Sussex Inlet Tavern, Sussex Inlet NSW

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Sussex Inlet Tavern, Sussex Inlet NSW

The Sussex Inlet Tavern is a tavern located in Sussex Inlet, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 3.7 out of 128 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
The food was honestly amazing and the price was even better, very impressed ??'?

The Sussex Inlet Tavern does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
191 River Rd, Sussex Inlet NSW 2540

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Latest reviews for Sussex Inlet Tavern, Sussex Inlet NSW

Shauna Moen
The building itself could do with a refurbish, a tad outdated. The bar staff were ok, not rude or anything but not exactly the most welcoming.
The service in bistro was a lot more warm & friendly. My boyfriend & I ordered the same dish. A prawn pasta dish. It was prepared in no time. It was soooo delicious. Portion size was generous & we left feeling full & happy. We will be back. I'm craving that dish again already lol.
Jane White
The food was honestly amazing and the price was even better, very impressed ??'?
Wendy Lyons
The bar staff were great and friendly but that's where my good review ends. We went there with the family for my birthday dinner, a party of 6. The lady behind the counter saw us come in and stand at the counter then she just walked away into the kitchen without a word. She stormed back out a minute or so later and was quite rude. The only time she spoke was to tell us the total price.
The tavern is great, but the bistro counter staff need to up their customer service. Smiles are free.
Zosia Bichniewicz
Amazing place! Very reasonable prices. Delicious food and drinks. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful :-) this place deserves a better rating!
Ken Anderson
Decent Aussie Style food for a reasonable cost.
Cliff Lee
Great Tavern .Very friendly Staff and top meals and bands
Andy Harwood
Good food and nice cold beer at an affordable price. Keep your eyes out for "live music" on Saturday nights.
Well stocked, drive through bottle shop.
Plenty of on site parking.
All in the heart of Sussex Inlet.
Visited here for dinner tonight. The food was prepared fast and it was all delicious and very fresh! Generous portion sizes and reasonable pricing.
Kerri Winterford
Ordered my husband the special roast lamb $30 it had been cooked then recooked on hot plate could barely cut it up dry cardboard myself had the hamburger also needed a steak knife to cut up it was like rubber, I was going to take it back but hubby didn't want to be a problem. Never again
Andy Harwood
Good food and nice cold beer at an affordable price. Keep your eyes out for "live music" on Saturday nights.
Well stocked, drive through bottle shop.
Plenty of on site parking.
All in the heart of Sussex Inlet.
Ian Smith
I had a surf n turf meal, not only had prawns, it also had cuts of squid, you don't see that very often. You had a choice of cut of meat, sirloin, scotch fillet, chips and salad, cooked to high standards. Not bad for a pub meal. I noticed others with chicken schnitzel orders so big, it hardly fitted on the plates. Recommend dining here as an alternative to the RSL or Bowling Clubs.
Kellie Fackender
Nice little pub, I had fish and chips and was happy and hubby had the schnitzel and it was as also good.
P w
At first glance it's quite run down and dated.
It didn't have any dark beer that I was interested in and we didn't stay.
Toilet was acceptably clean.
There was a funky smell around the bar area, maybe like wet carpet.
The women we conversed with at the bar was less then friendly and welcoming.
With all this said I have no desire to return here.
Joan Brown
I would like to thank the staff on duty when our family went in there Tuesday after attending my granddaughter's wedding. They really looked after us and it was greatly appreciated.
Thank you all so much again
Reece Cummings
Ordered takeaway - steak and burger, ready in 20mins. Cheap food prices, generous portion, and pretty much what you expect for pub style food. If you're ordering your steak, expect it to be cooked well (regardless of order) and the egg on the burger was fried enough to redefine the meaning of 'crispy'.
Stephen Philippi
I'd say the food was average but it was quite cheap so value for money
Bec Neil
Pretty nice meals, accommodating with food intolerances and allergies.
Deborah Abrahamsen
Service with a smile and really huge delicious meals burgers to ribs and pork belly . Yum
Lachie Hare
Fantastic food. Every meal we've had here has been excellent. Good drink prices too and friendly staff.
Aleksandra Zalavras
Was there recently and it's pretty poor on several levels. The decor is so outdated, it looks run down. Most concerning thing is the staff and their behaviour towards patrons as i overheard them discussing quiet loudly their discriminative views against patrons. Thats highly unprofessional and disgusting.
Paula Mc
Staff were friendly and welcoming. Good atmosphere 😊
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