Port Macquarie Hotel, Port Macquarie NSW

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Port Macquarie Hotel, Port Macquarie NSW

The Port Macquarie Hotel is a hotel located in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.7 out of 910 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
I've stayed here a few times. It's reasonably priced and great for simple overnight stops. The food in the pub has never let me down. The real stand out here is that I accidentally left an important item here and the staff followed up and made sure it was sent to me before the week was out! Pass my regards to Chris!
8 Horton St, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Latest reviews for Port Macquarie Hotel, Port Macquarie NSW

Caroline Elliott
Unfortunately, I didn't stay here, so I can not comment on the rooms. But it is a beautiful example of an art deco pub. It has been kept up quite nicely. I only wish they would remove some of the TV's from the public bar.
Michael Benson
What a great venue, good food & service
But what time does the fights start?
Couldn't get a schooer in glass after 8pm
Plastic glasses yuck! Nanny state. Heaps of security but can't control drinking vessels. All spirits served in disposal Plastic cups great for the environment.
What a pity that we have descended to the lowest common denominator.
Erika Cruz
Do not stay to this hotel! The room looks so cheap, smells super old and uncomfortable, lots of cockroaches and beds are so old. Their shared bathroom is not nice. I can't even take photos of the room as I don't want to remember it. Totally not worth of your money. Better to look for other hotel so you can have peace throughout your stay.
It's just like being transported back in time. Except the walls were last painted in 1888. And these walls are traumatised. Weary from their futile attempts to escape the unsightly carpet. They beg for moments of blissful darkness that come with the haunted, flickering lights. But great location!
Debby Jackson
For the price and age of the lovely old building, the rooms are clean and surprisingly sound proof. Reception service was great and helpful. Not a lot of convenient parking options for overnight. Even though the hotel was full and very busy with live music, the room was a great retreat when I was ready to retreat. Great balcony to use as well. So easy to walk to most services in the middle of town.
Tyler Brabham
One of the worst hotels I've ever stayed at.
- They lied about parking. There exists *some* parking but a fraction of the amount necessary to accommodate all guests. Prepare to get a parking ticket using the very limited city parking.
- The pub plays live music at night from 10-midnight, good luck sleeping.
- There is no shampoo in the room. Prepare to bring your own. For the price of AUD$190 I expect shampoo.
- They provide paper cups for drinking, but no kettle and no coffee/tea.

Do yourself a favor and stay somewhere else.
knowell mapanga
The Hotel is situated in a very convenient location, close to all local amenities. Most restaurants within 5-10 minutes drive. Beautiful, serene Hotel. The Rooms were clean and tidy.
The Executive Suite we had was pretty much flawless. The bed was very comfortable. Plush, I would say the Mattress was. The prices of beverages and confectioneries in the "Mini bar" were stuck outside the Fridge door; with prices of other products available for "room service order" as well. Beer, wine, and other beverages etc. QR Code provided to scan. However, we did not order any room service such as wine or beer due to the high prices. Ended up having a beer Jug ($40) in the inhouse bar, and my Fiance had cocktails ($20) a glass. Unfortunately the location seems to be pricey, even the neighbouring restaurants seemed to be.
If you have the money...you will certainly enjoy your stay....Was my Romantic getaway place of choice.... to get on one knee...???'?
Skye Small
The hotel room that we were given was nothing like the photos advertised, which was quite disappointing. It appeared to be a bit of a false advertisement... ?
Room 14, foul odour, flaky paint/unpleasant stains on the walls, broken curtains, broken window locks and a tiny television (a bigger flat screen TV was advertised in photos).
Overall, the staff were absolutely lovely. However, we definitely would not recommend staying in this hotel!
Chris John Blumel
Stayed in a room overnight with 3 single beds but nice tidy room . Door didn't latch properly so you had to lift door to lock it . Bathroom toilet, showers were shared. Shared kitchen had a microwave, toaster and kettle . good value for money though and I would stay again .
Vicki Tindall
Darcy Drakes
Great central location right on the waterfront and right in the middle of the town centre. Nice rooms, nothing special but very clean and well priced, just what you'd expect. Lovely staff and nice food and drinks although limited vego options
Atmosphere wasn't the best...

