Portsea Hotel, Portsea VIC

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Portsea Hotel, Portsea VIC

The Portsea Hotel is a hotel located in Portsea, Victoria. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.9 out of 3120 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
An issue with our lunch could have resulted in a poor rating and us never returning, were it not for Dilan the Assistant Venue Manager. Dilan handled the issue professionally, politely and best of all honestly. He was very impressive and managed to turn us back into happy customers. Well done Dilan, you should be promoted to Venue Manager, you've got what it takes!
3746 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea VIC 3944
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM

Latest reviews for Portsea Hotel, Portsea VIC

Chris T
They're having a laugh here. Skeleton staff but a 15% surcharge. All the food arrived at the same time despite ordering entrees. Eye fillets at $55 a pop were dry and overcooked. One was returned given it was inedible, then a fresh replaced with plastic or brown paper still attached. Well done. Calamari never came. When I asked for a refund on the calamari, they gave me cash for the normal amount, not adjusted for the 15% surcharge. Hard to leave quietly here when you get this ripped off, but we did since it's not really the fault of the very few staff that were actually rostered. If you can't run a business sustainably whilst still charging a premium and a surcharge, then close your doors. You're a disaster.
Caitlin Clifton
The food at the hotel was fantastic! We had a slight hiccup with our original order (salmon which was over cooked) but the staff quickly offered a replacement which was lovely and well managed. The accommodation is good but thin walls. Book a room with a private bathroom for sure. Robes and slippers were a lovely touch! Beautiful view of the bay from the room.
Mayada Micevski
The Portsea Pub is a gem! The food is absolutely fantastic - every dish we tried was delicious and beautifully presented. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a perfect blend of cozy charm and vibrant energy. The staff were friendly and attentive, making our visit even more enjoyable. Whether you're looking for a place to relax with friends or enjoy a special meal, the Portsea Pub is the place to be. Highly recommend!
Sarz Connaz
Beautiful place to have lunch!
We tried to get a table but were told by the guy on the front desk...good luck with that!
We felt like scavengers waiting for people to finish their meals so we could take the table!
The place was jam packed, but the bottom level was closed, which would have catered for another 20 people.
I understand first in first served....we got a table and had a lovely lunch but management should open up the place to its capacity! Overall food was great and atmosphere once we got a table.
piero delia
Rooms are very close together so you pretty much hear everything. Old school accommodation which may please some. No lifts to upstairs.
Overall service by front of house adequate, very limited car parking for guests. Car bay restrictions will ease from April 30th which I'm sure will help. Bar and restaurant facilities are fine and up to date. Nice vibe.
Irina Smith
My daughter and I had lunch at the restaurant. The service provided by Tayler upon our visit was absolutely outstanding! I wish more people like him worked in this industry! Taylor have shown us a very welcoming gesture and being very helpful, let alone using a great sense of humour making all guests happy. We also enjoyed the venue, the atmosphere and of course, the view ;-). Thank you.
Sumi Jalani
Came on a nice Sunday. Arrived at midday, ended up served for food at 2:45pm.

Initially every time we asked for an ETA staff were rude. One waiter said "they can't just go into the kitchen to check, there's too many dockets". At the 2 hour mark, I got up and spoke to the girl with green hair. She said "it's a 1 hour 45 minute wait" (after already waiting that long), didn't even bother checking with the kitchen where our order was. Great! Would've been nice if you told us it was a 2 hour+++ wait before we sat down and ordered.

