Royal Hotel, Springwood NSW

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Royal Hotel, Springwood NSW

The Royal Hotel is a hotel located in Springwood, New South Wales. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 464 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Royal Hotel is 43km from Sydney CBD so why not stop by when you are next in the area.
What a great place to go for dinner. Quiet so conversation was easy, spacious, great outlook, food was tasty and delicious. My husband very happy be cause they have Canadian Club on tap. Also the hot chocolate was one of the best I have had in springwood because it was super hot and not lukewarm like most places. And there was parking underneath. Highly recommend.
220 Macquarie Rd, Springwood NSW 2777

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 01:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

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Latest reviews for Royal Hotel, Springwood NSW

Kitchen Insider
What's that smell? Never a good start to the stay. Turns out the fridge needed defrosting in 1987, and the engines been working full steam since. As a result, whatever was behind there over the years, never cleaned, lived in its own sauna...hence the smell. Hard to notice over the polar vortex of the fan. Why do they leave it on maximum? Coz on minimum, the setting you need to combat the closed windows, to combat the train noise that shakes thebplace every now and then...well, that fan makes such noise that means you suffer the trains instead. This is the level of care for the rooms. Downstairs they seem to care a lot more. Though by the look of the meals, the party and grey, frozen, Thai caught farmed barramundi (yeah, it's a thing), the bistro is very much a context thing. I advise you to fill up next door at Dbl Ristretto, skip dinner and brace yourself with ear plugs and an oxygen tank.
emma hormazabal
This is a really nice pub has great food really well priced and great views busy but not too busy has street parking and private parking in the back my new fav pub will be visiting here often
Craig Shaw
Didn't stay here, but stopped by for a gin and tonic on the stoep on a hot day. Great service. Beautiful venue. I would love to return and stay here. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth D
What a great place to go for dinner. Quiet so conversation was easy, spacious, great outlook, food was tasty and delicious. My husband very happy be cause they have Canadian Club on tap. Also the hot chocolate was one of the best I have had in springwood because it was super hot and not lukewarm like most places. And there was parking underneath. Highly recommend.
Genevieve Reed
Oh look another keyboard karen on here! (I bet they yell at child referees). Imagine going to a restaurant and giving a bad review. You'd expect that any sane person would not go there again as they don't like it. But returning to badmouth and make fun of the people to work there. I wouldn't trust someone who goes out of their way to demean service workers who are doing their best and as they are told.

The service is great, the staff are lovely and the food is awesome! Use google reviews for what they are made for, constructive criticism, not to tear down workers.
Steamie Cheese
Donald the security guard was such a friendly and wonderful addition to my nights experience. He truly made my night enjoyable and was happy to hold a warming and approachable conversation with both myself and my family. He continuously looked out for our well being and safety. I felt welcomed and at ease knowing Donald was looking after us tonight.
I had the blonde joe as my server tonight. A proficient , respectful and kind young man. I had the joy of being served by him. Also, the security guard Donald was efficient and also kind! He made sure the group I was with was both safe and happy.
Overall, a very enjoyable experience due to the attention to detail, kindness and respect fullness of the staff! They all deserve a raise!
E Faivre
The wonderful young man, I believe is called 'Joe' served me and my entire table in a professional and friendly manner. He was very attentive to everyone's needs, clearing the table with a joking positive attitude that made everyone feel welcome!
The security guard Donald was also very approachable and friendly. Overall, the raised my mood and made it an eventful and enjoyable time. Thanks to the both of them!!
Tahlia Woolley
Blond Jo is the best server I've ever witnessed. By god, I swear to Jesus Christ, my lord and saviour. He is the most proficient server I have ever had the pleasure to be served by. His stacking skills are elite, truly changed my life. If Gordon Ramsey were witnessing his skills he would propose on the spot. Please give him a raise!
Colleen Foxe
I had the 'moisture infused' pork cutlet with colcannon, green beans and jus. This was THE best pork cutlet I've ever eaten!! Thick and oh so tender! (I asked and yes, it was souvided first). The beans were cooked crispy to perfection and the jus was terrific. This is a step above the usual pub fare. Way above!!
Zach Pirangi
We stayed one night, great location across from train station. Quick and easy check-in. Beds, bedding and pillows very comfy, quiet room, good heater much appreciated. Very impressed, great value. Lovely modest accommodation, more than we expected from pub accommodation. Highly recommend.
Susan Raice
We were a group of 6 people over 50. We had been to a concert nearby and wanted to go in for a drink before we caught the train to Katoomba. The security guard refused us entry and it was clear it was based on our age and for no other reason. Disgraceful and disappointing.
A horrendous sleep. It was a very humid night & there was no aircon in our room, we were laying in our beds sweating. The ceiling fan was annoyingly noisy with a rattle. We had to open the window and suffer the noise from freight trains, the late night band and eagar crowd to combat the heat. One of my worst sleeps. Good pub though and food is pricey ($30 for an average parmy and side of sauce)
Julitha Suckling
Went with family twice in the last month for a meal, first time I was sick due to the advertised gluten free options NOT being gluten free at all. The second time, being more aware I opted to request extremely specific selections and was offered a red wine jus which I questioned and was informed rudely that all it contains is red wine and beef stock therefore gluten free. Beefsteak is NOT gluten free!!!!!! Educate yourselves before you are reported for dangerous false advertising
Before I stayed here, I read some of the comments to get an idea of what it like here. Well, I found it very comfortable, clean, convenient for public transport, the bistro served great food and reasonably priced. When you stay in a pub, you get what you pay for. For 1 night under $100, I can't complain. I don't believe some of the comments from people who stayed here were even true. For the ones who complained about this place, I think you got it wrong. This is a great place and I'll be back for sure.
Tracey Clegg
The Royal Hotel Springwood, Not Just a Pub, Has Accommodation Upstairs. Food Is Decent and Reasonably Priced.

