Settlers Inn Hotel, Port Macquarie NSW

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Settlers Inn Hotel, Port Macquarie NSW

The Settlers Inn Hotel is a hotel located in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4.3 out of 787 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Just came from Melbourne to visit my family. Customer service is great and haven't seen this in such a long time. Staff and manager making sure everything ok. We been 2 times and eat different meals and the food is so nice and good quality. Definitely back again and recommend anyone to eat and drink here. ?? Thank you
101 Hastings River Dr, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Latest reviews for Settlers Inn Hotel, Port Macquarie NSW

Jess Grant
I'll start off with positives, clean bedding and towels. And clean dining area in pub to eat and nice staff, but in the room one of the worst rooms I've been in. The mold in the shower is very bad, breathing that much in can cause sickness's especially for kids, the rust ontop of the shower and under the shower head and on top of the shower curtain can cause bad issues for anyone who touches it. The mold growing in the shower curtains is disgusting also, the bathroom wasn't even clean, still had mess on the bathroom sink and mirror. The beds were all broken, the balcony looked like a druggys hide out and a few items broke with the most simple touch and without touching, the lights blew from just turning it on once, the aircon didn't even turn on and the towel holder fell just from having a towel on it. They're no utensils in the place except few towels ect, a single soap bar. Outside theirs cleaning products everywhere and unstable stairs for such an amazing pub the hotel rooms just ruin it entirely i hope you guys can improve it.
Just came from Melbourne to visit my family. Customer service is great and haven't seen this in such a long time. Staff and manager making sure everything ok.
We been 2 times and eat different meals and the food is so nice and good quality.
Definitely back again and recommend anyone to eat and drink here. ??
Thank you
s Wilbo
The Thai beef salad was delicious, a bit heavy on dressing. Will get it on the side next time. Otherwise amazing!
Had dinner here and they had a large amount of gluten free options including a huge chicken schnitzel. Highly recommend
Paige Harvey
My partner and I went for dinner. The staff were super friendly and lovely.
The meals were okay. Nothing crazy. We were told there were no sultanas in the apple crumble but when we ate it unfortunately there were. I ordered steak medium rare which it was unfortunately more rare than I'd usually like. My partner's burger patty was slightly underdone on the inside but overall the meal was yummy despite those things and it was a nice experience. The creme brle flavour was actually quite nice considering and the chips were delicious. The veg was cooked perfectly as well.

