The Argyle, The Rocks NSW

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The Argyle, The Rocks NSW

The Argyle is a hotel located in The Rocks, New South Wales. They have a bar and great food and drink options. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.5 out of 3603 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
The Argyle is in Sydney so why not stop by when you are there next.
Highly recommended! The staff was incredibly attentive and friendly. Big thanks to Helena for helping me with the wardrobe ?, and to Sandra for the excellent service. I had a fantastic time; I will definitely be returning.
18 Argyle St, The Rocks NSW 2000

Opening hours

Tuesday: 05:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 05:00 PM - 01:00 AM
Thursday: 05:00 PM - 01:00 AM
Friday: 04:00 PM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 02:00 PM - 03:00 AM

Opening hours

Tuesday: 05:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 05:00 PM - 01:00 AM
Thursday: 05:00 PM - 01:00 AM
Friday: 04:00 PM - 03:00 AM
Saturday: 02:00 PM - 03:00 AM

Latest reviews for The Argyle, The Rocks NSW

Lautaro Gatti
Johan is the best bartender in this place! I coming back only because of him! He is the best and makes the best drinks!!! Spot on guys!! Don't miss this place!
Georgiana Haywood
My friend was told to leave due to 'being too intoxicated' after we'd only had two drinks. Staff were incredibly unfriendly and it seems like we were thrown out for not purchasing enough alcohol. -10/10 would not recommend. Go to the ivy instead for a much better, friendlier and safer club experience.
Sarah Haylor
Called in to celebrate St Patrick's day festivities whilst in Sydney. The place was buzzing. Full of folks partying and having fun. We ate also, the pizzas were delicious! Great pint of Guinness, as it was flowing! The queues for the bar were ridiculous! Deffo needed more staff serving. The average wait was 15-20 minutes! Crazy!
Mercy M
I would like to thank the security guards, they know very much what they are doing, always friendly but they don't mess around that is for sure, also I would like to thank the team in Wednesdays, Latino nights are great, I was a big crowd change and it's definitely for the best, the space upstairs is more spacious than before, with the DJ almost at the centre of the room. Musically, the sound and the type of songs are very entertaining, great taste! But I would like to thank especially the management team and especially M. who has shown professionalism, dedication and care for me. He has helped me so much with my request. They found my precious earring and I will always be grateful. I received the good news a week later, I couldn't believe it. Again, what a team thank you so much M.
Shawn Flaming
A group of four of us went on a Tuesday night. The ambiance was great with color and space. They had couch seating and high tables and some great spots to take pictures.

They had a special going for the fishbowl's so we ordered the Long Island Iced Tea for the group. It was just ok, not sure if it even had booze in it. Was more of just a sugar drink.

We got lucky because we were able to play trivia. For being from another country I think we did pretty well for the questions they asked. We won a few drink vouchers but ended up getting second in the end. Was fun though.

We didn't eat there but I will say the food coming out looked pretty tasty. A little pricey but I'm sure it's worth it. I would recommend trying "the Argyle" out at least once on your visit to Sydney.
mariam maj
Last night I was at Alice with my friends having drinks and dinner after we trying to leave 4 Indian guys wouldn't stop harassing us and wanted to take us to a hotel. We approached the security at the door bold guy with beard and let him know, we were terrified to leave as our hotel was only 500m home and didn't have enough to pay for taxi. He paid for our taxi. Kindest guy ever
At Argyle Nightclub, where the music's volume competes with the sound of my own thoughts and the lighting is darker than my coffee order! But hey, if you've ever wondered what it feels like to dance amidst a legion of glow-sticks while being temporarily blinded by spontaneous strobe lights, this is your paradise.

For everyone whinging about service, it's a nightclub, what do you expect ?...I went after ages and relived those younger days. Would have been oldest or older than the most in there.

