Royal Mail Hotel, Lake Cargelligo NSW

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Royal Mail Hotel, Lake Cargelligo NSW

The Royal Mail Hotel is a hotel located in Lake Cargelligo, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 4 out of 56 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
WOW where do I start, outstanding food service was second to none.

The Royal Mail Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.
14 Foster St, Lake Cargelligo NSW 2672

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Latest reviews for Royal Mail Hotel, Lake Cargelligo NSW

Paul Griffin
While the food & service was great the accommodation itself was atrocious. The bed sheets appeared to not have been changed between customers. The carpets were disgusting & looked to have never been cleaned. The men's shower was awful & did not drain properly sending water out under the door into the next cubicle which did not have taps & was unusable.
Would not stay again. Only gave 1 star because you can't leave no stars.
Glen Cochrane
Far from being salubrious accommodation, dirty carpet in room, male amenities very ordinary, broken glass and peeling paint, and general lack of maintenance make this a 1 star review
Stefan Jones
Brilliant place, central township and simple and easy what you pay for. But a Bushman's snitch is the Bomb, super dinner, cooked perfection and tates delicious
matthew nicholson
I think prison accomodation would be better. Nice food tho
Brad Long
Tremendous food, honestly the best in town.
Alan Nicolle
All I need when travelling is a clean room to sleep and a hot shower in the morning before i leave. I got that here. The bathrooms are a bit old...but then, so am I. I enjoyed my stay and I appreciated the fact that my car and bike were safe locked up in the back area. If you are looking for 5 star accommodation...stay in Sydney. If you like it simple and affordable...stay here.
John Hubner
Good country pub, bit rough around the edges, cheap accommodation, good food friendly staff.
Karen Boland
Compared to other pub accommodation we've stayed in this was disgraceful. We've rated it one star because the room filthy, thickly coated with red dust. Being a Friday night we had to endure hours of over 100 decibel music coming from the balcony only a metre from our bed. The men's shared bathroom was another sad story. Very surprised they charge $120 for this room for a couple even though it is set up with 3 beds. We chose this room as it was the only one with air conditioning. The bed proved to be comfortable and seemed to be clean.
Dinner at the pub was excellent and the staff lovely, five stars there.
What a shame there seems to be no pride or care taken in cleaning and presenting these old pub rooms. With little effort it has the potential to be great.
James Garbutt
WOW where do I start, outstanding food service was second to none.
Gabriella Anna S
Nice friendly country hotel. Awesome staff, helpful and make you feel at home.
Could have stayed all day.
Philip Hopkins
Still under repairs inside did not have a welcoming feel we had one drink and then left
Michael Stephens
Went to the Royal for tea and looked after by Maddi. I had not seen a beer poured that well in over 20 years! We had a small size onion rings for a snack and they came out the size of my head :). We followed with crumbed lamb cutlets and crumbed sausages for dinner and they both were amazing. The lamb cutlets were better than ones we have had in `upmarket' restaurants. The chef (Ben?) was only young as well but impeccably dressed serving you dinner and the pub had character but was spotless. I was extremely impressed at these two young people running a pub through COVID-19. They could teach a lot of other establishments on how to be COVID-19 safe whilst providing amazing customer service, lovely food and warm friendly hospitality.
Sir Racket
They do a nice pizza. Staff are friendly and it has a fire. Close to the lake and police station.
Dion Casey
Had many a good night in the Royal when I was younger. Great place to catch up with mates and many other assorted locals. As with all small country town pubs, it is the place that you go if you want to catch up with people from the district that you haven't seen for a while. Which is exactly what I always did. Had plenty of beers with plenty of old and new mates and obviously did my fair share of really dumb things that were included in the events proceedings. Mind you, that was about the best part of 20 odd years ago. Mentality hasn't changed, but the condition of the body certainly has.
Apart from all that, every adventure we had at the Royal always ended in being a very memorable event. Great pub. Great people. Both behind the bar and the other local people that were patrons. Definitely some of the best memories of my youth. Really keen to go back there and have a few nice cold beers one day. Maybe even find a few of the funny, mad and absolutely hilarious local blokes that I used to know and re-live old times.
David Carey
I enjoyed my stay here. It's definitely not 5 star accommodation, although there is a good community feel and the place offers a glimpse into what a pub would have been like in the early 20th century.
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