Firehouse Hotel, North Sydney NSW

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Firehouse Hotel, North Sydney NSW

The Firehouse Hotel is a hotel located in North Sydney, New South Wales. They have a bar and great food and drink options. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 1304 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Firehouse Hotel is in Sydney so why not stop by when you are there next.
Had our work Xmas party at the firehouse last night. All my colleagues had a great night. Friendly staff and friendly management. Finger food was delicious and the new renovations look great. Management really know how to run a show. Definitely recommended.
86 Walker St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Latest reviews for Firehouse Hotel, North Sydney NSW

Reshma Chand
This place has a beautifully designed interior, with large and small booths, tables and plenty of seating.
Went in for lunch on Sunday, assume it would be busier other days but didn't mind the quiet ambience.
The calamari portion was huge for a small dish, served with a papaya salad, its crispy and packed with flavour!
Chose the Salmon but was unfortunately sold out, but highly recommend the Barra. Light, flavoursome and definitely filling.
Husband said he had the best steak here! A massive compliment, considering how hard it is to find a decent and not too expensive steak in Sydney!
Maddy Hawkins
We come here some Fridays for work lunches and the meals are always great. The Chicken Schnitzel is delicious and always a go to. It has a good atmosphere and nice outdoor seating. If you come on a Friday or the weekend 100% recommend booking as it does get busy.
Arthur Hurwitz
The two pretty Spanish or South American ladies tending the bar counter and taking food orders, were super nice, friendly and efficient. Despite it being a Sat night, everything ran smoothly for us. We first ordered drinks, then meals, all at the bar counter. Food came out pretty quickly with no delay.

Three of us dined and we ordered barramundi and steaks. My steak was well cooked just the way I like it, with no red or undercooked bits, but no compromise on taste or tenderness. It was accompanied by a generous portion of fresh salad, crunchy chips and a creamy pepper sauce. The steak was a decent size, just right for what I wanted. My companion though was a bit disappointed with her barramundi, as it was a tad dry and salty.

The interior is smartly decorated with polished timber floors, brick walls, fancy chandeliers and comfy wooden chairs and tables with the choice of regular tables, high tables and bar stools or booth type seating, ideal for three people and that's what we choose.

The toilets are clean and well maintained and easy to find at the rear of the venue.

Though we hadn't made a booking, we were still able to get a table at around 6.45pm on a Saturday night, but it did fill up quite considerably after that, and as it filled up, it became pretty noisy. The problem is that it's all wood, steel, brick and glass with no carpets or noise absorbers. Our neighbours at the next table, a group of four young women, got louder and louder, the drunker they got, so what started off as a pleasant and relaxed evening sadly went downhill after their arrival.

I paid 40 pesos for a schooner of VB ale and the steak, (which included an extra 2 peso charge for "sauce" which was unexpected), but I guess this is what we have come to expect from Australia in 2023, staggering under the weight of crazy hyperinflation.

Overall, I was impressed with this place. The food was decent enough, service was outstanding and until it filled up, I found the atmosphere to be quite casual and laid back. Also great to see this old historic building, formerly the North Syd fire station, so beautifully preserved, and transformed into a fab pub for everyone to enjoy. However, parking could be a bit tricky, and the prices were average, but it's definitely worth a return visit, preferably on a midweek day to avoid the weekend crowds.
Well done on the Reno, the upstairs was way better with the cocktails on tap and specials. Nice big outdoor seating. It got pretty crowded Friday Eve and the bar staff did a great job with quick service.
J "Ryan" C
Beautiful decor and casual atmosphere to enjoy after hour drinks and dinner with colleagues. Service and serving was fast after ordering from the bar. Tasty food and good drink choices. Located amongst the busy office buildings in North Sydney
Stacey Savage
Absolutely beautiful meals for our whole family! Could not fault anything and the customer service was amazing too. The best steak I have had in along time! Thank you!
David Venter
Dropped in for dinner on a last minute decision. Service amazing and the food to match. Good chips and steak cooked perfectly.
Brendan Irwin
Staff are generally great. Is a large venue so not a consistent feel to the place. Has lots of seating options. With North Sydney expanding, a place to explore for your bucket list.
Colin Sloan
The food came out really quickly and was quite tasty. Beer was cold. Nice atmosphere. All boxes ticked for a quick pub meal on a Friday night. ?
D Frolov
Great variety of food and drink options.
Service is great, really enjoyed our time!
Your pepper sauce is the best! Haven't had anything like it anywhere else.
Nice venue, gets a little busy even during Thursday! Music is pumping, great vibes.
Service is ok! Bartender looked annoyed as we ordered more than 10 drinks.
It's close to the train station. Great place for a catch up with friends or workmates.
Aashish Bisht
Went there for a quick lunch grab with team mates. I ordered a Chicken Schnitzel Burger which came with french fries. It was super filling and tasty too. Didn't see anyone else with an unfinished plate.
Joe Sit
Another great place for a drink and some decent food after work. Not too crowded downstairs.
Jason Johnson
Great location and the go-to spot for many workers for lunch, dinner, and drinks.

Ordered the beef burger, and it was good, but the beef patty was too dry.

