The George Tavern, East Maitland NSW

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The George Tavern, East Maitland NSW

The George Tavern is a tavern located in East Maitland, New South Wales. They have a bar and great food and drink options. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4.1 out of 1043 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
I had a celebration ? party last Saturday for 40 people and I cannot fault a thing! Everything was excellent! Everyone was very complementary on how well the venue was! The food was lovely. I had a variety of platters. No one went away hungry ?. The staff was amazing! Nothing was too much trouble! I can highly recommend here for your next party ?! Thanks to all concerned ***** ?
3 Molly Morgan Dr, East Maitland NSW 2323
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 01:30 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Latest reviews for The George Tavern, East Maitland NSW

Matthew Hartley
We dropped in for lunch mid-week and the food was delicious, well presented and fresh. We had the $16 locals lunch, chicken schnitzel. Can recommend. Service was prompt and atmosphere was great. Will go again.
Tom Bozier
Food is alright. Not amazing but ok. Reason why I'm leaving this review is because they tried to charge me $4.50 for a small glass of sparkling water. Soda water is not the same as soft drink. It's water, with bubbles. Not impressed. Not the type of behaviour that creates loyalty.
cody merchant
Let's start with the good parts:
I ordered a herb crusted lamb rump, and it was absolutely delicious and was plated very appealingly!
The service of the bar staff was great. They were very polite and respectful.
I decided to try my luck with the raffle thanks to a kind employee going around table to table, and to my luck, I won twice off $10!

There isn't too much i can fault, but the cons:
I would find it a far more pleasant and enjoyable dining experience if your meals were brought to your table instead of having to collect it yourself.
The interior decorations were bland in certain sections.
The insides felt rather cramped, making it difficult to hear others talk.

Overall, I rate it a 4/5 experience and worth checking out for the food. If you're hoping to enjoy communicating with your company, I'd recommend outside as even weekday nights are busy!
Ruby Coll
I had a celebration ? party last Saturday for 40 people and I cannot fault a thing! Everything was excellent! Everyone was very complementary on how well the venue was! The food was lovely. I had a variety of platters. No one went away hungry ?. The staff was amazing! Nothing was too much trouble! I can highly recommend here for your next party ?! Thanks to all concerned ***** ?
Julie Fraser
Absolutely amazing salad and sweet potato chips!!!! I was able to pick a salad that lined up almost perfectly with my dietary requirements and was super delicious at the same time.

The staff were lovely and the food was ready extremely quickly.

The music was a little loud for me but did not drown out conversation.

All in all...very impressed!!
Tammy Anne
Had the lunch time specials! Portion size was great for the price, food was served fresh/hot, service was prompt.
Jordan Jackson
Hubby, my 1 year old and I, arrived at 515pm for dinner, a sign stated "wait to be seated" which is fine! However a guy came over greeted us (very rudely) asked us what we were here for & went on to say they were fully booked out and had no spare tables this evening - place was empty, no reservation cards on tables ect. He then said we could sit outside if we were still keen! We declined & left as it's the middle of winter it's windy and it's a smokers area) no good for children
Binky Miller
I took my partner for her birthday dinner with our 5 kids. It was very pleasant to eat somewhere that the service staff can see that you need to carry more then 2 plates and actually help out.
on-top of that shout out to "Chelsea" who presented my partners cake on a plate and brought it to the table instead of just sending me on my way with a box.
It's just the little things that make the evening that much more enjoyable.
Food was fantastic and quick service.
Will definitely be back ??'?
Netty. Was. Here. Looks simple but that's all you need to get it right. Incredibly yummy with basic execution for $15 is spot on here! I got the Caesar Wrap but caught a look at the barramundi dish and had food envy! ? still absolutely satisfied decent side portion for a cheap meal. I would love to see a herbie salt to boost up the chippies as mine were a tad plain.
Tyla Catt
Got a schnitzel and cut into it and it was completely pink. Went up to the bistro and showed them and they proceeded to tell me that it was completely fine and that it was just a vein. Not happy considering I payed $23 and couldn't eat it
Jake C
Excellent Pub, 2 pool tables, dinning separate from TAB. Approx 34 pokies. No kids area yet (plans for) heaps of parking. Plenty of TV screens for sports.

