Sheffield Hotel, Sheffield TAS

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Sheffield Hotel, Sheffield TAS

The Sheffield Hotel is a hotel located in Sheffield, Tasmania.
They have an average rating of 4.3 out of 391 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Had a delicious dinner here, soup, crumbed brie, fish and chips and scallops. It was all really tasty, and the service was very friendly and welcoming. What a country pub should be!

The Sheffield Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
38 Main St, Sheffield TAS 7306

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Latest reviews for Sheffield Hotel, Sheffield TAS

Matthew Humphrey
Was served by Ruby Skirving a lovely waitress who was incredibly professional and looked after us all night. If i was opening a pub Ruby Skirving would be the first person I'd hire.
Daryl Napper
Service was great and the meals were great and well priced. Highly recommend having a feed here
Debra Hornby
Have been twice for lunch.
First time was a weekday early and the food was an excellent pub meal. I had the small serve of fish and chips with the buffet salad.fabulous.
Hubby had the beef schnitzel, which is huge with veggies. He said it was excellent. Second time a busy Saturday lunchtime.
Had same. My fish portion was half the size. The schnitzel my husband said was re fried, tough and not so great.A shame they are not consistent as that was to be our new go to place for lunch.
melissa anastasi
The stuff of culinary nightmares. The roast beef was thin and grisly, with old soggy chips, the type of thing you would feed a dog of you didn't like your dog. The salad bar was like a dream of sizzler where none of the food tasted like anything and you wonder why you have been forsaken. My partners overboiled vegetables were made by a memory addled individual who forgot they'd turned the stove on hours before. Schnitzel was fine.
Mark Spurr
Lovely meal, outstanding service. Great to be able to park motorhome out the back for the night.
Ben Brownlee
Had a delicious dinner here, soup, crumbed brie, fish and chips and scallops. It was all really tasty, and the service was very friendly and welcoming. What a country pub should be!
Cornelius Mutsaers
Everybody has their views of this hotels restaurant, so here is mine......when you are the only place in town you survive with anything you dish up, no competition creates no improvement. This place needs heaps of improvement. Fish and chips rubbish, chicken breast horrible, thank heavens the beer was cold.
Ben Dyer
Worst pub meal I have ever had

I had the pasta. Was to be a creamy tomato sauce with salami and chilli. Reality was pasta with a load of tomato paste - no cream or chilli. Absolutely awful

Never going back
Maddison Slater-Brown
Super friendly staff!! Can't fault them.

We ordered two pizzas for takeaway tea tonight. A hawiian very saucy and meatlovers that had bacon and a few salami slices. $25 each, the price does not reflect any sort of quality. Both were edible but too much sauce in my opinion. Just topped with herbs and tomato paste.

I've noticed the quality of food slipping here in recent times we won't be having pizza again.
aussirose travels
Any Pub that has a salad bar selection deserves 5 stars from me. Our meals were hearty and hot. We left thoroughly satisfiedl. I look forward to coming back in better weather to enjoy sitting outside and people watching. The outside of the pub is pretty cool with an old steam tractor named after me lol and lovely wrought iron railings on the building, a charming facade to look at. We will be back.
Lionel & Marianne Walters
We ate lunch in the dining room. The food was fine, however the table top was sticky as were the chairs - when we pulled them in close to the table we were both left with a sticky substance on our hands. Not the most pleasant dining out experience.
paul sward
The staff are brilliant the food is great the room is comphable and clean
It is cold I have been working in rain all day no heater in my room I asked for one last week and staff found me one. I was appreciative this week it raining blowing and cold but they have no heaters and can't find one this is not a staff issue they did all they could it is a management problem
David Deeprose
What a lovely place to go for lunch. The staff are so polite and helpful, the food served quickly and piping hot. The help yourself salad bar is small and the choice a little limited but overall the food was excellent and the beer cold.
Do yourself a favor and go there for a meal, you will not be disappointed.
Mitchell Everlyn
I was here for dinner with a friend. We were greeted with traditional Australian country service. The food was very similar to that of classic pub food, however slightly more expensive. The bar staff were knowledgeable and efficient. For a decent meal, I would definitely recommend a visit.
Walter van Praag
Always courteous and polite. Good meals in beautiful old fashioned hotel dining room when serving.
Pauliasi Matasau
Nice little country pub thats got heaps on the main. Great for a stop for lunch and a few beer off the tap.
Adam Zaknich
Food was excellent. If you are after a great rump steak that covers the plate than this place Is were to come for dinner.
Ali Carr
Great staff, good 'ol local pub, standard pub meals, good priced drinks. Stayed nearby to explore the surrounding natural scenery.
Veges slightly overcooked, cutlets had pesto drizzled- not the usual combination..
It looks charming from the outside but we were disappointed.
The food was inedible. Over cooked dry steaks, and you had to get the salad yourself from a salad cart which were like canned vegetables from a nursing home. We both got a steak and a beer and it was $92 which is just crazy for the quality.
The entire pub inside needs a lick of white paint, and a revamp.
Friendly staff, and a lot of potential to be revived!
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