On Tuesday Nights NXS Sounds Hosts Gee Quiz, A Family Friendly Trivia Show On With PRizes to Be Won.... ?

Thursday Nights NXS Sounds Raises The Roof With Locals Busting Out Tunes For Karaoke ??.

On Weekends You Can Have a Few Drinks ?? After Dinner and Rock out With Live Bands.

Staff Are Friendly And Helpful.
Beautiful Boy
Best bistro food and always so consistent! They haven't really upped their prices either. They have slightly reduced thier portion sizes but they're still decent sized meals.

Most of the bar staff are very friendly bar a few but that's the case everywhere.
Dorothy Harris
Very tired after a long drive we grabbed a room, generally we enjoy staying on old pubs!. The whole place needs carpets cleaned in hallways as they are smelly with artificial stuff used in men's toilets to try and hide a musty smell. Bedside tables were grubby. The bed was comfortable and shower good. I couldn't sleep though because of the smell. With elbow grease and a paint job this spacious pub in the centre of town would come up a treat. Has large bar and dining area which investment would reap a return as a great place for functions. The only saving grace was it was near a fine dining wine and whiskey tapas bar we could walk to for dinner. So Mr Owner do something about it spend some money on the Hotel.
Paul Lomas
Stayed here with a friend over the weekend with mixed results, hence the 3 stars.

Room 3 - quite dirty in many ways, carpet/walls and storage, but the bathroom was clean.
No turn down service (3 night stay) but requested extra towels and they were more than accommodating.

Food was tasty and reasonably priced

Entertainment - Bands on Friday and Saturday night were both enjoyable to watch and listen to.

Not sure I would choose to stay here again, maybe only as a last resort 😎
Glenys Simon
had a lovely light meal of trout , with truffle mash potato and salsa, so tasty, and beautiful presented with eatable flowers. I will be going back to try other dishes from the menu.
Galileo Sutherland-west
Great atmosphere, halloumi is delicious too. No Sydbey prices here either. Wonderful meal and company. Just a classic small town pub. Can't go wrong.
Staff didn't know what they were doing. Didn't stir their drinks and watered down the alcohol. One staff member was incredibly rude too. Some of the young people there wee very nice though, feel bad they have to work at such a terrible place
Leonie O'Connell
Really great food and friendly service. We were told that the steaks here are the best in the mountains. My husband ordered the scotch fillet and it lived up to the promise. Perfectly cooked, tender and delicious. I just wanted something light so had the halloumi bruschette and it was fabulous.
Michael Levenston
Great traditional pub in the middle of Springwood. Great range of beer, they serve pizza all night - so your can have a cheeky bite after the theatre. We loved their charity appeal, very humorous
Wayne Ross
Stopped in at the Royal on Friday night. Quiet, outside, great band inside. Only, Stopped by for a drink and warm-up before I caught the train home. Next time, I'll have 3. Great,friendly atmosphere, and the staff and the locals were very welcoming ??
Scott Rollo
Typical country town pub feel. We got their quite late as the kitchen was almost closed. Our party order Schnitzel Rolls, Steak Sandwiches and a Schnitzel. All of the food was delicious, especially the Pepper gravy. Decor was modern, clean and spacious. It was State of origin night and there was no problems with service. It was warm and cosy considering it was 4 degrees outside. Did not get a chance to try the steaks but the food was very nice. All in all a good experience.
Philip Jenkinson
What a surprise! Lovely, friendly and helpful staff and some great pub grub at the lunch we had there recently. Their burgers really hit the spot! Plus prices on pale ales and Chardonnay by the glass were reasonable and the quality was very good. I'd recommend.
Damita Enholm
Great atmosphere specifically the live music on Saturday 29/5,bistro also serves very nice food.
Kevin Robson
We had a wake here on Wednesday 12/5/21 for 22 people. The service and food was excellent. Can't fault these guys. They kept the food coming and it was always hot and tasty. Great coffee to.
Peter fitzpatrick
Great place for karaoke every Thursday night the people who run the karaoke show the last song everybody gets up and sings , friendly atmosphere
the bar staff only to happy to serve you, especially a young Lady named Lily a she bought over to my table glass of beer and I show her my tattoo of my late wife her name is also Lily.
A great hotel more than 5 stars but 10 stars
Tracey Slater
Cosy bar nicely fitted out but with not too many frills. Excellent place to go to after a big bush walk in the Blue Mountains. Live music on the weekends. Karaoke Thursday nights if you are feeling daring. Balcony area for al fresco dining. The food is very nice - I've had a few items from their menu as a repeat customer- it is also reasonably priced . The staff are super friendly. So far, my favourite place to get fed and watered after trashing myself in the bush.
Verna Curtis
Meals took long to prep but was worth the wait.
Needs better disability access so you don't have to wade through the smokers in the beer garden.Really nice snittys though.
Great little pub to stop at for a schooner when I'm out doing a quick circuit on the bike.
Beth Smith
Apart from waiting to be served the food was fine. Just need to be more aware that people don't wish to sit around waiting to order.
Elizabeth Palmer
The hospitality was amazing and the hotel has a wonderful traditional pub style character and is well worth a visit. The accommodation is surprisingly quiet and has everything you would expect provided for business or private related travel. My female friend and I traveled from Queensland to the Blue Mountains a few years ago for a training contract. My friend accidentally booked a double bed instead of two single beds. The hotel manager was excellent in changing the accommodation at short notice. This was the last trip my friend and I took before she passed away in August the same year so this place has a special memory for me.
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