The Boathouse Hotel Patonga, Patonga NSW

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The Boathouse Hotel Patonga, Patonga NSW

The Boathouse Hotel Patonga is a hotel located in Patonga, New South Wales. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 2130 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
The Boathouse Hotel Patonga is 35km from Sydney CBD so why not stop by when you are next in the area.
Five of us went on NYE during the day for lunch and had a great afternoon. There were plenty of friendly staff, so despite being full, it wasn't difficult to get drinks or order food. The prices were reasonable, the food was all first rate, tasty and good sized servings, The cocktails were impressive, with a decent range of fairly priced beers. It seemed to be a hit with everyone, oldies, kids, families and dogs.
6-8 Patonga Dr, Patonga NSW 2256
This venue is currently open

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Monday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Wednesday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Thursday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Friday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Saturday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Sunday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Wednesday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Thursday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Friday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Saturday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Sunday: 07:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Latest reviews for The Boathouse Hotel Patonga, Patonga NSW

moin ahmed
The location+the food & the service is 5 star ?. Loved the whole experience. Hope it is for everyone else, too. Will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. For us, it was an hour and a half drive from Sydney where we live, but it was a good drive, and thank you for the good food and experience.
Jerry Raterman
Spent a pleasant 30 mins waiting for the ferry. The salt and pepper squid was well cooked, well spiced, and fresh. Rainy day but will go back when the sun is out to sample a wider selection of food and drinks.
During the Easter holiday, with most places in Gosford closed, we were lucky enough to discover The Boathouse while exploring the area. This place is a delightful surprise, offering an upmarket take on the classic fish and chips. Unfortunately, I was too hungry to take photos, but the meal was memorable. The fish and chips were delightful, and the ciabatta with hummus was so good that I polished it off quickly.

What really stood out, besides the delicious food, was their happy hour deal - $5 beers and $14 cocktails, which is unbeatable! I didn't expect to find such a gem during our visit, but I'm glad we did. I would highly recommend The Boathouse to anyone in the area looking for great food at excellent prices. Their combination of quality dishes and superb deals makes them a must-visit spot in Patonga
Jordan Durrans
Beautiful venue. Amazing views and can't fault the service. The music was way too loud, couldn't hear what someone next to me was saying. The pizza although tasty was barely cooked. This pizza, I would dresbribe as soggy and limp. Ridiculously overpriced for a $33 pizza with only Salami and cheese.
Todd Burton
A sensational place to have lunch, soak up some sun and enjoy some quality food. The mussels, prawn spaghetti and prawn pizza were all delicious.

Staff were attentive and helpful, food delivered promptly and beautifully presented.

A great combination of indoor and outdoor eating options, with fantastic views of the water.
Brought Dad for a drive as it had been years since he'd been to Patonga. The refurb is stunning. Amenities were spotless, there's heaps of space to spread out and the weekday vibe was really chill. The guy behind the bar was so friendly and helpful, the guy who brought our food, not so much. He was actually very rude and his manner spoilt what would have otherwise been a pleasant visit.
Vivi-An Tran
Great food, staff and service. Food and drinks came out quick! We came up from Sydney and it was a lovely place to relax after a walk around the beach. It's a stunning venue and dog friendly too!
Bryn Tustin
Gee this is disappointing. Great spot, really good staff - who I genuinely feel bad for. A dozen oysters ($72) were not cold, not fresh & two of the 12 were off. Our dogs ate more than we did. Staff comped our mains. Overcooked yet bland barramundi fillet & oily fish n chips. Beautiful location, engaging staff. Appalling food. Change of ownership required maybe?
Amanda Wilson
Disappointed. We've been here a number of times before and we enjoyed the food. On the weekend for lunch, we ordered a chicken burger which came out cold and wasn't very pleasant tasting and some chicken wings which had soft skin and were also cold and the fish burger was cremated. Luckily the chips were nice!
Hugh Edgar
Sadly not open for evening drinks during the week, but the staff were super friendly and apologetic. I'll have to come back because it's a beautiful location right across from the ferry wharf and bay. Very boujee fit out.
Paul Clifford
Beautiful venue. Very average food. It's basically a fried food menu, burgers and pizza served at an average quality at premium prices. The glasses for the water fountain were all dirty. I wouldn't rush back here for food. Then it's a long way out of the way for a drink. So what's the point?
Freckle Milo
Ate at the bistro. It's dog friendly, which is fantastic, and the leash-free beach is across the road. Huge range of drinks on tap, as well as reasonable wine options. Food was very good, with generous portions. I would say mains are $25-38pp, averaging at $30pp. Come early though, because there's usually a queue for a table from about 12 on the weekends.
Stephen Desmond
Great spot on the Central Coast. The drive down into Patonga is beautiful. Patonga is a quaint little place and right across from the ferry wharf is the Boathouse. Young staff are super friendly and helpful. Plenty of space to sit, take in the wonderful view and enjoy a drink and some lunch. Highly recommend a visit. ??'?
Robyn Lecky
I didn't stay here, just had coffee and lunch with friends. The fish and chips was too oily for my taste, there was a lot of airy crunchy batter and not much fish. For $35 I didn't think it was value for money. It was a beautiful atmosphere in a gorgeous location. I will go again and try something different on the menu and hopefully enjoy it better as I will be staying in the area for a while and want to enjoy the ambience there.
Amanda Sommer
Nice place to sit in the sun and enjoy a meal, priced in the high side but the food was well cooked and delicious

I had the salt and pepper squid for the price I shouldn't have to go and order chips (assumed they came with it like most places)

We also ordered the cheeseburger that had a side of fries but the container they were in you could hand count the chips.