Food has always been very quick, great prices and delicious. Staff polite.

Highly recommend
Emma Davies
Nicely refurbished but don't order the seafood spaghetti... the shell comes all broken and is lovely to crunch on through the whole meal ??'?
Vivian Torrens
I don't get to go out much nor spend quality time with my youngest son, so I thought I'd take us out for a nice lunch to your establishment before work tonight.. BUT the food was NOT good. We both ordered the same meat (Pork) but different sides. I knew straight away by looking at it the meat wasn't going to be good as it didn't fall apart when we started eating it. My vegetables wasn't even cooked properly either, my mashed potato & sauce was the only good thing on the plate ?
My Son forced himself to eat his lunch & he loves to eat. I didn't want to do this review as I love your establishment with your atmosphere & excellent service BUT our lunch & our time together today was spoiled by the way our food was cooked ??
I was only going to give one star but done 2 stars as I do like your establishment but the food was not good today ??
I don't think I'll be back anytime soon.
Parak Proud
Booked for lunch with a few friends in Jan 23. Very clean, spacious and reasonable prices for yummy food. I was returning after a few years, I like the new look and comfortable seats. Lunch specials are affordable and good size, their chips us the best in the whole world.
Not too busy on a public holiday. Great atmosphere, very modern, staff very friendly and helpful, food was amazing and served quickly the serving size was great. Bar staff were great also. Would recommend going here for a meal.
Jenny McGrath
Good start went to open the door which actually u had to pull. Took 2 hands just to open the door and then barely got in. Stood there wondering where the bistro was. Had to ask the bar guy. Only 1 little sign above the walkway to let u know. Walk into the bistro absolutely freezing. Lucky I had a jacket in the car. We had to move tables 3 times to get warm. Order the Hamburger and Chips. Very tasteless. Bar staff friendly. 1 lady in bistro friendly. Best part of Georges Tavern was the parking out front. Lots of it and next door to Greenhills Shopping Centre.
Jacob Lebbink
Got a headless beer to start the night then paid $34 odd for a pork belly. The pork belly had 3 slices of pork and a bit of salad. I thought the aim of a restaurant was to send someone home full not disappointed.

And the the crackling was about as crunchy as pea and ham soup. Venue isn't bad but I recommend maccas across the road for a feed that will half fill
Alvin Wong
This place is not disable friendly. We come for lunch with 9 people and 4 of them over 70 years old and one with a walking stick. They stuck us on a table with booth seat, and when asked to change tables we got rudely denied saying that the other tables were reserved. Bare in mind we came at 11.30am when it just open and we were one of the first tables in there, the place was empty at this point. Sat down and the tables were sticky, and this sticky stuff went all over our shirts and when the other table came, they had 5 people on a 10 seater table and it was just a family with their kids. While we were 9 adults, 4 oldies on a table with 8 seats so we have to fit on the booth seats. This does not make sense to me how the staff here operate.

Food came, and the seafood pasta was just full of chilli and no other taste, it's as if they dropped half the bottle of chilli into it. We put another order thru and pay for a new meal cos they won't do anything about the pasta as that's how it's suppose to be. Mind you we order two of the same pasta, and one was edible, the other was not. The new meal took forever to come. And to top it off, the disable toilet door is stuck and doesn't close.

So if you're coming here with oldies and have trouble moving around, don't bother coming here.
Cameron McDonell
We used to take family here for dinner and birthdays but will not be coming back. We came for my nieces family dinner on a Friday night. I had the seafood platter which was just fried frozen food dumped on a plate. For the price you expect maybe some garnish or presentation but no - literally just fried and served. Dry as dust. Burgers were dry, schnitzels tasted pre cooked and cold. 10/10 not going back to this . Not worth it. Shame used to be a good pub. Oh and was told off by the staff for singing happy birthday songs with our grandparents and kids at the table because they feared the police would come if we sculled a drink. Read the room.
Keith Kenny
This place is pretty consistent. It's good pub food. Yeah maybe the prices are a bit higher than some pubs but I've never been completely shocked by the bill. The things they have on tap though are awesome. The Ginger Beer is potent and it's like drinking a normal Bundaberg Ginger beer for flavour so really good... It will creep up on you. ? Overall the selection of both food and drinks is great. The service is very good and the staff are professional and friendly. Can't ask for more.
Andrew E
Beautiful interior, very polite and welcoming staff!
The staff looked me in the eyes and engaged in conversation which made me feel very welcome.....