Was lucky to be let in straight away without standing in queue , maybe the grey hair allowed for that.
Yuri Matsui
Horrible!!! Spent $500 just for them to take it after after 2 hours!! Definitely not worth the money. Waste of money. They just want to use you for the money. They don't care about customer service. The table included 2 bottles of alcohol and cheap mixers which is not worth $500. Could definitely buy it for hundreds of dollars cheaper somewhere else. Maybe another club in Sydney? Side bar???? Ivy??? They've got too money hungry the few months and don't care about regular customers who they KNOW spend a-lot of money at this venue. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!! Its not bank for buck. Don't recommend!!!!
Rhiannon Long
The music at Argyle is pretty good but we paid $500 for a VIP table just for them to take it away from us after 2 hours! $500!!!!!!! We just got a bottle of vodka and champagne and cheap mixers for $500. Could've bought it for so much cheaper at a liquor store. Ridiculous!! You would expect to have the table for the whole night if you're spending $500 for it. Rip off!!!!! Other than that it's a good club. We also go to this club all the time and the manager even knows us and they still ripped us off. Unbelievable!!!!
Sam and Benny
We visited the Argyle in search of a bargain - on 10c dumpling Thursdays during happy hour! While prices were low, so was the quality of the food and service we received. Despite being advertised until 10 o'clock, dumplings sold out at 7pm. Our food was cold when it arrived to the table. The bar staff struggled to handle even short queues in the 30 minutes leading up to happy hour ending. Despite this, we are giving the Argyle the benefit of the doubt and will try it again before writing it off entirely. The drinks and music were saving grace.
Luis Del Risco
Highly recommended! The staff was incredibly attentive and friendly. Big thanks to Helena for helping me with the wardrobe ?, and to Sandra for the excellent service. I had a fantastic time; I will definitely be returning.
Carl Bukauskas
I got kicked out because I was waiting for my partner outside the bathroom, she thought i was stalking her and when she told her that I was waiting for her, she doubled down and said I was too drunk, I had one beer there. They just power trip because they are bored.
The only good thing about this place is its location, avoid at all costs
Sav Rah
Good place to catch up with friends and have few drinks. Bouncers are huge grizzly bears but very friendly. Happy hour prices from 90's. Becomes a night club late at nights.
Suhani Sharma
One word - HORRIBLE
Two words - NEVER AGAIN!
Problem :
Rude staff, body shaming, condescending, mistreatment, not gave us what we paid for according to their website and agreement.

I decided to celebrate my birthday at the venue and booked a birthday package with them $500. Paid for the Saturday birthday package which entitled us to skip the line and when we arrived the venue the security told us that we still needed to line up. We raised this whole fiasco with the management and they apologised. They never gave us 20 shots which was included in our package instead while apologising Manger gave us 20 shots complementary for the mistreatment me and my friends had to face.

We thought our night would get better but then one of the staff commented on my dress and said I needed to talk to security. The security staff was so rude and finally got us to talk to a manager. The manager listened to the whole situation and condescendingly said if the staff apologies then would you feel good? As if we had caused the trouble. He acknowledged that we were not drunk and said he can get the staff to apologise. The staff comes in a few minutes later to say oh I am from Nepal and I didn't mean it like that and yet she never even apologised. She gave her justifications and the manager stayed his condescending self at which point we decided to leave.
Thank you for ruining my special night. I didn't think I'd have to face body shaming in Sydney and I am sure me and my friends would never ever think about visiting this establishment ever again!

I'd give 0 stars or worse if possible.

If you are looking to ruin your night or feel insulted please visit them!
I have attached the photo of dress I wearing which was bought from Aussie store in Sydney. If we had too much to drink and the staff pulled us aside it would be understandable but just being picked on for wearing a dress!
In the name of mistreatment, you will bring someone down and you'll exploit the other person.
TheUnbox Crew
I have to admit that The Argyle just blew me away After seeing the mind-blowing Vivid light Show, I stopped by for a drink and let me tell you, the atmosphere and music here were unreal! You know what improved it even more, though? The calm security guards was an absolute legend - an Arab guy didnt Catch his name ahaha. he went above and beyond to show me where the restrooms were. Talk about excellent customer care! the RNB music was pretty cool,
Visited the Argyle on Saturday night for blokes night out. We all had a bit too much to drink and was asked by female Security guard to have a chat outside where another manager met us. The female security guard was respectful, humble and knew her stuff. She explained the law and how the venue's staff and security guards had a duty of care towards all their patrons. So good to see a really professional & non intimidating female as a security guard, who treated customers with respect. Don't know her name but she had sparkles on her face. Great job, we'll be back again soon.
Victor Hamdan
Nice after party place. Good music and atmosphere. Get the VIP area with reservation in advance. They provide a personal barwoman that keeps your glass half full ;) . Bring your ID.
Nubia Chen
Great deal for $5 pizza on Sunday night till 10pm, and good price for happy hour, but we missed the happy hour, then I order the Long Island ice tea for $20 it was very bad traste like chemist and got charged wrong price extra for the other drink(husband didn't check the price)

The only very good thing was the security let us get I. With kids for the pizza till 9pm, the kids experience very different place.
Only 2 stars because the toilets need an update. You can never tell if they are in use, didn't have soap and it was just filthy since it's unisex smelling like pee everywhere. Also doesn't have access to the second floor for a pram let alone wheelchairs. The staff were lovely though and help us up with the pram. Plenty of staff during the South African Food Trail event to collect rubbish from guest so it was surprisingly clean (wish they did that for the bathrooms).
Fiona Choi
Argyle is the place to go if you a) are an 18 year old or b)just finished work in the city and need happy hour (5-8pm). Argyle's happy hour menu as well as food menu actually used to be quite decent, however, I don't think it's too fabulous now. In the middle of the night ladies also come out with trays of shots going around to each table for $10/shot. Not sure how RSA appropriate that is considering they wouldn't know how much each person has had... A redeeming factor, however, is that the bar staff are incredibly nice and fun.
Dima Istambouli
This is the place you want to be on a Wednesday night if you are the type of SALSA person... I was beating the cold night outside just because I wanted to dance... it was my first time exploring this place and this type of set up.
The teachers were amazing, giving lessons of the BASIC steps with plenty of repetitions to make sure everyone gets it. By around 8 the music was full on and everyone was simply enjoying the time, dancing with whoever is free.

