Railway Hotel Fitzroy North, Fitzroy North VIC

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Railway Hotel Fitzroy North, Fitzroy North VIC

The Railway Hotel Fitzroy North is a hotel located in Fitzroy North, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 154 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
One of my favourite places to eat! Having a battle within myself whether the spaghetti is better than the lasagna; win win. Always upbeat and solid vibes.
800 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Opening hours

Tuesday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Opening hours

Tuesday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Latest reviews for Railway Hotel Fitzroy North, Fitzroy North VIC

If I could give less than 1 stars for service I would. If working at the Railway is that bad find another job! Don't waste your time or money, so many more enjoyable pubs in the area. Go support them and enjoy your night out!
Cesar Abel Riascos Astorquiza
Nice place, good atmosphere!
Food just terrible.
Ordered the Meatballs ( weren't available). Then I ordered the crudo( fish sashimi) was just terrible! A old piece of fish garnished with paprika and raw snow peas, 3 small pieces of orange. First fish for a crudo, should be very fresh, then you need a good citrus dressing and evo! The garnish fresh herbs, radish, celery, fennel, etc...simple but nice.
Then I asked to change it for a bowl of chips ?????,...
Chips are not good!
Hopefully they change the chef!
Steven Pearman
One of my favourite places to eat! Having a battle within myself whether the spaghetti is better than the lasagna; win win. Always upbeat and solid vibes.
samuel crowley
Amazing place !!! Loved the atmosphere and vibe ! Good food and drinks came out quick ! The attitude of the servers however was a little unwelcoming. A simple request was taken as a death threat lol. I got a Parma and it was amazing, the waiter who served it was all sass though, maybe a rough week ? Good luck to you honey. Maybe don't bring personal constraints that effect your service. Loved it anyways babes!! Would recommend with caution ?? love yas !!!!!
Tom Hughes
Great little local neighbourhood style pub. Food is really tasty, but the portions are small and it is very expensive. $32 for chicken leg with some veggies ??
Elizabeth Moulton
Really was there to hear the band that was on. Yolanda Ingley II & band, and they were great!!
Troy Thompson
Good beers. Lots of space, big beer garden. Food is good value. Service can be a little laid back at times so patience is required.
iCheck TPMS
Good local pub and friendly staff. Food and timing of meals coming out were awful. Many better pub meals elsewhere close by. Definitely won't eat there again.
Nimzee Nims
Fabulous Vibe, great food, wonderful atmosphere but best of all a really great selection of craft beers and ciders to choose from. Book a table..!
C O'Neill
Classic pub whose new owners know not to mess with a successful formula. Delicious pub fare including great range for vegans and vegetarians
Rodney Petersen
Good solid Italian fare that was reasonably priced and arrived quickly despite being busy. Great waitstaff service. Good beer.
Terry Finch
Good food. Fun mixed crowd on a trivia night. Very drinkable red for under $30 by the bottle. The package is hard to beat.
Highly sincere environment. The people are ???'? beautiful. Everyone needs to come here immediately. Tuesdays, forget it, best experience of my entire life. You will never forget your times at the railway.
Tim Chapman
Great pub. Old school. Awesome fun.
Brian Hinselwood
Great hotel , beautiful food and nice staff, very friendly place to visit.
Romaine Logere
Great old school pub prices. And one of the few places I know of that still does really good offal (which is great - if you're into that sort of thing).
Private Private
Love this pub...started going back there after covid19 restrictions were lifted. Classic old style pub with Classic old timers...decor unchanged. A welcome blast from the past friendly and good honest staff, locals, food and atmosphere....hope it never changes...and beautiful quiet beer garden...Paul Edwards
Daniel Caruso
I booked this place for dinner with friends several days before arriving. Even that experience was difficult.
Despite having a web site apparently for the purpose, it wasn't able to accommodate bookings.
So instead I emailed, explaining the issue.
I was told to call - no problem, I did.
After some difficulty I was eventually able to.
When myself and guests arrived at the time booked.... well, the fun started....
Upon walking in the front door, we were asked if we'd been anywhere else previously.
Then we were told they were too busy.
When I pointed out I'd booked for dinner, they looked at the book (allegedly) and claimed we had booked for 30 minutes prior to our booking.
I pointed out we hadn't (and had an email proving it). We were reluctantly told to find a table outside. And if we wanted to eat we had to order in less than 5 minutes.
Then the final indignation was that when we found a table, and asked for service, we were refused it.

We immediately found welcoming and warm service at The Great Northern.

Despite having been previously, we will NEVER go to the Railway again. And certainly ensure our friends do the same.

Worst customer service I've received in all of Melbourne for many years
Haven't been for 28 years, but was on my bucket list for after lock down. Just as good as I remember except no spaghetti pesto so had fettuccine. Not gentrified, just classic pub. Loved it.
Greg Rindel
Authentic pub, plus Italian cuisine - score. Wine at bottle store prices, stunning outside seating under grape vine pergola.
John Reece
The sad thing about writing this review is that they I have happy memories of The Railway as a classic inner north Melbourne pub that served excellent pub classics, and some wonderful hearty and well cooked Italian food. The decor always left something to be desired, and they had this weird system for wine whereby you just went into another part of the pub to the bottle shop, picked your wine, and took it back to the pub where they stuck a couple of bucks on it. I liked that, and they had (and still have) a pretty good range of wines and very reasonable prices.

Eight friends and I dined here recently on a Thursday night, and the whole experience was an unmitigated disaster from beginning to end. Not one person enjoyed their meal. Let me be specific: My veal parma was a very small serve of tough veal and very sparse topping (although the napoli sauce was pretty good). About eight chips accompanied the meal, and I have attache a photo of the so-called side salad. Oh, by the way, nothing had been eaten from that salad--that's how it landed on the table.

I ordered an $18 antipasto platter for the table to share. The tiny serve of very ordinary antipasto barely covered the middling sized plate it was served on. The meats were OK, but it wasn't served with any bread or accompaniments of any sort. At $7.50 or even $10 it would still have been ordinary, but at least cheap. At $18 it was a bald-face rip-off. There would have been about $3.00 worth of produce on the plate.

There was also close to an hour's gap between the antipasto and the main, despite the fact that I asked for the antipasto to come at the same time as the mains.

One of my companions ordered goat with polenta. When the tiny serve arrived with chips and salad, there was no polenta. When he asked, he was told that if you ordered chips and salad with the goat, you didn't get polenta, Eh?

No-one had a meal they enjoyed. Steak was tough, and the mixed grills were sparse and ordinary. The table was given two small plates of bread that was none too fresh.

Overall, it was a shocking dining experience. We have all put a massive line through this place and will never eat there again. The only good thing about the meal was some good wine at a very reasonable price.

As I said at the start of this review, the sad thing about this experience was that all of us had very happy memories of some excellent unpretentious pub classics and Italian food at this once venerable institution.
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