Good selection of traditional and craft beers on a great tap set up, the bar looked good!

Food was delicious, I had the chicken schnitzel w/chips n salad and mushroom sauce.
It was the lunch special ($14 w/sauce), I think it was a very reasonable price for the portion size and sauce included.

Plenty of room inside and a large outdoor area as well.

Massive tv screen inside as well, it's huge.....

I'll be back!
Phil Chen
Always very good food here, can be very busy even during weekdays so make sure to book ahead!
alison saul
Nice atmosphere, not long to wait for food. Lamb shank has a little too much sauce turns mash into soup , a little rich/sloppy but it still was nice. Service was friendly.
Sheridan May
Having been to several fine dining restaurants in my time I can honestly say I put the food at the George up there as fine dining quality!!! Every time I eat there I try different things and have been blown away every time. Absolutely beautiful food and very reasonably priced , perfect service time and excellent staff .
Rainbow Goblin
Excellent service at the bottleshop.

I had been out shopping all day and they were the only people to let me know that I'd forgot to put my pants on when I'd left the house that day.

Keep up the good work boys!
Andrew Carter
Love this place! Awesome food and the renovations are great. Huge full wall TV just installed. I will be returning regularly
Tracy Nevins
Great food and excellent service. Very quick with order. Their George Bread for a starter is so yummy!!!
Latisha Latisha
Absolutely worst service came in to have dinner (not to drink alcohol) as we told the lady i forgot ID but my friend had hers and still wasn't allowed to be seated for dinner we were told to leave and she put her hand on the back of my friends back and literally pushed her and told her to get out very disappointed as it was my first time going and will never be going back again and telling everyone that I know not to very disrespectful so kids aren't allowed to come in and eat either obviously because kids don't have ID and apparently having someone with you 18+ isn't good enough!!! Never have I ever been so disappointed and disrespected in a pub for dinner in my life
Ros Brown
Great menu. Lots of variety. Staff extremely friendly & approachable. Food beautiful & quick service
Wayne Courtney
Fantastic meals. Play area for kids could be improved but a pleasant night out.
Always a great meal. Staff are still friendly and helpful. Would recommend.
Andrew Leembruggen
Normally quite respectable but, even though less busy than usual, they really dropped the ball tonight.
Steak really over done, ordered sauce on the side but steak was drowned in it as if to hide that it was overcooked, and the side salad looked like it had been prepared the week prior and was equally drowning in dressing. Daughter thought that McDonald's fries were better than the chips here.
Burger was on point, pizza very sweet and the gluten free base was wet.
Trudie Guttridge
Came here with friends for lunch, meals ok, wouldn't rave about it. Lady taking our orders needs to improve her customer service skills.
The other lady at the bar was wonderful and very cheery.
Don't think we will be back here
Christina C Jones
I had the prawn linguine and it was delicious. The menu has many great dishes to choose from. Service was friendly and prompt. Wait time for meals as good. Will definitely go back.
Sharon Newson
We do family dinner at different hotels once a week for family catch ups This was one of the worst meals we have had All the salads came in a bowl that looked like they were made last week! The seafood bowl was 2 small triangles of squid 1piece of fish more batter than fish and 2 prawns fried full of oil My son got a refund on his chicken parmigiana and no wonder children eat for freeIts the dearest place for beer and all bar drinks as well ! Definitely WILL NOT B BACK!
nathan blackett
Very friendly staff, reasonable prices for beers, huge [---] room, only thing I can fault is the bistro is slightly overpriced for what you get.
Alicia Larsen
Had to wait 15 to be seated. Locals were just walking in & seating themselves. We were doing ACCORDING TO SIGNAGE, WAIT TO BE SEATED. FREE KIDZ MEAL WAS WAY OVER COOKED. ADULTS MEAL WAS NICE. IF YOU ARE HAPPY TO GO HOME & COOK 4 YOUR KIDZ, then OK.
Lalaya Avanski
Food is amazing
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