The Commercial Hotel Launceston, Launceston TAS

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The Commercial Hotel Launceston, Launceston TAS

The Commercial Hotel Launceston is a hotel located in Launceston, Tasmania. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 3.6 out of 165 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Had a lunch here & was so yummy, ordered our meals for four & was fast to our table...gr8 staff as always thanku ????'?Gr8 place

The Commercial Hotel Launceston does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
Commercial Hotel, 27 George St, Launceston TAS 7250

Latest reviews for The Commercial Hotel Launceston, Launceston TAS

Caleb Grant
Good location, easily accessible and the staff were wonderful.
The food was great from what my kids and family have experienced and the scotch fillet was brilliant.
The quality of most the meals was acceptable and very affordable for families and people on a budget. The kids loved the burgers and Pizzas. Some of the food seemed to be frozen vegs but we have been on holidays all week and could not complain because we missed having meat and veg.
The facilities need a tidy up and revamp, parking is off street and there is a little around.
James Cashion
Yeah not too shabby, got kicked out a few times for my shoes apparently but alright
Cameron Gundy
The local duck & weave. Great selection of liquid boxing gloves. If you can get past the smell of urinal cakes (I certainly can), you'll find a great atmosphere. The security guards are a bit racist. But it's ok, I'm white
Duncan Carey
Yeah well, it is okay for a bit of fun... But not for great food or anything.... No craft beer to be seen ?
Craig Hopkins
Used to go here for lunch. Over the last few months the food has gone from semi ok to the strong taste of old oil. Service has plummeted. Today was the last time I'll set foot in there. Went in to buy a can of red bull on my break. Was told to go to the bar as the bistro was closed. Stood at the bar for about 5 minutes. Staff members knew i was there. Rang the bell no service what so ever.
Rhys Murch
The exterior of this building smells so much and so heavily like those urinal deodorant tablets that I can't walk past this building without gagging on my daily commute
Steven Park
The food and service is terrific. Great food for the price.
John Edgerton
A great little Hotel with a good dinning room with a good menu Pokie machines and Sports Bar with Drinks at good prices
David Rossiter
curried scallops were brilliant but I am from the mainland
Sharon Rodgers-falk
My family's experience was very pleasant. Ordered pizza and nachos to share between 3 adults which was more than enough and really enjoyable. The staff were friendly and greeted us well. Other meals looked nice too and prices were good. Would come back again
The Commercial Hotel offer value packed counter meals at affordable prices and for a pub meal has a large menu.
Julie Wise
Great place in the middle of town. Staff were friendly and offered great customer service. A group of us enjoyed a variety of meals, all were delicious, Thank you for a lovely lunch.
Jo Roland
Quick service. We had 36 people for dinner and everyone was served quickly and flawlessly
Jesse Camilleri
I'm actually embarrassed for a pub in the heart of Launceston that serves up fish and vegetables that were clearly out of a frozen packet and thrown in the oven and then on to a plate, 'cocktails' that the barwoman was asking me how to make (not kidding), no garnish on the drinks, chicken schnitzel with batter so thick I felt sick. Where's the fresh Tasmanian produce? Waitresses that were rude when we requested a new garlic naan because it was burnt black. I quote the waitress: "That's how the chef likes it." Last time I checked chefs don't eat the food, this one didn't even know how to cook it. On top of all of this it took an hour for 4 meals to come out. Actually laughable. Worst pub meal I've ever had in my life by far. Don't waste your time.
donna walters
Food is always good, team members are great. Place is very clean good place to take the kids out for dinner. Family friendly
Louise Broekhuis
Food has gone downhill. Used to be able yo recommend The Mersh without question. The last 4 meals both my husband and I have had...well below par. Service is lovely, but really dropped the ball in the kitchen.
Divyesh Vora
I'm from Melbourne. The first time I went to a nightclub in Launceston.Tonight, after a party, we went 9 people to gather for some drinks. The security guard demanded ID, as procedure I provided to guard. Later, the young guard refused entry by saying," You have a bad attitude", because I looked into his eyes.

I believe club people don't care about customers at all. The staff are rude. Security people have a wrong attitude and power. Maybe he is convincing the owner by saying drunk people are coming or they don't have a valid ID. That's why I refused.

When confident people speak, they look into eyes, not the ground.

Congratulations on losing 9 customers and many more.
Ruby James
Went there for dinner tonight! Such lovely staff, they were very polite. Ordered our meals and then 15 minutes later we had our food, such quick service. I'll definitely need to come back here again sometime. Food was cooked perfectly and presented very good. Tables had a perfect set up and nice and clean. Asked how we were as soon as we entered the door.
Teresa Graham
Went here for a meal as previous experience was great, but this experience not so much the meal was average, all 3 schnitzels were burnt, steak was more fat than meat, but daughters fish and the salad was perfect. Service was a little slow but good.
Suzanne Howell
Had a lunch here & was so yummy, ordered our meals for four & was fast to our table...gr8 staff as always thanku ????'?Gr8 place
Byron Dilworth
We arrived at hotel at 5:50 pm and ordered 2 meals. when meals had not arrived by 6:30 pm. we were informed that there was a delay - and when meal finally arrived at 6:40 pm we asked the waitress what was the delay and she informed us that there was a rush of takeaways had come in so our already ordered meal was delayed. Further inquiry revealed that they were "Uber" orders and they had a 15 minute contract time - so to make this we had to wait. Then when the meals (Parmas) arrived the Chicken was over cooked!
Robert Kee
Great food very friendly staff very accommodating nothing is to much for them
Ben Cooper
Always Enjoy my meals here. Friendly staff, Huge variety and decent size meals. Good Job Guys??'???'???'?
Evan Schimmel
Great dance academy.
chris & rod smith
Over for the footy from Melbourne, had lunch and dinner all meals were great, fantastic staff in the bistro and bar
Happy Hippy
Went here on a recommendation for tea very dissapointed. We ordered roast beef and vegetables the roast was silverside which was very tasteless the veggies where waterlogged carrots, beans, peas and mashed potatoes and the other meal was chicken parmigana which was very oily and tasted like it had been overcooked.
victoria bartlett
Great selection of meals, or just a drink, good people and even a place to play the pokies, if you are so inclined.
hayden fitzpatrick
From out of town. Lost $500-650, had a security guard by the initials J.G. hand it in (wont put his full name here for privacy reasons), wouldnt take a tip for being honest, absolute lad and honest bloke. 10/10, would come here again.
Hotel feels run down, and needs a good clean.
Ordered Roast Beef didn't look appetizing and tasted worse.
Bar service very slow.
Female staff were friendly.
Don't b hurrying back.
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