Mind you the place is hardly full, we're surrounded by empty tables. Table next to us was still waiting for their meal. In the end I went down to the kitchen who said they were on it right away. We found 1-2 waiters who were apologetic about the experience, ended up giving us a refund and acknowledged the kitchen was having issues. Could've been solved an hour into it if the initial staff members bothered to actually help us.
Craig Leite
Sitting at the Portsea hotel for an anniversary lunch with my husband. Ordered a glass of most expensive champagne on the wine list. Was given half a glass of flat champagne with zero bubbles. Returned to the bar they were apologetic and opened a fresh bottle but bar staff should be able to tell if they are pouring flat champagne. My husband was served his meal thirty minutes ago which he ate alone as I'm still waiting for my wood fired pizza. Couple next to us had to re order their drinks three times and despite being here before we arrived decided to give up waiting for their meals and asked for a refund. One minute after they left their food arrived. Couple on the other side of us have waited for one hour for their meals. Looks like I'll be eating my pizza for dinner at this rate. Not even that busy, good luck in summer people!! Go support a small local business who aren't relying on trading on their name only. Disappointed.
The Portsea Pub is an institution on the Mornington Peninsula. On a sunny Saturday or Sunday you cannot get near this place. We visited on a lovely sunny Thursday and had no problem getting a table in the window with a great view. We ordered our food and drinks via the QR code system on the table. Here's where things go off the rails. The drinks took way too long to get to us but we were conscious that it wasn't busy and there weren't a lot of staff on. We weren't in a hurry so we chilled out. At the point where it had been 1 hour since we ordered our food we let the staff know that we ordered an hour ago can you please check on our food.

Here's where things got back on track and a not so good experience was turned into a fantastic experience due to the guy running the restaurant. I wish I'd got his name.

After less than 5 minutes this guy came to our table and took a seat to explain what had happened to our order. Basically the kitchen staff stuffed up our order. He instantly suggested that we order something else for free, he refunded what we paid for our food and also gave us a round of drinks on the house.

The food was great. The beer was great and this guy did a magnificent job of admitting that a stuff up had occurred and instantly offered a solution and compensation without us needing to ask.

It's a popular pub because of its fantastic location, great food and excellent service.
Natalie Senior
My review is on the bar not the hotel or food. We dropped in on a Saturday late afternoon after a walk and wanted a drink. The bar had a good selection of beers and wines. We were proactively offered a table in the main restaurant area but declined and found our own table outside.
The outside area is lovely with great views and lots of space.
The bar staff were friendly and we enjoyed some banter with a member of staff clearing tables outside. I personally like the interaction with staff as it gives a unique experience.
Melanie Vega
Every visit to Portsea Hotel is a joy! The combination of delicious food and stunning views never gets old. But it's Stacey who truly makes each experience memorable. Despite the hustle and bustle, she goes the extra mile to ensure we feel right at home. Hats off to her dedication! Looking forward to our next celebration here.
Allen Lees
Very disappointed yesterday 25/8/23.
Having to order using QR code is confusing and didn't work.
We placed two orders for the table, one came in good time and looked great.
My order of fish and chips and a calamari with chips ($12 extra) didn't come.
After 45mins I questioned a waitress and asked about our order, she didn't come back.
One of our party actually went in to the serving area and asked about our order. He showed them my phone which had the order confirmation and the payment of $78 including a tip !$
The original waitress returned to our table with a laptop and said she had not received any order and asked me to reorder.
I again showed her an email with my order confirmation and the amount paid.
She disappeared and 90mins after my original order was placed our meal arrived....without the $12 chips and the Calamari was terrible.
I was offered a free coffee for the inconvenience...we just wanted to leave.
I bring my family to your hotel whenever I am visiting and drive 90mins to get there and 90mins back, we won't be again.
$190 for a chicken parmigiana, fish and chips ( no salad) and calamari (No chips or salad) and 3 drinks is excessive at best, but we are happy to pay for the location and great service.....
Our experience was disappointing at best.
Julia Stephens
It's a lovely spot and good for kids (who can have a run on the lawn) but the level of noise inside where we were seated was crazy!!!!