Food was average, not much to write home about.

Drink prices were expensive.

Service was lacking.

Came to settlers, better atmosphere, better drink prices and service was very accommodating ?
Clint Machine
Nice little rooms in a convenient location it had everything we needed for our stay and close to everything,the staff are really nice and helpful also
Andrew McGowan
Even though they weren't familiar with Assistance Animals they had no objection and were polite.
Adam Vonhoff
Just spent a couple of nights at Port Macquarie for a get together with old friends. This pub was a few doors down from our motel so we spent a lot of time there had great service (the best of all the pubs we went to during the three days) we had a lot of different meals there and they were all great. Recommend having a drink and a meal there if you are in the area. I will definitely be going there again.
Keith Hoare
Went for dinner. Poor staff were run off there feet. Kind and did the best they could but 2 people serving drinks and waiting on tables when the place is booked out doesn't work. 2 and a half hours to get 2 meals.
Our meal, kids meals and friends meals came at separate times all around half hour apart. Fish was so burnt I could only eat bits of it. Me and my partner left and got something else to eat. Wasted a night.
Highly recommend going elsewhere to eat!!
Troy Sky
This hotel has given me the worst travel experience ever! For $159, the small double room has no shower no toilet, and no air conditioning! In a hot humid night, we had to keep ceiling fan on all night. Outside the window there is a noisy exhaust outlet running all night, it's only two metres away generating a lot of heat and noise! I have stayed in a $5 homestay hotel in Africa before, it was heaps better than this!!
jon stuckey
Room 15, absolute disaster of a hotel. I travel a lot for work and can honestly say this is the worst hotel I have ever in stayed at. Horrendous noise till 2am, no air conditioning as advertised (had a noisy fan!) flaky paint. Food in the bar was decent, the girls at the bar were great, food came out, not cutlery and no napkins, had to ask three different members of staff for the cutlery! It would be a minus 3 star for me!
Dyan Re Oliveira
I've stayed here a few times. It's reasonably priced and great for simple overnight stops. The food in the pub has never let me down.

The real stand out here is that I accidentally left an important item here and the staff followed up and made sure it was sent to me before the week was out! Pass my regards to Chris!
Paula Finlayson
Right in the middle of town. Great staff and great people. Rooms are dated but does the job if you like a few beers or just passing through. Meals are ok could do with more variety. Cocktails are delicious
elya simcich
Worst hotel room I have ever stayed in. The first room they gave me the door lock was broken like the door had been kicked in and had the window open and fan on full when I opened the door. I should have taken that as a clue as to something was up. I got into a bed which felt dirty and started getting bitten by either fleas or bed bugs.....

I went down and asked for a different room to which I was told they have been fully booked, I said I don't care I would like a new room.

Next room was cleaner and that is all.

Poor shared bathrooms and unless you are on a bucks night stay well away from this place as a hotel option
what iswrong
Great pub.
Bar service was good, pokie service not so great.

Rooms were decent for the cheap price but it needs some cleaning.

Overall, a good experience
S. McMahon
I think we need a new chef in the kitchen because the value for money on both meals was less than average market quality, $8.20 for a full strength schooner will not get me back here either. The floor service was ok and parking is close by; onsite drive through bottle shop is available too.
Michael Camilleri
The new Security Staff can't tell the difference between a lisp and a slur, so the manager asks to see me outside and calls me a Pork Chop. Needless to say, the darker skinned night manager, is a muppet, and I won't be returning in a hurry. Not into and do not tolerate discrimination.
Gail Holmes
Lunch today was very nice. Cabonara was was excellent and hubby's pork belly was just right. Pity we were the only one's eating in
Tyler Wells
The hotel does the basics well and is a no frills option. It is clean, comfortable and the staff are great.

No air con but I stayed in the middle of summer and the fan and open window was enough to keep me comfortable, the building is quite cool in general.

The booking photos showed a sink in the room but I stayed in two rooms over two weeks and neither had a sink, disappointing but not a deal breaker.

The rooms could do with a lick of paint and the shared bathrooms need a bit of a refresh.