Not a terrible place for if you're hungry and the prices aren't that bad.
Kaye Anderson
The 3 of us enjoyed our lunch . We had the lunch specials. The service was very good and the meals were great.
Garry K
I had the $22 chicken schnitty, which if you read the posters on the walls, they claim the best schnitty. While it was quite a good size, the taste was only average. The tiny little $3 extra mushroom gravy was also flavourless.
The only good thing was the drink. I was disappointed with the $30 meal.
Awesome $15 Monday night meal deals.
I had the Biggest piece of barramundi I have ever been served with fantastic chips and salad.
Misses had a great chicken schnitzel with chips and salad $15. kids meals were also fantastic size for $10
We will come back here when in Port again.
Great staff. Very pleasant cheerful. I had a few meals there for dinner. Ribs were very soft, melting off the bone. 1/2 a pound is more than enough. Prosciutto calamari was delicious with honey mustard which set of the Prosciutto taste.. was yum.
Lowana Searle
We had the $20 Tuesday rumps and they were outstanding! Smashed our expectations for such a cheap price. Absolutely delicious and the gravy was amazing!! Staff were incredibly kind and lovely. We sat outside and the vibes were perfect! What a spunky and refreshing venue!! xoxo
Diane Fernando
Always have a great time at settlers. Meals are fresh and tasty. Customer service in the games room is top notch. 9 out of ten times we get a ? ?
Rose Kuttelwascher
We had lunch there on Thursday food was great and came out pretty quick it was not very busy we sat for 2 hrs chatting and playing Keno I the two hrs not one plate nor any glasses were cleared at any table the flies were all over the plates this was inside. People on another table got upset as well and moved there dirty plates and glasses to the next table. The staff did not come out from the bar area they were standing there chatting and walking in circles waiting to serve someone instead of clearing of the dirty plates not a good look when you walk in the dining room and there a dirty plates on the tables
Ashleigh Mexon
Amazing food and value for the $$. Staff were friendly and accomdating for the whole family. Outdoor play area ad well as a games room.
We had a little snap chat fun whilst waiting for our meals, which is on a buzzer, and you grab yourself, so if you can't be bothered, getting up for your meals or drinks don't go.
Loved the place, in my opinion ??'?
Allyra Robson
Food was great. Location also good. Manager was quite rudely spoken all three seperate times he served us. Stood at bar waiting (no one else at bar waiting) with multiple staff just standing around on their phones, wasn't a good look. My friend tried to book accomodation and manager said there were no rooms yet it still says on multiple websites that there were 2 rooms available. The young man with red hair behind the bar was absolutely lovely with fantastic customer service. The young man servicing the gaming room was also very lovely with great customer service. These two young men are the only reason I gave an extra star.
Peter Buggy
Had dinner here on Wednesday night. My wife had the ribs and wings special, I had a chicken schnitzel.
Both our meals were very nice, service was quick and friendly, and everything was reasonably priced.
Geoff Parker
Had a meal there with my wife tonight.
Quality of the food was very good, pricing was reasonable. Clean and modern throughout. The only thing I can say that will stop me from going there again was the service. Very unfriendly across the board from bar staff to kitchen. I cannot support a premises that treats you like they don't want you there. Such a shame, it has so much potential but the culture is toxic.
Gordon Halnan
$15 steak! What's not to like? Good value. Cooked as ordered (medium). The rump had some fat which is fine because it's to the flavour but it did have some gristle. All in all excellent value.
Belinda K
Have had lunch here a couple of times now, each time the chicken schnitty has been delicious - moist & flavoursome! Hubby had seafood basket today & was very impressed, so fresh melted in your mouth. Great $ for lunchtime specials.
Daniel Wilberforce
Had a chicken schnitzel there today for lunch and the thing was perfectly cooked. Still juicy. Nothing worse than a dry one and the best of surprises when it's like this! 5 stars to boss chefs!
Adrian Evangelista
Compliments to the wait staff and kitchen staff!
We visited on Monday night (we discovered when we arrived that every night has its own special theme. Monday was "Nothing on the menu over $15). The place was very busy and we were towards the end of the long ordering line. However, we were still met with a smile and enthusiasm by the wait staff serving us. The food also came out relatively quickly for such a busy evening (less than half an hour but we asked for our starter to come with our main so the wait was our own fault).
We had an incredible prawn starter. Massive prawns. Lightly battered. Flavourful and juicy. Our mains were enormous (even the salad)! The calamari prosciutto salad was delicious, fresh and moreish. The chicken schnitzel with 'the stacker' topper was sold out which was unsurprising because it looked amazing so I got the 'pulled pork' topper instead. Again, it was flavourful, a generous helping and a surprisingly good match for the giant, juicy chicken schnitzel it topped.
Thank you and keep doing whatever you're doing. We will be back one day for sure.
Growers Market
A huge thank you to Settlers for hosting our staff Christmas in July function last Saturday night.
We would especially like to thank Brendan and Ben who assisted on the night, ensuring everything was perfect for us. It was really nice having the private room, food was delicious and the drinks amazing.
We had an absolute ball! Thanks guys.
Bryan and Hayley Hanks
Alex Brownbridge
Stayed in Port Macquarie for the night & popped in here because we were staying nearby. Didn't look like much from the outside but we had a good experience. Sat outside & the heaters were warm, food was pretty good & very well priced at $15/meal (had the fish & chips and the rump steak). Refreshing to see a modern Aussie pub that hasn't gone down the route of poorly executed & overly complicated dishes that aren't worth their price. They've kept things easy, relaxed & affordable which seems to have paid off as the venue was quite busy for a Monday night. $5 schooeys of great northern went down really well too! Awesome place to go if you're looking for a cheap meal & relaxed vibe, perhaps not if you're after a proper dining experience. Thanks!
Paul Fletcher
Very fast and quality food. I attended on 21st June 2022 a Tuesday night and it was packed. Estimated 100 people ordering food but still got a quality meals x 6 cooked to perfection in 15 -20min. The steak was not precooked or anything and was tender & juicy. Celiac was well known to staff but they did have limited choices which would be nice to see expanded . Staff are very polite. Kitchen was a well run machine that I observed. Compliments to sous chef & bar staff. Will I return, most certainly. Plenty of seating and very clean. 9stars ?. (Would of been 10 except for gluten-free options were limited).
Simon Simi Seidenman
Excellent service, good pub food, great choice of drinks
Only problem is the usual super long lines just to order your dinner. Several times already, I have given up and gone elsewhere, as the line plus the expected waiting time for the order would have been no less than an hour, maybe more.
Well, it's indeed a sign of good demand for a good product, but not everyone can or is prepared to stand in line for so long. It takes out the entertaining point, the pleasure of going out.
Les Filipek
Its my favorite venue to gather for a lunch or a quite beer.
Staff are always friendly and I do get looked after.
Meals from the kitchen are excellent and imaginative, my favorite would be Thai calamari salad, cheers Les
nathan waterman
Best pub in state! Food is great quality, value for for money and the presentation of the food doesn't make you feel you're at the local watering hole! Genuine care from the kitchen staff and the pricing of the food is incredibly good!