I would just be mindful if you're hoping for a chat over lunch it's completely dependent on where you are seated. We couldn't hear each other so just sat not talking basically ?
Karen pritchard
This review is just on the bistro, didn't stay at the hotel. Normally wouldn't bother with a review because the meal was good, not special in any way, pricey, but a good size feed. However what has inspired me to write the review was the great staff. Friendly, had time for a quick chat and a laugh, asked our names and used them, this turned an ordinary experience into an above average experience. Thanks especially to Tyler and Ros for taking the time to have a chat and a laugh, you are very valuable to this business. Good Job :)
Christine Bui
This used to be a regular must do every trip but sadly I'm not sure we'll return. We ordered Salmon and two burgers and each meal was disappointing. The Salmon was overcooked and the accompanying salad was zucchini in olive oil. The burgers didn't come with sauce, and when we requested some the waitress snapped at us and told us that we needed to order it at the bar. When we ordered sauce at the bar, not only where we charged for it, but was told to go to the kitchen ourselves to collect it.

Whilst the location is fantastic it's not enough to make us return. We were also taking an overseas family member here after a day trip which was clearly a mistake and not representative of the great food and service Melbourne has to offer.
Seisia Lee
The pub is lovely, great environment and views however the food quality and staff were very disappointing.
The fish and chips were extremely oily with oil pooling on the plate, for $34 you'd expect better.
We ordered via the QR code and waited an extensive time for the drinks to come out. My cider was delayed to come out - after 40 minutes and 2 follow ups I needed to go to the bar and ask again, that's when they finally handed it to me. The pub wasn't busy at this time as we arrived at 11:30 as they opened so unsure why everything was so slow.
S.Caroline Hey
A lovely old-become-new hotel. If you plan a family party there such as a wedding and you want to have all guests hosted, this should be a good place. If you are traveling and need a 1-night rest, it's good enough. It is definitely overpriced for what's on offer. The rooms are small and minimalistic. If you have the shared bathroom option, brace for some 80's feels. Very low budget bathrooms. Staff is friendly but understaffed when we stayed here. Direct access to Port Phillip Bay water edge does allow a morning dip within a very short walking distance. - Served its purpose but not coming back.
Beautiful casual dining. Family friendly. The staff were so smiley and friendly throughout. Food was absolutely delicious, probably the best chicken burger and wood fired pizzas we've had. Very impressed, we will definitely be back.
Sharon D
Didn't stay in the rooms so gave a 4 to be fair. Had a meal here on a Sunday & it was busy. The Hotel is lovely & has beautiful views but unfortunately there were a few issues with two of the meals & for the prices they overall weren't that great. One meal had to go back but saying that we couldn't fault the service in regard to this & it was dealt with very professionally. Lovely spot to spend an afternoon though!
Daria AG
Review of the restaurant only.

Buzzing atmosphere. Fresh seafood. Great flavours.

Come early to save your spot! Anyone walking in after 1 PM might be turned away or looking at a long wait. However, it is worth the wait!

We tried several dishes and everything was great, well seasoned and delicious. The pizza and mussels were exceptional.

Service can be slow because they are very busy but the food still came out in good time. Self serve for cutlery, plates, water etc. Order from the bar for quicker drinks too.