Some would say a renovation is due but I like to think it adds a bit of old world charm in its current state but maintenance could be improved.

Overall I would stay here again, it's good cheap accommodation in the middle of town. Don't expect anything more than a two star standard and you will enjoy your stay here as well.
Dahlene Gray
Very friendly, food was well presented and very tasty. Prices were good and service was in a good time frame. Clean tidy venue.
Will definitely visit again.
Rebuilding an 80 year old yacht Adelante'
For the last 10 years, on a Saturday evening my wife and I go for a stroll along the Breakwall, followed by dinner at your hotel.
So obviously loyal patrons.

Except for tonight, when I'm rudely told by you Neanderthal at the door, that We can't enjoy dinner at your hotel because I have put my sunglasses on top of my head and I have my thongs on.
Come on...... the place is quiet enough already without pushing away your longtime patrons.
Well done management ??'?
Smurfy Lee
This place is amazing, the hospitality that the waitresses show is outstanding! The food they bring you chips nuts whatever you want hot food is fantasticl!!!
Maryanne M
We visited this hotel Friday 25th for dinner. Menu is quite limited, meals were just OK. We frequent this hotel on numerous occasions when holidaying here each year. Usually the staff are very helpful but with, the exception of one lass, not so this time. We will give it another go as it is in walking distance to our accommodation.
Nic ?
Spent x1 night and couldn't sleep because of the loud noise from the pub. The bed was very old and therefore too soft and uncomfortable. The shared toilets were not clean. Strong smell inside the bedroom.
Can't understand why it is a 3 stars hotel...
Gabrielle Florian
Exceptional food and exceptional service as always. My family and I are always blown away by how lovely 'The Macca' staff are and well priced their food is! Nothing better than brunch with a view!!
Daani Limann
Great atmosphere and great meals. The steak particularly delicious. Cooked perfectly and great value.
Dan Anderson
The front bar staff are for the most part generally indifferent and unwelcoming to those who are not the locals. I've noticed on several different occasions where I would get just asked what do you want, the staff would treat the locals much better asking how are they, how is your day going ect.
I will say there are friendly staff there but the majority are not doing your venues reputation any value with the tourists and visitors. I would attribute the general attitude of staff towards non locals as condoned by the management and leadership of the hotel front staff. I hope that this changes as you have a great venue in a great location and loads of potential. Hopefully someone with leadership in management will reflect on the experience of non locals.
Sam Reeder
If you stay on a Thursday-Saturday night it will be quite noisy until 2am..

However the beds are comfy, showers are hot, linen is clean and the beer is very close and plentiful.

All in all it's a decent pub room. Cheap, clean and convenient. You get what you get and you don't get upset!
Royden Goodbar
It provides a ring side seat on the circus. Gr8 beer and services provided
Eyal Saar
Don't expect too much from the hotel room, there was a load Fan noise coming next to my window, the power point are nothing but extension cords (safety hazard), one of the single use cup was used before or the cleaner did not trash it however when you check in they make you sign an unusual document in which you will be responsible for the cleaning among other things, while I'm sure there is reasoning for that I would still expect that they will do there part and maintain the room as it should be maintained safe and clean.The room is very run down.On the good pan, the staff was friendly, the bistro was ok, the location is great and it was under $100 for the night.
Kalimuthu Nachimuthu
The fan was not working in one of the room. The details like shared bathrooms, kitchen etc., were not called out clearly before booking the room.But if you are fine with the above, the location right on the hot spot and accessible for most of the amenities
James Callaghan
Was just asked to leave the gaming lounge with my pregnant partner due to Covid restrictions. Even though we live together and were able to order drinks and sit and dine together in other areas of the hotel ? How does this happen ? Although polite , your security went over the top in regards to asking a couple to leave who had been together all night ?
Angelia Meehan (Angie)
Clean rooms, comfortable beds, great prices, great location directly above the pub in the centre of town so everything was within walking distance, staff were absolutely fantastic and helpful. The only negative aspect I had with my stay was the water in the shower for the shared bathrooms alternated constantly between hot and cold, other than that was lovely and would recommend to everyone. Id happily stay again.
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