The Station, Jindabyne NSW

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The Station, Jindabyne NSW

The Station is a hotel located in Jindabyne, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 3.8 out of 655 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Such a nice hotel in Jindabyne. They agreed to cancel my apartment on the day because my friends can't come due to restrictions. I got changed to a motel room instead. Unlike other hotels, it has heater based on hot water, which is warm enough and very safe to dry wet clothes and gloves on. Will come back to this hotel in the future. Highly recommended

The Station does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.
8228 The Snowy River Way, Jindabyne NSW 2627

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Latest reviews for The Station, Jindabyne NSW

K.C. Bealo
The Station Resort is an older Hotel that is spread out over a large area with heaps of different sized rooms. There's a central Laundry Room that reminds you of Caravan Parks. There's also a Reception Centre and a few eating areas and a few meeting spaces. It's located 5kms from the centre of Jindabyne. The rooms are basic with beds, some storage, a mini fridge and an ensuite. Overall it's clean and has plenty of parking.
Jeff Lenard
100% recommend this hotel if you want to be treated like you're in a school camp. The rooms are mediocre for the price you're paying and they have no consideration for their guests. The rooms are dirty and full of dust. As someone who is allergic to dust, I found it very difficult to sleep, constantly work up my a rash in the back of my throat, sneezing , and sinus blockage.

One great thing is they take noise complaints EXTREMELY seriously.
My friends and I were super excited to spend the weekend in Jindabyne for my fiancés birthday. We had extremely rude and loud neighbours who would swear obscene comments and bang on our wall multiple times even when we were sleeping, waking us up, even though we had the courtesy not to complain. Although on our second night, we were playing cards and listening to music at a very low level (3) and got a knock on our door. It was security claiming they had a noise complaint from our neighbour. We agreed to comply and began to whisper. We then got another knock at 12. We were waiting until 12 to sing happy birthday and cut a cake. It was Sam, security and he told us he got another complaint. We began to argue with him as we were as quiet as can be. As we began to plead our case he threatened to call the police and told us to find another hotel to stay at in the middle of the night because of the noise complaint. I mentioned we just wanted to celebrate my fiancés birthday and cut a cake and he said we have 10 minutes to do so and then go to sleep and that we had to have our 'lights out'. It felt like we were in school and had to follow strict rules. I have video proof of how quiet we were being. As we continued to attempt to make him understand our side he said he will call the police on us. We eventually spoke to the manager and was met with sarcastic comments from both the manager and the security guard and they both had no consideration for us. There was no proof we were being loud and disturbing our neighbours. We even told them that our neighbours were also loud but we were IGNORED. We again tried to explain to him that we were simply whispering to each other. After a few minutes of talking to the manager, he said that he will come to our door with the police if we don't go to sleep within 10 minutes. I sensed racism as we were trying to explain ourselves but instead were shunned. I believe, if we were white we would Not have been treated this was at all. I am a reasonable woman of colour and if I am being treated unfairly, I will know.

Once he left we WHISPERED a happy birthday song for my fiancé and went to bed. The fact that they threatened us multiple times with police and that they would vacate us if they get another noise complaint is ridiculous. My friends literally had to crawl to the bathroom in the middle of the night to relieve themselves which I find absolutely ludicrous.I

f you don't want to be treated like a child I 100% recommend finding another place to stay at. If you read any other review, it mentions how thin the walls are. I don't know how the expect families to stay if it is so easy to get kicked out due to 'noise complaints' . It seems you can't breathe even one decibel louder past 10pm. I can't imagine what they'd do to people who have sleep apnea. This hotel has no consideration for you.