50c wings daily and $3 tacos on Friday, shut the gates and call it a day!
Amy Davis
Great family friendly pub. good vibes and great food! Wednesday night trivia is the best part to though :)
Amazing meals, service and drinks

Highly recommend the specials on each given week night they are 2nd to none In all the local area.

We were here in town for work and all 6meals night after night were on point and exactly how we asked for them if not better.

Cannot recommend a better place to eat when staying local
Anthony Adams
Yum their meals are great, and the staff are friendly and helpful. We go as a family every Tuesday for the T-bone Tuesday special, and it's always a great feed and great value as well. Can't recommend it enough ???'?
Jilly Cooper
Dinner was great, the food was amazing,. We stayed for Trivia and the girl running it was so full of energy and enthusiam, it was a great night. Recommend.
kusum lama
Terrible food! Ended up with a bad stomach. Chicken Vindaloo was terrible (worst curry ever served taste-wise). Tortillas were cold (somehow acceptable)but how can anyone fill cold chicken in the tacos. However we had the food because of hunger but the aftermath was even terrible. Went to washroom 4 times. Hope the management considers this as a feedback and works on it.
Bonnie Jane
We were recommended to have a meal here and I'm so glad we did.
Thr Clifton burger was massive, the salt and pepper squid was tasty and soft, but the winner were the delicious chicken wings!! Delish!!!
Place was recommended to visit for lunch, glad we went food was awesome and well priced and the staff were very friendly we will definitely be back.
Ta So
Its a nice place to sleep, good for a few nights if your here for an event not a vacation stay. Yummy food a little pricey but nice atmosphere. Spacious room, beds are ok room is clean however mold on the shower curtain, a spider living in the bathroom and no hair-dryer first place i have ever stayed that doesn't have one. Air-conditioning need to be upgraded or fixed as it just blows air on the bed, i had to use the fan to circulate the air and when you want to watch TV or lay down it just blows right in your face. Would stay here again just not for long periods of time.
Booked a table, no one around to help find it. Large meals but way below average quality. Pulled pork was mush. Barely warm meals lacking flavour and placing a supposed 'hot' schnitzel on top of salad is a culinary disaster. Rookie errors and would recommend staying well away and finding somewhere else to eat. Also... Lady conducting the raffles yelling into the microphone ruined any kind of ambience the place might have had. Blah
Mel Black
This is a great place! Friendly staff, great ambience, and the most fantastical chicken schnitty I have ever had the pleasure of eating. It was not just ginormous, it was so well cooked, and the "outback" topper just sealed the deal.