The food is really good, My Pinot Grigio was simply outstanding. They offer happy hour before 8. The team is so sociale and friendly..
I enjoyed the night and I will definitely join the wednesday night club.
Michael Keegan
The Argyle... Wow! We took my now adult kids to the Argyle and what an amazing place. The venue is large with both seating inside and out.

The majority of music was good, some however was just too loud and stuff I'd never heard or could understand (maybe I'm showing my age).

We didn't eat there but saw the staff bring out heaps of pizza's which looked great.

The drinks were well priced during there happy hour but prices sure went up after that was over.

The toilets were the big disappointment for the venue, the line for both mens and women's toilets were 20 people deep. There is a section of a few toilets for females only, then the same on the other side which were unisex, then a urinal in the back corner which I didn't see any signs for and that you wouldn't know about it you were a regular. The hotels were kind of horrible and I'm not sure how often they get cleaned but I guess with the number of patrons this place holds its not unexpected.

My kids had a ball, dancing and having a few drinks and we didn't see any trouble at all which again is expected with the number of security working, which was good to see, although it did appear that if you were a footballer there was clearly more leeway in relation to the rules then the average person.

Would I go back to the Argyle... No! but both my kids said they would go back in a heart beat so I guess this place is well and truly for the younger generation on a regular basis but also for everyone just for the experience.
Kajal Ishwarpersad
No many food options but as a bar it's well work it. Happy hour is absolutely amazing especially with their fishbowls. Atmosphere is always great as well, staff seem super fun and also look like they are having the best time
Was a great experience, good atmosphere, music that people know with several different varieties across several age groups

Go when there is happy hour (not sure when it starts but it ends at 7pm on a Friday? - if that's helpful) they do an amazing "karamel espresso martini" for $12, they also have espresso martini on tap for $7.50, they have long island ice teas for $10 as well as a variety of other drinks for reasonable prices considering the location

Speaking of location, it's a stone's throw from a station with Circular Quay being across the road so access via public transport shouldn't be difficult for anyone.

Great servers, and we regularly got at the table service and at the table shot options which is always great when you're in a larger group celebrating.

Reservations aren't mandatory, a group of roughly 10-12 of us managed to find a table without too much issue but reserving a table might give you peace of mind.
Christos Bakirtzis
Overall the venue is very good with a good dance floor and bar. Would be good if there was a smoking area so you don't have to exit the premises to smoke. Security are on a constant power trip and have a tendency to kick you out over nothing.
Arisa K
I usually don't post negative comments but I had a terrible experience a few nights ago.
I went there with a group of friends for a birthday party and we had a booking in the restaurant so got in from the other entry. The security guard asked me if I had any drinks before and I told him just one, then he told me to step aside. And then he told me and two other people (not from my group) that we were intoxicated. I just had one drink with a big meal before coming and I was quietly waiting in the line and he somehow thought I was "drunk." The other two looked sober and they even said they just came for this venue. He would not tell me why he thought I was intoxicated and just told me to go try some other place or he would call the police. I just could not understand why I was the only one from the group who could not get in (and the only Asian.) But according to the reviews, so many people were refused entry even though they were sober. I am not sure if they target the groups because the security guards in the front allowed me to get in (but then asked to go to the back since it was a group booking.)

Previously, my boyfriend had a very bad experience at the bar. He was waiting for a long time so told one of the bartenders that he had not been served yet. The bartender was not happy and he told the others to ignore him. So nobody took his order until when there was nobody around at the bar. One of them probably felt bad and awkwardly asked him in the end.

The Argyle was my favorite because the venue is nice and I liked the music but the staff and security guards are very rude. People have been commenting on this but it seems like they have never really done anything about it. Plus the security guard was not wearing a mask properly, he had his mask hanging from his one ear.
Laura Anderson
Absolutely fantastic venue. Celebrated a friends birthday here and the venue manger Sean and his team went above and beyond to make sure our night was fabulous. Thanks again and we will definitely be back :)
maryjane gill
TERRIBLE PLACE! I have been here for my birthday and the security guards stand and unnecessarily watch certain people just for the sake of it. I believe it was because my friends and I just turned 18 so they felt as if a few girls keeping to themselves had to be watched, even though we were following COVID rules... They were also very rude about it all. When I tell you that we had about 6 security guards watching our EVERY move.... they got in our faces and yelled at us for no reason. It was truly not enjoyable. Besides that, I did have a good time. Great music and drinks, The place is beautiful inside. The second time I went was a complete disaster on their behalf. We made A booking and they told us that they simply did not care about our booking as they were full (if they are going to turn people away who have a booking, why even have the option to book in the first place?!?). It is such a shame that the argyle has these issues because it really can be a fun place! I never write reviews, but I feel like this has to be said, as I have noticed similar complaints about their service...
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