Racecourse Hotel Werribee, Werribee VIC

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This venue has just closed

Racecourse Hotel Werribee, Werribee VIC

The Racecourse Hotel Werribee is a hotel located in Werribee, Victoria. They have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 547 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
This was our fallback pub for the day, but seemed clean and cosy. The waitresses were very friendly and helpful. The Guinness Pie was sensational! (I want that recipe). Would have given 10 if the mashed potato was up to par, so 9.5. I'll be back.
78 Cottrell St, Werribee VIC 3030
This venue has just closed

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
This venue has just closed

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Latest reviews for Racecourse Hotel Werribee, Werribee VIC

Jacqueline Wilson
Great pub meal very nice menu
Michelle Mavrou
This is a case of not judging a book. Looking a bit tired from the outside, this renovated gem has real linen napkins, heaps of charm, and great food. The staff were a bit flat, but it may have just been that day. I would definately go again, and looking forward to trying more of their menu.
Paul Webb
Lovely food and friendly staff. Couldn't fault it.
Steak was amazing
I recently visited the Racecourse Hotel in Werribee for lunch and had a mixed experience. While there were some positive aspects, there were also areas that could use improvement. The restaurant lacked clear instructions on where to wait and be seated, which led to confusion upon arrival. Moreover, the waitresses I encountered were not very pleasant and seemed unwelcoming.

One particular incident stood out when I simply took a menu and sat down, only to be reprimanded by a waitress who went on about the waiter's station and how menus shouldn't be taken without permission. This seemed unnecessary and left a negative impression. I also witnessed another customer being scolded for simply looking at the menu.

On a positive note, the gentleman behind the bar provided excellent service and was the highlight of my visit. His friendliness and professionalism were commendable, and he made the overall experience more enjoyable.

In order to enhance customer satisfaction, it would be beneficial for the Racecourse Hotel to clearly communicate their seating procedures and ensure that all staff members exhibit good manners. A more welcoming and accommodating atmosphere would greatly contribute to the overall dining experience.

Overall, my visit to the Racecourse Hotel in Werribee had its ups and downs. While the bar service was exceptional, the unfriendly waitresses and lack of clear instructions on seating left a negative impression. I hope that the restaurant takes these aspects into consideration and works towards improving their customer service in the future.
Pamela Rumpelmayer
I find this hotel isn't that good anymore. We used to go there quite a bit before coved. The McGuiness pie was pretty ordinary, not as nice as it used to be. The chicken Kiev was tasteless, I couldn't taste the garlic, no sauce. Won't be going back
Scott Clayton
I live SE suburbs and have some ongoing short term evening work, close by this place. My son and I have eaten here three times now and have been amazed at the quality of food served. The menu is also regularly updated, so the variety has been amazing too.
The staff are very friendly and helpful and I really like the atmosphere of the bistro.
The next couple of weeks will certainly be gracing us with some good feeds!
The service was excellent and the meal was so good 5 stars for the staff and food
Kristine McCormack
We usually enjoy the Racecourse Hotel Restaurant, the food is good and plentiful. The last two times however were disappointing due to a waitress who is very gruff and really put a dampener on the evening. Now I know she was busy and the only one on the floor, however there is a way to talk to patrons with out barking at them and making them feel unwelcome. I have worked as a server myself for many years and served a full restaurant on my own, I know the frustration. However I never barked at any of my patrons. Very disappointed in the service last night and has turned us off.
This was our fallback pub for the day, but seemed clean and cosy. The waitresses were very friendly and helpful. The Guinness Pie was sensational! (I want that recipe). Would have given 10 if the mashed potato was up to par, so 9.5. I'll be back.
Gary McSweeney
Great pub, great publican and staff and an amazing steak. A solid old school type of pub. If you like the service of the 80's, 90's you'll love this place.

