Spotswood Hotel, Spotswood VIC

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Spotswood Hotel, Spotswood VIC

The Spotswood Hotel is a hotel located in Spotswood, Victoria.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 1167 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
I've driven past this place so many times and always thought it looked a bit run down and had low expectations but inside it's huge and very nice. Staff were nice, there was a live band. Food was good, plentiful and reasonably priced. Keen to come back another day.
62 Hudsons Rd, Spotswood VIC 3015
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Latest reviews for Spotswood Hotel, Spotswood VIC

jill fennessy
Friendly, efficient staff that take your drink order at your table. Very reasonable food prices with special deals on some meals plus a drink for $25! Both meals were generous in servings, cooked perfectly and arrived very quickly! I am so pleased that I tried this hotel and will definitely return. Thanks!
Kathleen Locke
We ordered the workers lunch and an entree buffalo wings and was pleasantly surprised at how much food we received for the money. Quality of the food was also excellent. Calamari was super tender and the chilli salsa that came with the wings is phenomenal. Will definitely be coming back and bringing others to try as well.
Love the look of the space as well. Very complimentary of the area and the heritage building.
Lisa Inganni
Nice venue. We had Christmas Day lunch there. Beautifully catered for, food was plentiful and delicious, but the atmosphere was lacking. I'm a huge fan of Christmas, and there wasn't a decoration in sight, and the music was lacking.
Katie Pi
The venue was nice enough, but the food was incredibly poor. The duo of dips had budget kalamatas straight from the jar and the crumble of feta was not worth a menu mention but the most disappointing of all was the cut up, dry and flavourless store bought pizza base that they tried to pull off as bread. Ironically, someone else ordered the philly cheesesteak, which came in a store bought ciabatta that would have been more appropriate...
The arancini lacked any flavour or filling and was not made with arborio rice...
The sweet potato wedges on the menu were chips without seasoning rather than wedges...
One of those situations where you just know they know what they're dishing up is poor.
Dzintra Boyd
Thank you so much for the fantastic food, service and atmosphere that you provided to us at our private function for our daughter's 21st birthday. All of our guests raved about the venue, the beautiful food and the kind and attentive staff. Thank you for making this celebration such an outstanding day!
Amy Elizabeth
I recently had the pleasure of dining at the Spotswood Hotel, and I must say it was a delightful experience. The lunch special was delicious and offered great value for money. The staff were incredibly friendly and made me feel welcomed throughout my visit. On another occasion, I stopped by for drinks and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. One major plus is its convenient location, being just a stone's throw away from the train station. I highly recommend the Spotswood Hotel for a satisfying meal or a refreshing drink.
Beautiful country style pub atmosphere. Great range on the menu with plenty of vegetarian/vegan options. My carnivorous brother was happy too. ? We will be back to try out more of the menu.
Danielle N
The Parma's are massive, but they are kind of let down by the flavourless mozzarella cheese on top. Sundays special was the pictured roast beef dish. The service was attentive and friendly, and the atmosphere is a good place to catch up with friends. You won't need a winter jacket if you're sitting inside here.
Luke Kearney
Invited to The Spotswood Hotel for a friendly lunch catch up. Pleasantly surprised there was no strippers on the table. Orders were taken quite quickly and before I knew it... There it was a beautifully crafted Chicken Parmagiana. I do think myself a connoisseur of fine Parmas around Melbourne and this has been one of the best I have had in the past few years. Chips and salad on the side were a great compliment.
I will be coming back for more!
Abhinav Bidani
Found our new local! Recently moved into the area and were told to give this pub a try.

Great vibe on entry with live music playing and the footy on in the background.

The staff were great and came to check in on us.

Went there on a Thursday night and took advantage of the locals 10% discount. Order the Eggplant and Chicken Parma - both enormous portions and tasted phenomenal.

The chicken Parma was crunchy, great distribution of cheese and chips were all yummy!

Appreciate the hospitality, we'll be back!
Graeme Heatley
Used to be regulars here but started going less when the place went under new ownership before Covid times as the service and food seemed to slip a little. Looking at the recent reviews this year, decided to give it another go.

The venue has had a bit of a facelift internally and externally - still the same general feel, but a nicer bar area, and a new heated/covered outdoor area. The outside has also been painted which makes a big difference.