All up it was a lovely afternoon and the wait staff were very helpful and friendly
Pezsuz ****
Arrived at 11.30 on a Friday to ensure we could find a good table prior to having lunch....disappointed to see numerous tables remaining unclean from previous guests...tables also looked a bit shabby and could do with a spruce up.
Apart from that , excellent location with views over the water.....great choice of drinks and tasty food.
We thought about having a birthday function there but due to my earlier comments decided against it.
Paul Llewellyn
Five of us went on NYE during the day for lunch and had a great afternoon. There were plenty of friendly staff, so despite being full, it wasn't difficult to get drinks or order food. The prices were reasonable, the food was all first rate, tasty and good sized servings, The cocktails were impressive, with a decent range of fairly priced beers. It seemed to be a hit with everyone, oldies, kids, families and dogs.
Nate Cole (Coley)
Pretty good, very busy. Hot tip, don't order from the QR code when it's busy, they don't seem to have a way to track the order so ours just sat there until we asked about it 50 minutes after ordering and you could tell it has been sitting under the warming lamps. Great location and and nice atmosphere.
Beautiful location and quick service, the chips we ordered were delicious, just cold. We arrived at the end of the lunch rush and so I imagine they'd been out a while. We would have returned them and I'm sure they would have made us fresh ones, except they were tasty and we weren't staying long so we didn't bother. Will definitely go back!
Popped in for a week day lunch and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food with little wait time. We had wild mushroom pasta, fish and chips and charred greens on the side. So tasty and well worth the price! This restaurant is added to my list to bring visitors to.
Hugh Spencer
The Boat house at Patonga is one of those very special places well known to Sydney siders. Definitely a 6 star rating. Lovely food and great location. And it doesn't have to be expensive. The egg and bacon and brioche breakfast bun is very nice indeed. And only $15. Highly recommend.
matthew stanfield
We hired the adjacent large home to the Hotel.. service was impeccable and friendly. Meals were fresh and beautifully presented. We had a large family event and the team at The Beach house could not have been more friendly, available and proffesional. This place is amazing and definitely recommend to everyone.
This is how you do hospitality!!! 5 stars!!!
James Koefoed
Very good service on a quiet night, but unfortunately the steak was very poor. Grey and dry, soft chips, strange green salad with no dressing, watery gravy. $38. Pizzas my family ordered we're good, but if a pub can't do a great steak...?
Warren Arthur
A really lovely spot. We went mid week so it wasn't busy. The pizza we ordered was super tasty , no complaints there. The bar area and other amenities are kept in pristine condition. One room looks like it has a pool table but it was moved to one side and covered over so not sure if that comes out every now and again. Some outdoor tables had leg level under table gas heaters too, ours didn't. We had a good time, well worth the trip. Patonga beach and wharf is right across the rd.
Great location with nice decor. Food is over priced and bland. Happy to pay over $30 for a burger on a public holiday if it's tasty and worth the long wait. I asked for a jug of water and with a roll of eyes was told I had to get it myself, which could easily have been advised without the attitude. Won't be returning anytime soon for food.
Trish O
Popped in for lunch. With 2 dogs. Made to feel very welcome. Great pub. Very relaxing. Good food. Everything is just really lovely.
andy hawkins
Well I know this is a big call but the cold seafood platter is still dancing in my mind.... Certainly up there as a contender for the best I've had... Superb staff, great atmosphere.....
Bappi Barua
Great location of the pub and the cafe. The staffs are great. I had been here few years ago and liked the local fish and chips. This time I wanted to revise memory. It is not as good anymore. Fish and chips are average as anywhere else now. Paid $26 around for fish and chips and a drink. I think it's more touristic now than local.
Scott Finney
Breakfast at the fish and chip shop was disappointing. Ran out of banana bread at 8.10 am on a Sunday morning. Bacon and egg roll is nothing like the other boathouse locations. Scones were like bread rolls toasted. Coffee was ok. If everything was like the other locations it would be a lot better.
amol malla
Great location and beautifully renovated restaurant. Pizza tasted even better with the half price deals. But it is very busy with campers at night and a long lines from day visitors for lunch....
Serena Andrews
What a disappointing dinner. The steak was bland, the salt and pepper squid was below average, and the nachos had absolutely no flavour or substance and the vegetables looked like they were cut by a child - these nachos should be greatly improved or just removed from the menu completely.

It's disappointing as I regularly come to the boathouse Patonga for coffee and breakfast, and the boathouse at palm beach which is exceptional.

It's such a great venue with a great view, perhaps they should consider getting a chef and a couple of good cooks in the kitchen. I wouldn't mind paying a few extra dollars for good food at such venue.
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