The Settlement at Cranbourne, Cranbourne VIC

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The Settlement at Cranbourne, Cranbourne VIC

The Settlement At Cranbourne is a hotel located in Cranbourne, Victoria. They have a bar, great food and drink options and offer accommodation. They also have a great dine-in restaurant - you may be able to download their menu on their website.
They have an average rating of 4 out of 1290 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
My husband and I have been here a few times for dinner with our children, and the service has been amazing each time!!! The meals come fairly quick, the prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere was very relaxing. The meal size was ginormous and well worth the price. Highly recommend trying it out for yrself
S Gippsland Hwy, Cranbourne VIC 3977
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Tuesday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Wednesday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Thursday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Friday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Saturday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Tuesday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Wednesday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Thursday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Friday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Saturday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Sunday: 07:00 AM - 05:00 AM

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Latest reviews for The Settlement at Cranbourne, Cranbourne VIC

Raelene Reeves
My husband and I have been here a few times for dinner with our children, and the service has been amazing each time!!! The meals come fairly quick, the prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere was very relaxing. The meal size was ginormous and well worth the price. Highly recommend trying it out for yrself
Ryan Elson
Great place!!! Here for work and we were absolutely surprised what a nice place it was! Accommodation was old school classic and classy, meals were big and delicious and the staff were fantastic...... especially Mitch and Helen!! A diamond in the rough for sure!!
Greek Aliti
Who would have thought such a beautiful establishment would be found in Cranbourne ??

Come for dinner and the venue is absolutely beautiful and well laid out.
Staff are nice and my Greek Parma was delicious. The chicken was quality including all the ingredients. Sorry no photo taken as I inhaled it once it arrived.

Will return and hopefully take a photo next time. Highly recommend ??'?
Sharyn Bolitho
Just had a great meal at the Bistro, jalapeno poppers were the best I have ever had. Salt and pepper calamari salad was huge, so good but couldn't finish. Service at Reception was very good and room wonderful.
I just loved this place, their food, services everything is great, u people can try their pizza it was really amazing.
Gamergirl Fortnite
Great Saturday night was had by all, we were a booking of 20 people, everyone enjoyed their meals. The food was the best, came out fast especially for a busy Saturday night. Huge servings. The staff are amazing. We defiantly will be back
H man
For a busy Saturday night, the food was great, came out fast and the staff are fantastic. Highly recommend, best in the area
Tessa dennis
What a pleasure this was to stay at this hotel when I was so very tired. Grand quality rooms, pristine cleanliness, great restaurant with friendly staff. The receptionists Helen and Semema certainly had the 'care factor'. Such a refreshing experience to stay a night here & thoroughly recommend
Joanne Werry
Friendly service, clean lovely family environment, pokies and alcohol for the adults and kids play area for the kids. Meals beautiful. Only negative was the salad dressing was yuk,would've been better salad served with the dressing optional. But everything else was perfect, a very enjoyable time and affordable
Mark Porter
Had dinner here tonight as I normally do. Last time I was here as I have dinner at least once a month. But last time I had dinner here the portion size of the meal had halved and thought nothing of it. Well tonight ordered something different and yep they have at least halved their meal size. Don't get me wrong great food as always that is why I come here and even supported local businesses like this over Covid. Won't be back as it's now as advertised an Australian boutique hotel as on there menu. Too Overpriced for what you're getting food wise where is the rest for what you're paying.
Tammie Robertson
Have not been to the settlement in 6 year's due too terrible food. We tried it again tonight and it was amazing ??'? .
Well done to the chefs. We will definately be back. The service was also fantastic with the girls and the barman was extremely friendly.
Well done guys all round amazing
Matt P
The food was terrible, some serious cost cuttings been going on in that kitchen.

We used to come here for an easy well priced meal, I highly doubt we will be coming back....