We wasted our money and time at this place and they have lost valuable customers who recommend their friends to stay here. Never again will we come back to this place.
Mike Marshall
It's rooms are basic but tidy...staff very is adequate...suited to younger people....out of town means driving or get the courtesy bus to the bowling club for a good night out.
so many spiders?? literally crawling all over the bathroom.
windows and walls are covered in cobwebs.
walls are SO thin. we could hear every word the people next to us said all night.
the food is good, but SO GOD DAMN expensive, it's unreal.
the location is great, but if you're staying here dont expect much.
Brandon Stevens
I have been twice, rooms are always nice and warm in winter, and the beds are some of the most comfy I have ever felt in a motel.
Only complaint is the walls in the rooms are paper thin and you can hear any noise no matter how small in the neighbouring rooms and having at least a microwave would be good, you can tell they don't want patreons cooking their own food so they will go to the restaurant at the station.
Other than that it's good and worth the money
Mark Bernhardi
We're a family of 5 and stayed for a weekend. If you have an expectation for a room with walls, then you will be sorely disappointed. If you expect a tent, then this is a good tent. However, we got charged for a hotel room and therefore can't recommend.
Dee Y
Does the basic job.
Rooms are as described, dated but relatively clean. Paper thin walls we had to buy ear plugs to sleep through the night.
No issues with our heater or hot water, plenty of parking space. Would like to have a table.
Rooms cater for groups of six people but have paper thin walls. It can be very loud and seems to be known for partying with a bar that has live music on site.
Our room was very cold this year. The adjuster on the heater was broken.
Not worth the cost.
Skipped the buffet breakfast this year as last year it was cold and limited even first thing in the morning.
drift_king 625
Very comfortable and warm room. However, a BBQ or, even better for a winter destination, fire pits would much improve the amenities. Also, no guest WiFi which is a travesty in this day and age.
Summa Weaver
Very disappointed as we where supposed to be near another family that we booked with however nothing was done to honour this request!
The biggest disappointment was how bad the rooms where and the lack of cleanliness, it looked as though the rooms have not one bit of maintenance since 90's
Furniture in room looked as though it was from a curbside pickup!
Would never recommend to stay there and would never go back!
Our saving grace was going to the ski fields every day and having an absolute amazing day and spending as much time away from room as possible!
Even the 'restaurants' at the station was gross!
So save your money and book elsewhere!
Tom Jones
Hefty cancellation costs regardless of how early you cancel.
Due to unforeseen circumstances we unfortunately had to cancel our yearly snow trip/ accommodation. No consideration taken from the station to the fact the season isn't even under way and cancellation was prompt allowing ample time for them to fill the room. Pretty ordinary regardless of t&c's
Troy Shields
Not really sure what to say. They are super basic rooms with really simple no frills. accommodation, the pub was shut at the time of my stay so can't comment on food and drinks.
Karen O'Neil
Stayed in 2br apartment as part of a large function. I wasn't expecting much for the price point, star rating, and some other negative reviews. Frankly, it was excellent - well maintained, spotlessly clean, comfy beds/linen, doonas were warm, functioning heaters in all rooms. Spacious with full kitchen. Bathroom decor is dated but I've never seen this era hotel in such good condition.

Apartment bathrooms share the common wall so we didn't hear any noise from next door at all ?

Needs some bedside tables and an iron but one was available in the on-site laundry.
We stayed in a two bedroom apartment and it was great . Clean, roomy and comfy...all at a very reasonable price. There is a lot of space around the cabins, a great place for kids to play. I highly recommend this park. I will be staying there again.
Andrew Vallner
Worst hotel experience of my life. Staff rifled through our belongings INSIDE drawers. When we objected, the Unterfuhrer called the cops and threw us out. Even the cops were on our side but couldn't help. He lied to us, gave us a "refund" that didn't cover a night in an unheated caravan. Mid winter, one of the group got terribly ill. Never go there. Horrible place, terrible people.
Wendy Ding
Good for big families or a group of friends to live together. Reasonable price to share the accommodation. Some of the rooms are a bit tooo far from the place you park your car. Will try buffet next time there, heard it is from 6-9pm.
Jacqui Pharo
There is absolutely NO SOUNDPROOFING!!! You can literally here your neighbours snoring all night, having a conversation or banging around at midnight. When their lights are on you can even see light coming through the wall joints. Apart from that though it is warm, has hot water, feels spacious with the high ceilings and is a short distance to the snow. We are leaving today and paid around $360 per night.
Tracey Kisiel
Always a great stay at the Station, Friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere. It's so nice to hear the kookaburras and see kangaroo's driving to the room. Our room this stay had a drying room and digital TV. For affordable priced accommodation the Station has always been our number one pick for Jindabyne accommodation.
Toby Kitchen
Pretty nice place especially considering the cost. Rooms were clean and spacious though there was no division between the beds. However, they explicitly ban any cooking appliances, so the only eating options are going into jindy, having instant pot noodles, or going to the absurdly overpriced and very average quality pizza place on site ($27 per average size pizza!).
Eilia Jamali
The location was great and the rooms were always warm with good heating. It included all or the essential except for shampoo or toothpaste but big deal. The beds were not the best for me but others seemed to not mined. Most importantly it was very clean and warm. Also the buffet was better than I expected though I wish they served pancakes or had a pancake machine there.
Porus Bharucha
I have been here many times. The rooms are always clean and everything works every time. I am not sure but some rooms have microwave and some don't. So check description properly if you are after one of them. They provide towels, tea and milk. During peak times it is hard to get staff on phone for bookings. Web booking with deals is the best. I strongly recommend their buffet and bar. Unfortunately the pizzas are way over priced for its size. Enjoy.
Graden Dare
I don't think I'll stay here again.

