Settlers Arms Inn, Saint Albans NSW

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Settlers Arms Inn, Saint Albans NSW

The Settlers Arms Inn is a hotel located in Saint Albans, New South Wales. They have a bar and offer accommodation.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 653 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Wow. What a lovely little historic pub. The staff were lovely and down for a laugh, and the pie! Omg, never had a pie quite like it. Mark, u definitely know what your doing when it comes to pies, the slow cooked beef just melted in Ur mouth. Magnificent. 10 out of 10

The Settlers Arms Inn does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
1 Wharf St, St Albans NSW 2775

Latest reviews for Settlers Arms Inn, Saint Albans NSW

Imogen Warren
Lovely setting in St Albans, the pub is historic and interesting. The food was excellent and the beer good. A great little country pub.
Very beautiful pub. Awesome location. The $30 takeaway 6 packs were a little ruthless but what can you do. The lady behind the bar was a little intimidating but had a good sense of humour I guess. Not my worst Friday night.
Miles Sheridan
This is a lovely old pub in a great leafy location to stop at for lunch if you are out for a drive through the countryside on a sunny day.

I have never been here in the rain. When the weather is good, it's a tranquil easy going place that sometimes have a band or duet playing tunes on a Sunday afternoon in the beer garden.

It attracts the odd family, locals to the McDonald valley, a good few campers going through and a few groups of motorbikes out touring.

If the pub at Wiseman's Ferry is too busy or noisy then this will suit you better.

A plus for the family... there are a couple of peacocks (genuine ...not human ones) wandering around. There is also a small playground across the road.

If it is too busy (I always avoid busy times) there is another (much newer and also pleasant looking) bar/restaurant on the old Settler's road .... so there is a fall back plan ... but I have never had the need to stop or eat there ....