A great outdoor kids area too. Definitely recommend!
We booked this accommodation through the QANTAS app. I'm surprised a company with the great reputation of qantas would have anything to do with this place, Alan Joyce definitely wouldn't stay here.

Parking is around the back, next to the slip bin, there's 3 flights of stairs to go up, rooms are horrible, haven't been updated since the 1960's.

May suit backpackers or murderers.

We left and went and stayed somewhere decent.
Derek Evanz
We came here on a Wednesday evening. it was busy but the queue for food was completely unacceptable. The average queueing time to order food between 6 and 7:30 p.m. was 30 minutes. I asked the person behind the bar why they didn't have more staff taking orders. The answer was that the owner liked the place to look busy. The 75 year old lady in front of me said it was disgraceful and she'd never come back. Neither will we.
Tara Koger
After trying many places down in the main are of Port Macquarie on a Sunday afternoon and getting either rude service or no service, we made our way up to the settlers inn. Just hoping to have a nice Sunday session, some lunch and a couple of cocktails. It was just before the busy lunch period and they had no problem letting us in. They had tables booked out for lunch but did not over book so there was still space for walkins. We found a table in the nice beer garden and enjoyed a fantastic lunch. The only fault we could place on the food was the schnitzel topper the outback, there was too much raw onion on the meal. It would have gone a long way just to cook the onion or just leave it off entirely. My partner ended up just picking it off. Raw onion is very over powering. But once removed, perfect lunch. Their mashed potato was amazing. I was so full and couldnt stop eating it. Their schnitzels were thick and cooked perfect. Still juicy on the inside while capturing the crispy outside. The cocktails were delicious and the staff were helpful and very friendly.They have three dining options, a nice relaxed beer garden, the inside bistro area and a kids area which has a play area and is outdoor/garden setting. We found this nice as it kept kids occupied so childless patrons could enjoy their lunch as well. It filled up very quick while we were there but we noticed they had a decent turn around and even when busy we didnt have to wait in long lines to be served from the bar.The only fault for the whole pub would be more comfortable seating. Outside of the bistro areas it was mostly high sports bar stools with no padding or picnic tables in the smoking session. We ended up moving around quiet a bit till we found the only comfortable seating. Blue tall chairs with backs on them across from the bar. I think people would stay longer if there was more comfortable options for not eating in. Its a lovely pub with a lovely atmosphere, little comfort goes a long way for people to stay and drink more.Other than that it is completely worth the visit. We enjoyed the food and cocktails so much we decided to come back around dinner time to take advantage of their 50 cent wings (the best wings!) and even decided to eat here the following night. Which was A public holiday and was completely booked out and all tables for dining were full. But to accommodate they allowed people to dine in the sports bar area.Fantastic food, good service, happy to help, you just feel welcomed and the make a genuine effort to be a good pub and a relaxed place to be. Good for singles and familys, price is great. And is very worth the trip.
Natasha Whittaker
The famous terrible schnitzel...After spending hours in attempt to contact Settlers Inn by phone to make a booking, and receiving the message box full response, my partner and went out on a whim to have dinner without a booking. We were happy to get a table in the current COVID environment but unfortunately we didnt not leave happy. We ordered a chicken schnitzel and parmigiana and what we received was far from either. The schnitzel was clearly mis-advertised as it was not a hand crumbed schnitzel and was more like a frozen processed schnitzel as a hand crumbled chicken breast. The crumb was falling off and it looked like it had been heated in the microwave. The food was barely warm and we were given all of 7 chips. Overall, the experience was a dud and Id recommend trying your luck elsewhere and the food will definitely be better!!
merinda kyle
Been going for dinner once a week on average for a year. Pre Covid the steak special was fabulous value, the steak well cooked and good quality.However post Covid dining has seen a definite decrease in quality of the meat, it is fatty, gristley and tough.Tonight I paid twice as much and ordered Sirloin, delicious, tender, well cooked. Unfortunately, now I'll only come once a month to be able to afford this.You've lost a repeat customer and partner because you've let quality slip.
Rosalie Stubbin
Great place. Great meal. Absolutely will go if ever we are in port Mac. The kid friendly are and the food and drinks were great standard.
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