I'm one to give a place a few strikes, this is probably the 3rd.
diamond brookesy
I ordered the seafood platter for 1. The fish was tiny, about 3 mouthfuls, the salad was bigger then all the seafood put together.
The oysters were craggy, I ate 1 of them and have spent the following day not in a good way.. avoid thus dish
TJ Agnew
This place has certainly changed.
Used to come here for lunch and the food was amazing.
Came here for dinner recently and the chicken Parma was dry, chips had an off taste only decent thing was the cold water station.
Definitely won't be returning.
Jade Collins
Meals were reasonable in price. Service was very friendly and they offer a good kids package with there meals . My steak was slightly over cooked and my friend got the aussie Parma and the onion was a little chunky for there liking. But over all a nice place to go for dinner
Vahid Mirabolfathi
I asked for medium rare steak. What I ate was completely raw and cold in the middle. By raw, I mean red tough raw not pink. Vegetables where disgusting and cold. Not sure how long has it been since they were cooked. Piece of advice: get your steak from someone who likes to eat steak. The only good thing was the sauce.
Jodie Parkinson
I very often stay at the settlement for doctors appointment etc.
It's the only place I will stay as the staff were extremely helpful and kind. I feel settled and safe being a single lady on her own.
Front of house staff was wonderfully helpfull, the room was beautiful and the cleaning ladies do a fantastically great job.
claire naish
Have been a few times for dinner now. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and you can enjoy a wine by the fire. Food is good value - pizzas especially good. Main reason we go there is the staff. They are friendly and make us feel welcome when we go.
Kate Sanderson
My husbands meal was fine but mine was questionable. I asked for well done crispy chips and fish. The chips weren't crispy and after having 1 bite of the fish I had to go to the bathroom. The type of fish was not listed on the menu as it should be and later I was advised that it was barramundi 1 of the fish I can't eat. The first time I've been out for dinner in 6 months and it was spoilt. The customer service was good though I ended up having to go home and have a piece of toast for dinner.?
Seriously Curious
Chose the settlement for lunch for my mother and I on the 26/9.
'Greeted' by an absolute sourpuss who nodded the direction of the menus rather than reaching out and handing them over with something resembling a smile. Asked for cheese on half of a garlic bread pizza. Informed that they don't 'do' half and half. I wasn't asking for half Tuscan half Hawaiian.. just sprinkling of cheese on half a garlic pizza. The attitude was the last straw. Helped my mother out of that place and spent my $60 at Kellies pub down the road. Suggest someone who can do hospitality at the counter and not treat people like **** on her shoe. Never again.
Breanne Remmos
Second time we have eaten in the Bistro here. The Bistro is Clean, food is simple pub style, but really nice. Fast service! Above all though, the staff here are just so lovely. It's refreshing to have nice friendly staff that are caring and professional! We will be back.
Nikki Molin
We were the first to order on our table of 8 and everyone had already almost finished their meals and we still hadn't received ours. The waitress was very helpful when I asked about our meals. It was disappointing that everyone had finished by the time ours arrived with the explanation "it was on its way, sorry about that"
The food was OK, nothing to get excited about. I probably wouldn't come back here, to be honest.
Cate Anderson
We ate here on a Wednesday night and were extremely disappointed with the food. The menu stated chicken schnitzel with chips and salad yet there was not a lettuce leaf or tomato in sight just a plate piled with chips and a very over cooked schnitzel, most people probably wouldn't worry to much about having too many chips but personally I would have preferred the salad.
Tanya Lewis
We had dinner in the restaurant and ordered the Roast of the Day. It was the WORST I've ever had in my life. It was a mixed pile of stewed pork with watery gravy, half cooked cubes of potato and turnip with a small scattering of parsley. I had been looking forward to sliced roast meat, baked or mashed potato with a selection of coloured vegetables. I'm not hugely fussy but when I pay $28/plate for kitchen leftovers I'm NOT HAPPY JAN!!!
Kate Page
Great service, the staff were great. Food was nice. I liked that they had a separate menu for gluten free meals, made it very easy to see what options I could order without having to bother staff with lots of questions.
Helen Smith
Christmas lunch,very poor.Carvery consisted of meats floating in water, roast vegetables ran out early. Rice gluggy, wouldn't come off the spoon. Desserts very poor. Plenty of prawns and oysters, substandard salads. Left as early as possible. Beautiful meal last Christmas, very disappointed this year.
Peter Murray
In all the times I have been here, the drinks have been cold & the food has been served at the right temperature. There is only one time when they got my eye fillet order wrong, otherwise I have enjoyed every plate. Depending on where within the dining room you are seated, you may feel crammed in & if you sit next to the children's playroom do NOT expect to leave without having your eardrums blasted by screaming children. Finally, I think they need to update the desert menu as I haven't seen any change for the last 4-5 years.
Jerry Land
Just pub meals.. average menu. Large area a d good seating. Bistro is great. Need to show green vax cert.
Tristan Pilepich
Nice decor in the bistro with beautiful open plan, typical pub fare at typical pub prices, quieter than expected on an average weeknight. Delicious chips served with the meals ??'?
Sandra Siemensma
Friendly & efficient staff. Lunch for 8
Grey Nomads, big serves, well presented. Tasty, well cooked meals. Prompt service.
Warren Everhart
Woah! Can't wait to come back again! Booked this place for a terrific rate at ??????????.??? I like this resort and I'm really happy I stayed at my favorite hotel for less than what I usually pay.

We had a very pleasant stay here for a few days, large comfortable room with old styling throughout.
Ash S
You didn't ask how my stay was at check out, so I'll let you know here. Just really average! I had to turn the heater off at night because it was too noisy, making a strange heaving sound. So it was cold. It was also disappointing that we couldn't order a couple of bowls of porridge to be delivered to our room for breakfast for my son and I. I get that it was mother's Day, but I'm sure I paid for a breakfast with my room, and somehow my breakfast option became to pay for a huge mother's Day buffet. I was happy to pay for a small breakfast to be delivered to my room (even though I'm sure a breakfast was meant to be included) but that wasn't even possible. Reception staff at check out were not particularly hospitable. Not even a - have a nice day. We were standing their waiting for what's next for the check-out and it turns out she'd just gone back to work. It was weird. Not like a normal hotel unfortunately.
John Farrell
Very nice comfortable dinning room. Wide offering on menu. Very tasty main course of chicken scollopinni. Variety of desserts.
Alannah Faye Magick
I'd love to give more stars.Beautiful restored building. The rooms are large. Exceptionally clean.Room heating is fantastic. We didn't get time to use the in room spa.Dinner at the bistro was well worth it. We both had the ribs and it was a delicious.However, we arrived at the Cafe for our included continental breakfast at 845am, noting it was just cereal and milk it never arrived despite asking 3 times. When tables arriving 20 minutes after you receive hot bacon and eggs, cereal was your undoing.
Mario Azzopardi
We visited the Settlement for a quick bite to eat and were in a hurry as we had to be at another venue for some live entertainment.I don't think we made it to the bistro, we found a large eating area adjacent to the entrance and settled on that.As we walked in we were promptly greeted by a staff member and shown where to sit and the ordering procedure explained.As we were in a rush, we decided to order a couple of light meal options off the comprehensive menu. Ordering was quick, as was the cooking of the food.The food was excellent. The highlight was the wood fired pizza. The base was fresh and the toppings were quality. As I've worked as a pizza maker in the past, I can be quite fussy. I would have no hesitation in recommending the wood fired pizza.The menu offered something for everyone and was well laid out. I can't wait to visit this place again.Highly recommend.
winnie Robinson
Nice setting, spacious, great friendly staff. Good sized food for the price. Would come again.
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