Didn't have a booking (Friday early evening), but got a table with no issues.

Drinks order was taken quite promptly, and we asked for another few minutes to review the menu. That's when 'service' seemed to stop.

We waited over 15 minutes before one of us had to get up and go to the front counter to find out what was going on. During that 15 minutes, we watched all 6 waiting staff stand around chatting and not serving any customers. It's clear the waitress didn't actually put our drinks order in the system, nor did she seem to be bothered actually serving anyone. I know things are tough in hospitality at the moment, but there was more than sufficient staff to cover a restaurant that was only 40% full. If she was new, more training is needed.

After the prompt, a second waitress came over, and we explained we were still waiting on our drinks and for our order to be taken. This second waitress acted on the drinks promptly (also indicating the original drinks order hadn't been put in the system after she checked), and took our food order without delay.

The original waitress brought out our starter (garlic bread) and just slapped it down (almost toppled the basket) and walked away without even acknowledging we were there - it was incredibly rude (we looked at each other stunned) and was completely unjustified as at no point had we been rude to her, or even complained about her lack of service. We also watched her do the same with another table of 3 people - they sat for ages without being served beyond the initial time she showed them to their table. She clearly had a chip on her shoulder for some reason that she should have left at home that day.

In stark contrast, the second waitress we had was wonderful - friendly and helpful, and we enjoyed a bit of banter with her too. When we had a question about one of the food items after she brought out the mains, she went above and beyond to find out the information. She showed the kind of service that you used to get at the Spotty, and it makes such a difference. She is the only reason this review is getting a 3-star.

In terms of the food - mixed reviews. Garlic bread was nice (difficult to go wrong with this). The Southern Fried Chicken Burger was also good - with a special mention to the Spotty Zinger Sauce which worked really well. Chips were also hot and crispy. The spaghetti bolognaise was disappointing - portion wasn't very big for the price, the sauce was watery and lacked flavour, and the pasta was a little over-cooked. Luckily we had ordered an extra bowl of chips as we were hungry, otherwise one of us would have left still hungry.

We had high hopes that things had improved since our last visit a few years ago, but this is clearly not the case. If the level of food and service was consistent, we might consider revisiting, but I'm not convinced they will change which is a shame.
Weekday lunch.
Good seating arrangements and good menu variety.
Friendly service, orders delivered to the table in fairly quick time.
I ordered the chicken burger and chips. Burger was a good solid blend. The chips were the fish n chip style chips.
Would certainly visit again.
Zed Freeman
Amazing pub, ripper meals at a good price, great atmosphere, lovely staff, can't go wrong.
Emily was a great host. Highly recommend dropping in
Matthew Connolly
I've driven past this place so many times and always thought it looked a bit run down and had low expectations but inside it's huge and very nice. Staff were nice, there was a live band. Food was good, plentiful and reasonably priced.
Keen to come back another day.
Rebecca Spiteri
Honestly one of the best pubs in the west. First class service, delicious food, excellent decor.. not enough words to express just how good they are!
Andy M
Had a meal with the family tonite. Its a good atmosphere. Ordered Scotch fillet medium from the grill menu , but what came out was definitely NOT scotch. It was a chewy cut of rump steak. I know my cuts of beef. I shant be ordering meat from these guys again.
Sabina Postek
Thank you Tim for excellent service tonight.????I don't remember such a lovely experience,You make us very welcome ??Perfect place & perfect dinner strongly recommend & see you again ?????Sabina & Luna xx
Nice and clean. Typical pub food, fresh and unhealthy ?, but tasty. Great house Chardonnay. Friendly and good service, but wouldn't let leave the table without mask, which was an overkill.
The restaurant could be interesting for its aesthetic characteristics. The food was pretty good but nothing great.
Maximum score for that 2.5 stars.

As for the hygiene of the restaurant, it is very poor, in fact the tables without paper or cloth tablecloths were sticky, while the bathrooms were dirty and smelly.

I hope you realize that your business is not a mechanical workshop but a restaurant where meals are produced and served.

Unfortunately, the rating does not exceed one star.
Faye Presly
Service was good. However two of the mussels weren't open. A great deal of the platter was lettuce. What was there in seafood was good.
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