by a security guard outside, who started to accuse me of being drunk. This was not true, as I only had 4 shots in the span of two hours. He began to ask me basic questions which I answered normally, and then Proceeded to ask how many friends I had with me. When I told him that I had 5, he went silent and looked the other way like he was making calculations. He then turned back to me, and said that my eyes were bloodshot, and brought me to the cops, who ended up saying I was fine but told me I can't come back in. This is a common occurrence at Pontoon, because at around 10:00PM, the venue reaches maximum capacity, and people have to begin paying to enter. So in order to get these people in, Seccys will just kick you out for no reason, in pursuit of getting more money from the new comers. Absolutely corrupt and immoral behaviour, would not recommend unless you want to risk getting kicked out with a ban that forces you to stay 50 metres away from the venue, which basically means you have to leave the city.
Kelli Bailey
After spending time in the city, my friend & I decided to take advantage of the $9.90 lunch special. I am a little tricky with food selections but they had no problems at all accomodating by menu changes. Food hot & delicious & served fast. Being able to enjoy food out is a luxury for me so today was great to be able to do it
Paul Davies
Great meal, drinks were delivered quick, but they forgot about our meal, so had to wait for them to do it after we questioned them
Sarah Coates
This place is usually my go to when I visit the city but after yesterday I will be changing this.

Staff seriously need better training, the customer service was disgusting.
Went and sat in table service area, well after waiting about 5-10mins there was no sign that menus or drinks would be offered to us so we had to go to the bar for menus to then finally getting a staff member to come over and cleared our table. Loved being sprayed in the face with chemicals while this was poorly done. (Don't say table service then not provide it fully)
After finally ordering we waited what felt like forever for our food for it to not even come out at the same time.
Food was okay but the drinks were insanely watered down or flat I'm not sure which but what should have been a nice refreshing drink was just unbearable.
Please do better going forward.
Views outside the bar are captivating. A bit overpriced for the vibe. The music was a bit difficult to dance to.
Pavel Z.
As bad service as it could get. They should just shut the business and go home. It was the worst hospitality we've ever experienced.
Mel Johnson
Nice cheap lunch for city. Could be better if had another $10.00 option than just BLT
Aussie burger was delicious! Fish and chips was really nice too. Friendly, fast service and probably the best priced restaurant in Darling Harbour. Great portion sizes too! Highly recommended.
Warren Denniss
Great food, Covid 19 social distancing adhered too. Drinks are great, Chicken Parmigiana was beautiful, but beware of the Seagulls, they love the Chicken Parmigiana straight off my plate whilst looking the other way, Friendly staff, gave me another. We will be back for sure.
Great relaxed ambience, sensational views right on Darling Harbour. Tasty food. Menu has a vast variety of meal choices. Kind helpful friendly staff. Fast efficient service. Lovely drinks selection with beer and cider on tap, many wines and top shelf plus many liquors and house options, also lots of bottle beers as well as bottled spirit selections and non-alcoholic too. Fresh open settings with indoor and outdoor seating. Easy to get to by public transport, plus many parking stations all around Darling Harbour.
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