The Hotel Shamrock

The Hotel Shamrock

Corner of Pall Mall &, Williamson St, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

Visit The Hotel Shamrock in Bendigo, Victoria. This venue has an average rating of 4 out of 610 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the The Hotel Shamrock.

The The Hotel Shamrock does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
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Latest reviews

Diane Howard
Staff did their best but management found lacking. Faulty door locking meant I was locked out of my room for over an hour late at night. Complimentary drink while I waited, but no formal apology or reduction of bill. Gorgeous building, but lack of customer service spoilt stay. Needs to be more mindful of in house guests' needs. More professional and personable receptionist would help.
So much history in these walls! Beautifully decorated and in the centre of Bendigo, it's a great place to stay if you wish to explore the city. Free car parking during the day is scarce.
Trent Bowman
My wife and I are quite new to Bendigo and my first time eating at a restaurant was the Shamrock & I just loooooooved the Pork Belly so we've come back about 3 times now, the staff and the service was exceptional but, not once but twice I have witnessed a man, apparently the owner abuse and yell at his staff that are the only reason their getting business, and to humiliate them in front of your restaurant is ridiculously unprofessional and yet that girl still came to us with a smile on her face with wonderful service after just getting abused & humiliated. Again. How you treat your stuff reflects on your customers and luckily for the owner his staff are still providing fantastic service under the conditions of which they get treated, I think management need to be thankful for the staff they have, especially one in particular that I've noticed twice has copped abuse and been cursed at for the silliest of reasons, yet in my opinion she's the best waitress there and I regret not looking at her name tag, but she had shortish brown/red hair & tattoos & lots of earrings, thank you whoever you are for your service & your extremely pleasant demeanour always with a smile. Next time I visit this establishment I'll make sure to say hello and pass on my thanks and compliments to you. My positive 5 star feedback was not for the establishment it was for the food & the waitress that went above and beyond for us each time we've been in. I hope you find a better establishment where your hard work and service is appreciated. Utterly appalling behaviour from the owner and management, your staff are the reason your establishment is successful. I think you should remember that.
Jessica Henson
Delicious pub food. Outstanding range of gluten free options on the menu. Loved the beef cheeks perfection.....
Cosy decor. Great customer service.
Child friendly too
Highly recommended.
Aly Bana
For a beautiful venue its such a shame that the staff quality was so terrible. We were very understanding considering we had waited over an hour for our meals and when we got them they were cold. The childrens meals that we had ordered first came out after the adults had finished eating. Items were left off our meals and extra meals were brought out that we hadnt ordered which we promptly sent back, but were still put on the docket. We were happy to pay for what we ordered but were told by the waitress that she personally delivered the meals to our table which she had most definable not. She had not brought any meals to our table but was trying to convince us to pay for the meals we did not even eat.This is not to mention that the food is over priced for what it actually is.Was a very upsetting start to the day as the waitress began crying, stormed off and made us look bad in front of everyone in the restaurant even though we were not to blame for the situation.
Jim Fitzgerald
The rooms where nice and clean, but the amenities are a bit minimal, the water seems to be a single system that constantly changes in pressure and temperature as the other guests use it, it wasn't possible to have a normal shower during peak hours.I feel that a large portion of what we paid for was just the prestige of a past royal visit and that the hotel itself is not as good as it's price.
Red Sonja
We love staying at the Shamrock. We always get the family suite which is spacious and always clean. The staff are wonderful. We will continue to stay at the Shamrock for many years to come.
Robyn Fisher
Great hotel to stay in.Rooms are clean and comfortable, staff friendly and helpful. The location is excellent close to everything.We weren't able to have the normal breakfast but they gave us a breakfast basket and if we needed more they gave it to us. The meal in the bistro was also good value for money.So glad we ignored some negative comments that were written and chose to stay here.
Dianne Allen
Poor service, meal was just meat & chips no veg or Sal. Not reasonable prices. Find your own cutlery, pepper, salt etc etc. Very windy on veranda (better vacant tables were viewed but we were not given any of these, social distancing was not the issue). Definately did not meet the hype. Will continue to try other venues which I do regularly. Will not return.

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