The beer garden at the Settlers Arms on a warm quiet day is a really pleasant place to be.
Judge Dread
The hygiene of this place is highly disgusting and embarrassing for them.
Empty bourbon can in the bed side cupboard, a DIRTY NAPPY under the bed! Bed absolutely covered in dog hair, spider webs around the room and the little milk containers supplied in the fridge were actually off and full of chunks. Honestly for the price of these rooms you expect a lot more. Beautiful place on the outside but as they say, never judge a book by its cover.
Gareth Carr
A perfect spot to stop for lunch on a Sunday drive. Great no messing about pub grub and good selection of beers. There was a quaint market on across the road too as an added bonus. Great to see Australian history being preserved.
Rob Armstrong
Opening hours seem to be random. Have turned up here 3 times on days they're advertised as open and there's no one home. There's places closer to home that you can experience this kind of disappointment. If you do want to enjoy the roads out that way, take a packed lunch and eat it in the park across the road. It'll be cheaper, better food and far more reliable.
Taniya O'Sullivan
Stopped by for a quick drink with the family. Great character and good beer and cider. There are peacocks in the back garden.
Food portions are huge! Make sure check it out on a weekend when the markets next door are on!
Geoff Cutler
Stopped here near St Albans. A rustic old pub with really good food. Lamb shank was very tasty. The scones were great. No phone reception though so just enjoy the company you are with.
Nicholas Kemp
Went there for lunch and had a hearty serving of ribs with a porter. The meal was sugary but delicious. I love the beer selection on tap. It was so good they didn't have IPAs only, as I dislike them. Gorgeous outdoor areas and the live music was a nice touch. I would definitely go again.
Katie James
We have been here a few times over the last 15 years and unfortunately the service has never been great. Today was a Sunday, and a long weekend, so the pub was packed. I waited over an hour in a very long line to be served by the one staff member in the bar. Luckily the food came out quite quickly afterwards, however it was not great. The salt n pepper squid was barely battered, only just cooked so was soggy, and had no seasoning (ditto to the chips, and no dressing on the salad). This place has so much potential, (imagine if they did premade grazing platters for people to eat in the grounds), and the pretty drive makes it worthwhile, however next time I think we will try the Cafe around the corner.
Andrew Cole
Fantastic experience. A pure historic Ozzie country pub pretty close to Sydney.
Beer range limited, wines even more so, quite expensive, meals are very simple but quickly provided. Complete with a pub dog and service that is short and to the point - though the youngsters serving the meals were great. Generous with the fires on a cool day though.
I loved it.
Travelled 1hr 40mins for a mother's day lunch. First impressions were disappointing with the lady on the bar being rude to pretty much everyone who asked her a question.
The food was no better. Warm meat and gravy on top of cold veg. The pork belly was chewy and sadly, not crispy. The mash was watery but the pie was yum.
Didn't stick around for the dessert.
Such a shame. The venue was quaint, full of character and had so much potential. Wouldn't make the journey back though.
Ian Welch
I have been spending lazy days here longer than I care to remember. On a beautiful sunny day it is hard to find a better place to chow down on freshly cooked meals. A good range of beers on tap.
A great place for families with room for the kids to play.
craig tearle
Great historic pub to enjoy a drink. The pub itself is stoked with history and character, but sadly the food and limited range of mediocre beers was not so great (rather pricey). Recommend (The pickled Wombat cafe) around the corner for good food.
Laurence Pratt
The Settlers Arms at St Albans is a great little spot to enjoy a drink during a Sunday drive. The old pub itself is charming but sadly, the rest of the venue seems as though it has seen better days. There's a limited range of beers but that's to be expected from such a small pub. The food was good but not great (not worth the price). The menu could be simpler to ensure wait times aren't as long. A pub menu only needs a few options:
steak sandwich, chicken schnitzel, fish and chips, a good salad and a pasta ... and maybe one or two specials.
Have a summer and winter menu and change them every six months. Simple.
It's also a bit annoying that you have to queue at the bar for food and drinks. A suggestion would be to have food ordered separately. The beer garden used to be a hive of activity with live music on weekends and plenty going on but there's nothing there now except a few old table and chairs. The toilets out the back were awful. Staff were friendly and it also seems popular with dogs families. A little time invested refreshing the beer garden and reviewing the menu and this place could be thriving once again.
Its out of the way but worth the drive. Check out the roads before going though. The Inn itself is a great place. Alot of space to move around and sit.
There's only that fancy Sydney craft beer on tap which is a bummer but not a huge deal.
The food was nice but if your after a snitty or steak, forget it. None on the menu!
The menu was supringly fancy considering where the place is.
Took quite a few people by suprise when we were there.
Most asking where was the snitty.
That's a Aussie pub staple ?
There is a big playground across the road for the kids too.
Great place to go and visit, at least once.
Gemma Mann
Had lunch here on a Friday while staying at Del Rio Resort up the road. I had the pie and my husband had the pork belly. My goodness was it yum and very generous portion sizes. We were served by a very charismatic lady behind the bar and received our food quite fast considering the limited staff members. Very old world feel to the place, really enjoyed seeing the striking peacocks and chooks running about.
Clodoaldo Prado
Settlers Arms Inn is a picturesque in St. Albans that is our mandatory stop when we are riding push bikes (lots of motobikers also stop there) in that area. They have a good variety of beers (Sydney Brewery) and the plates I already had there were always delicious (a little bit over priced though). It's a perfect go to spot in a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately the owners are currently selling the place. Hopefully the new management wi keep the good service.
Not sure if they were having a bad day when we stopped in there this week. It was packed but only seemed to be two staff working, was 1hour 20 minutes between ordering and food arriving, and when it did arrive one of the meals had a ball of gladwrap cooked into it which had to be sent back. Given that and the high prices it's hard to recommend unfortunately.
Allison Golsby
1850s and nice to stop by the river. Quiet and good for our morning stop on our journey. Live music on the week ends.
Jacqui McKenzie
Lovely historic pub. The food was delicious, notably the beef pie is worth the drive.
dean callaghan
Great little pub. It was like we stepped back in time.
The craft beers were cold and lovely and the live band was an experience.
sammstein m
Wow. What a lovely little historic pub. The staff were lovely and down for a laugh, and the pie! Omg, never had a pie quite like it. Mark, u definitely know what your doing when it comes to pies, the slow cooked beef just melted in Ur mouth. Magnificent. 10 out of 10
We did not stay here, however we had some delicious beer as a break on our roadtrip. I loved the interial. Very friendly staff and beautiful peacocks all around!
Timo Topp
Absolutely stunning magical place. Take a trip back in time to the old convict days in a beautiful part of the world and delightful down to earth country hospitality and delicious food. Love this place. Highly recommend a visit here.
Jeanette Tucker
Positives: Food was lovely and setting was great! Lots of space for the kids to safely run around & have fun. Negatives: Booking a table does not really seem essential. There was no one to receive us, so we were left to grab our table anyway. Queues were long & food took 2 hours. By then the kids were starving. Will go visit again, but not on a busy long weekend!
Warren Roberts
Great location atmosphere and food
Emmanuel Friggieri
Really chill vibes, lovely view, delicious food. Will go again
Jason Smith
Nice building.. over priced average food $9 for a beer wont be going back ever again
The food was great service was good.
Susan Leung
Great food brought across to us in the park by the friendly owner Rob.
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