All in all, great spot and worth the drive! Will be back and highly recommended.
Grace Wright
Beautiful area to eat inside or outside! There's a great grassy area for kids or animals to play and you can watch boats sail and people playing in the water! You could come and just get drinks and enjoy the weather. We had pizza, fish and chips, and a Parma - Food was delicious with large portions! I'm visiting from the US, and would highly recommend!
The venue has been nicely renovated, overlooking greenery and then the ocean, the service here wasn't the best, with QR codes for ordering or having to go up to the bar, the drinks and food was pricey for what you got, espresso martini was small and watered down, the eye fillet was small and dry, the mushroom sauce was not visible, it needed a proper amount of sauce provided on the side. Would definitely visit again and would hope some improvements were made.
Amanda Pockett
The one star is for the refurbishment setting views and nothing else.
We booked a table at 6.30pm. Ordered for 3 people at 6.40pm. 2 meals came at 7.20 pm, one without the mushroom sauce to go over a steak. At 7.25 pm, I asked where my freshly handmade ricotta gnocchi was, as their meals were going cold, so they started. At 7.35 pm the mushroom sauce arrived and I was told they forgot to put my order through at all, which finally arrived to the table at between 7.50-8 pm. It was just warm enough to eat, and I would say 'not freshly handmade', nor light and fluffy gnocchi, but I was really hungry by then - and my guests had finished their meals. Like many reviews have said, the side salads are all lettuce. Such a shame because it's beautifully furnished with views to die for, but not the food , nor the service . They offered a complimentary round of drinks, and no charge for the just warm gnocchi. Very poor. Ended up with a voucher to return. However , not in a rush to revisit, until they can get their act together.
Tina Almukhtar
We went for a last minute lunch while we were having a walk at the nearby beach, we were given a table with excellent views. The staff were friendly. The food arrived in time, and it was tasty. Each one of us liked their dishes. Will definitely return when we go I the area again.
Angela Tran
I went there on my short holiday trip, it was a nice restaurant and my first time being there.
I was celebrating an anniversary, food was good!
A good selection of wine and a nice view!
I wished i was closer to outside but there was a wedding happening.
I recommend the lamb shanks and lasagne!
Will be back!
gyzies sales
Totally not what we expected, we received a lot of good feedback from friends however it didn't met our expectations! Food wasn't good, staff are not well experienced I think only 2 are senior then the rest are all trainee, they forgot to include one of our order so it was served very late and few of the dish in the menu are not available.
The good thing is the ambience are very nice especially in summer.
Danielle Hale
Highly recommend a getaway here. Only stayed for the night but the experience we had with the staff was A+ and they went out of their way to make us feel welcomed. Dinner was cozy near the fire, they were definitely busy but I can see why with the nice atmosphere (inside & out!) and wood fired pizzas. Cutest stay in Portsea right by the water and national park. Thanks Portsea! Well be back for summer.
N Heymann
Nice place to have a beer or two, or have a good meal. Can sit inside or outside, in nicely renovated areas.
Can get full and parking becomes an issue. Portsea is also a place for those who like to go diving in Port Phillip Bay. This adds to the crowds on weekends and public holidays. Best time is during weekdays when open. Check opening times. Can recommend the place.
Deidre Timms
We had a lovely lunch today and the waiting and bar staff were friendly, helpful and considerate. Ruth who works on a Monday, arranged a cushion and a new chair for my elderly friend. She was friendly and extremely polite and had a great sense of fun. Well done Portsea Hotel. I hope the barman with the cut finger recovers well.
Lisa Foran
An issue with our lunch could have resulted in a poor rating and us never returning, were it not for Dilan the Assistant Venue Manager. Dilan handled the issue professionally, politely and best of all honestly. He was very impressive and managed to turn us back into happy customers. Well done Dilan, you should be promoted to Venue Manager, you've got what it takes!
Lyn Ferrall
A delightful if somewhat cool visit for lunch. We found a lovely table....no booking necessary for outside...where we could enjoy the ocean view in the sunshine but unfortunately the sunshine wasn't obliging. We opted for the queue to place our orders although a quick look at the online app available at the table looked very user friendly. Our food arrived quickly. My cappachio could have had a little more flavour with more oil and garlic but was certainly tasty. My partner's meal of sausage pasta was tasty enough but a little dry. After a stroll in the gardens in the sunshine...yes it did oblige after an hour or so...we had our second drink inside. The decor in here was delightful. Lots of lush indoor plants, comfortable furniture and an open fire for colder months. We found the staff pleasant, efficient and not over attentive. Prices perhaps a tad high but we were in Portsea!
Felistas Tawonezwi
Beautiful vibe and atmosphere. Perfect for families. We snagged the best outdoor table, and enjoyed the view and the people going for a swim. We went for Sunday lunch. Best to go just before noon cause it gets quite busy after, and you may have to wait in line.
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