No cooking or "eating utensils" allowed in the rooms forcing you to eat out during your stay... which is fine except if you are trying to keep the cost down. Yes there are rooms available with kitchens, I was trying to keep the holiday cheap with toasted sandwiches, cereals and instant meals... didn't happen.

The on site pizza shop's prices start at $27 a pizza. I get that its touristy but $27 for one pizza? After seeing the price and reading the pizza shops reviews we decided to drive into town to eat elsewhere.

In the room you recieve a bar of soap only. First hotel not to give shampoo or conditioner.
There's a kettle with tea and coffee (if blend 43 can be called that) provided with a few paper cups... but no stirring sticks?

Heating in the room and the beds comfort was pretty good. Though after reading some reviews mention room cleaning as an issue, we decided to have a look at the space on top of the bathroom (effectively like looking at the top of a cupboard)... where we found literal mounds of dust and a rotting chicken wing.
Elliott Crooks
The Station Jindabyne was amazing when planning a holiday at the snow during such a difficult time. We had many complications with our booking with the ever changing NSW covid restrictions and they made the process extremely easy. The rooms were great for a group of friends/family and I would 100% be booking with them again when possible. Thanks so much to the friendly team behind the emails and phone calls, all was greatly appreciated!
Donna Masing
While we do appreciate the staff attending to some of the multiple issues we had and offering meal tickets as compensation, I can't get past the fact that we couldn't get a hold of reception when we needed them. Our room was dirty, we had a broken heater, tv and kettle. The walls are so thin that we were kept awake for 2 nights due to a vacated room with the TV left on. We weren't expecting 5 star accommodation but we did expect that someone would be around to assist. When we told reception in-person that we couldn't get a hold of them they tried to blame us before admitting they turned the phones off in order to answer emails. I've stayed at the station many times and I've never been this disappointed - management need to know it is time to have a proper look at the state of those rooms and enact some policies around answering phones.
Such a nice hotel in Jindabyne. They agreed to cancel my apartment on the day because my friends can't come due to restrictions. I got changed to a motel room instead. Unlike other hotels, it has heater based on hot water, which is warm enough and very safe to dry wet clothes and gloves on. Will come back to this hotel in the future. Highly recommended
Such a nice hotel in Jindabyne. They agreed to cancel my apartment on the day because my friends can't come due to restrictions. I got changed to a motel room instead. Unlike other hotels, it has heater based on hot water, which is warm enough and very safe to dry wet clothes and gloves on. Will come back to this hotel in the future. Highly recommended
Jo Marlin
The staff were so friendly and accomodating.The place has everything you need. Loved it and thanks again staff for accomodating us and our needs.
Laura Li
Good value for price. We paid hostel price for a very big room (motel room). You can drive in front of the door so it's very convenient for unloading luggage. The floor is a bit squeaky so you can hear your neighbor walking, jumping, or running, but the reception will help if next door is too noisy past 10pm. Old style tap but it's clean generally.
murray simons
Massive complex with reasonably priced budget accommodation. A shame the catering facilities are all but closed during Covid 19, but I can imagine it is a financial decision. Having shared outdoor BBQ areas would help families trying tho keep costs down. Would also be great for large groups in summer.
Joey Chan
location is decent, not too far from town. The room is spacious enough for 6 not bad for price. School camp style.
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