Overall great experience with plenty of drink options and a pub menu with the classics you would expect.
G Calvert
Had our work Xmas party at the firehouse last night. All my colleagues had a great night. Friendly staff and friendly management.
Finger food was delicious and the new renovations look great. Management really know how to run a show. Definitely recommended.
Logan Ralph
Avoid this venue. The management here are spiteful and if you leave voluntarily, they will (and did to us) call other venues and say they kicked you out, which will then cause you issues to go anywhere else locally. Poor customer service, including some guy behind the bar in a blue shirt not serving but visibly swearing and waving his arms at customers. Ill never go back here. Not when they make your drinks out of sight (upstairs) and ring around out of spite to puposely ruin your night, when you leave cos this venue is bad. We were 8 HR professionals, who ordered 4 cocktails, 1 cider, 1 tap espresso martini and two waters. They said no spirits after 9pm and no cocktails cos they are cleaning upstairs but that we can order beers. We said no thanks and left voluntarily. They then called other venues and lied to say they kicked us out due to spite. Dont go here. Not worth it.
Janan Satkunanathan
One of the worst places to go for drinks. Bunch of lazy people running the institution who think they know the rules and infact use it to be lazy.
Bunch of 8 professionals wanting a cocktail at 9.25 pm for a Christmas dinner and told its not allowed by lazy staff who didn't want to make the drinks. I feel so sorry for the owner who is getting ripped off. In the end we all came to the city instead and had a great night!
Kevin O'Doherty
I was there with my daughter tonight.
We each had Beef Eye Fillet:
mademoiselle had medium rare/mushroom sauce
I had medium/pepper sauce
The best steak I have had in years.
A query is that the total was $84 and not 2x$40
Paolo B
Came here for a function and was really impressed with the quantity, variety and quality of the ginger food. Spring rolls, rice paper rolls, samosas, sliders, skewers, arancini, sausage rolls, and even dessert platters. Good amount of veggie options too. Really nice interior and good atmosphere. Overall would recommend
Makesh Sundaram
Over a decade or so Firehouse hotel has been one of our go to place for pub lunch be it a casual team lunch or Farewell drinks! Great place with a multiple indoor outdoor seating areas. Lunch menu has a good variety with some vegan/vegetarian options. The food is usually good! It's at walking distance North Sydney Station and gets busy on Friday's if you have a big team it's always a good idea to book your tables!

The staff were friendly and had a smile on their face when serving! It might take a while to get your food when it's too busy but trust me it will be worth the wait!!
Laís Andrade
Firehouse hotel is a place to go with all your friends from work to have that big, yummy and comfortable food during lunch breaks and after work as well!
Some people write some weird reviews, but at the end a lot of the same big groups of people who work around firehouse, always come happy to eat in there. And they always says they loved the food to me!
Firehouse is a good place to work too.
The managers are nice and the staff too! I love being part of this busy workplace and love being able to eat the food there everyday!
The chefs there are the superstars! They get more than 300 orders through lunch breaks. It's crazy! And they get everything done like rockstars!!!
I felt like sharing my thoughts about the place! Love you guys! ??
Helen Di Domenico
We visited here for team lunches several times and the food has always been on point. Great selection of affordable meals to suit everyone. It does pay to call ahead and book a table. They do get really busy and this ensures you have somewhere to sit when you arrive. If you don't book, try get there no later than 12noon.
Sae a Park
Finally they re-opened!! I ordered Firehouse pizza and Sirloin stake. Food, atmosphere, staffs.. Everything was perfect!! !I stronly recommend this place!!!!
Amit Kumar
Good place to hangout wit mates post work. Ample space to accommodate a large group of people.
Great pub in Northern Sydney. Managers and staff there are incredibly kind and professional. Amazing food and ice cold beer on tap!
Joel Bell
Great local pub with stellar heritage interior design, atmosphere and food/drink. Highly recommend.
Lakshmankumar Krishnan
Excellent location and ambience. They have a great bar with good choices to choose from. Pizzas and finger food are available too and they taste perfect.
Cameron Black
Super friendly staff. Had a great chat with the manager on shift. Have often been the last one at the bar having a beer and working and there's never been any pressure to wrap up.
Callum Francis
Best pub in north Sydney. Great food and good beer selection at reasonable prices. Heaps of indoor and outdoor seating. Staff are great too
Michael Hui
Good value especially for this side of the town. The manager on duty were proactive to offered us the best service and seats cause we have kids, I promised him a five star so here we are.
Parnesh Chand
Called in a day prior to make a reservation for 4, was told they dont do reservations. Rocked up on the day 10mins before my lunch meeting to get a table and noticed most of the empty tables had reserved signs - Putting that aside, rating it 5 star because food was great and ground door staff forever happy. Comfortable joint. Forgot to take photo of special of the day but was yum.
Simone Grafton
I visited the Firehouse on the recommendation from my local hairdressing salon. This pub has a great feel to it and the staff are friendly. Servings of food are generous but last not but least their food is delicious and reasonably priced. Love this place.
Alicia Portvig
I'm new to the area and the girls across the road (hairdressers) recommended this place as our go to on a Friday night and I'm glad they did. Staff are super friendly, food is absolutely delicious and the ambiance is warm and welcoming. We will certainly be coming back for sure.
Yuefeng Li
Food is good
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