Could not recommend enough.
The food is pretty good! Outside it looks very small and a little dirty, but it's incredibly clean and well kept inside. Staff are also super friendly. Great for lunch or dinner with friends
Brad Johnson
Smallest parmi in vic, would hate to see a kids size.... and flat beer.... nice lady though
Tegan D
Delicious pub meals, serving size wasn't to big or to small. Nice atmosphere.
Gen O
Food is always great. Love the girls there but a few have been pretty rude last few times. Maybe just dealing with customers all night? Usually just excellent all the time.
Alan M
Loved it, its got this great old school vibe. Great atmosphere. Good menu. Wife's pasta surprisingly spicy and cheesy garlic bread a bit light on the cheese was all.
Drew Whitey
They bar and wait staff are awesome, the chef something totally different. Won't be coming back any time soon.
Carla Bailey
Last minute decision to call in on the way home and what a great decision it was. We were calling in for 1 but ended up staying and had several. Barman in the public bar was awesome and Kate in the pokies bar was wonderful. Locals were inviting.
Tracey Hanson
Love this place it's our go to for a hearty great pub meal. Great steak cooked to perfection, great Parma etc. However last night we arrived at the time we booked to be told that, "we should not have had that booking and that someone should not have given us that time??"
We have been dining here for years and celebrated many family parties here but never greeted like that.
Also every time we have dined here we have been given bread for our table. When we asked for the bread we were told, that they were too busy to give out bread...not sure where that came from. She said that no other tables had been given bread due to how busy they were...before Covid you were busy, and we have dined with you when you have reopened several times, what's the difference now? Also we were given an 8pm seating and the dining room was emptying as we arrived and yet she said that??
Guys you are a great pub and we love eating there but don't change the way you use to work and run the place because you are busy. We will be back but I hope you go back to the way you were or simply say we are not doing bread anymore and remove the side plates and the bread and butter knifes.
Tracy Powell
Our steaks were cooked just right ....large kids meals , prompt service ... and the waitress ran out with our daughters toy as she nearly left it behind .Thank you ?
Mia 2166
Food is spectacular here. The chefs cater wonderfully to dietary requests and the taste does not disappoint.
The waitstaff & barstaff are always so friendly, and there's always service with a smile.

Would come back again and again.
Maree McLeod
The Parma topping was really hot but the chicken it's self was just warm. Service was good. Have not been there for a few years know why the food was average.
Twisted Ronin
- Staff are extremely friendly and on point.
- food is good and tasty.
- Honest bang for buck with pricing.
Shane Costa
Great service and great food. We attended for a function and everything was managed well. The Birthday Boy enjoyed his night. Well done to the team...
Jessica Chen
Good price and the dishes's portion are enough to share or for someone who are hungry. Tasty too. Recently just had a chefs special, happy for the service and the food. Will keep going back.
Chenny Chen
Had dinner here at the bistro - very surprised with the quality of food/service received. The food was fantastic, with medium pricing. The feel of the bistro was classic Australian, a nice retro/throwback vibe! To top it all off the service received was excellent - the waitresses were incredibly easily to talk to and very approachable, plus quick. The only thing that could be improved is the variety of food to choose from (not a big deal though). Very satisfied customer, and I will be coming back again.
geoff wain
Just new to the area and trying to find a good watering hole. Found it at the racecourse hotel. Good place for a few beers and a chat, but they charge a $1.50 more for a beer than other places. I have to keep looking.
Shona Mac
Brilliant lunch, thank you Ashton for your outstanding service and help with gluten free requests, amazing food, there were 4 of us dining and each of us agreed that food, wine and service are A Class!!! Thank you! Amazing flathead fillets, huge serving and absolutely delicious and also chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce, beautiful! Thank you! Highly recommend!
Graeme Foster
Very good food. Service was a little slow but prices were very reasonable. First time visitor but will certainly be going back.
Collin Dierickx
Good meals. Attentive, friendly staff. Reasonable prices. The dining room was almost full, but not noisy, and had a good atmosphere. We enjoyed Portuguese chicken salad and the beef pie Will go again.
Creswell D'Rosario
Very pleasant dining experience. All COVID19 precautions in place. Meals were great and reasonably priced. Service was a little slow but staff were very friendly. Will be back again.
liz anderson
I was very impressed by our food and service. Our waiter went out of his way to accommodate my dietary needs. Our food was spectacular.We had the salmon and the linguine marinara and highly recommend a visit here
Peter Nash
Normally the service is usually quick but tonight we got our meals quite late in a not so busy night. Keeping 3 year olds focused was a challenge too. Meals were good though
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