Townhouse Motel Cowra, Cowra NSW

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Townhouse Motel Cowra, Cowra NSW

The Townhouse Motel Cowra is a hotel located in Cowra, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 3.5 out of 179 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
Despite the bad reviews id read my wife and i stayed there and will definitely stay again, room was great very tidy and comfortable, and the location couldn't be faulted
15-19 Kendal St, Cowra NSW 2794
This venue is currently open

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Monday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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Thursday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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This venue is currently open

Opening hours

Monday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thursday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Friday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Saturday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Sunday: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Latest reviews for Townhouse Motel Cowra, Cowra NSW

Nicole Mc
Nice clean rooms older style but had everything you needed. Was so nice that the rooms opened out onto the pool area with seating outside each room, was pleasant. Car park was a bit small and only room for one way driving but not a huge issue. Situated right on the main street so very central.
Duke Boreham
Awesome place to stay with very friendly staff. However, the only downside is the parking lot, hence 4 / 5 stars. If only the owner would spend the money to either fill in the 2 foot deep potholes, or have the entire car park repaved. Until something is done about the car park, 4 / 5 stars is the best I can do.

Would definitely stay here again
Room is decent for the price.
Got in and went straight to dinner got back about 9pm. Went to login to the wifi and checked the book for the password in the room. The book says to ask reception. But the password is on the key tag if you're looking for it.
Peter Reddish
This has to be the worst motel we have ever stayed in. When I booked I asked for a ground floor room as my wife us disabled. When we arrived we were told by a very surly man on reception that we didn't book a disabled room and that we would have an extra $20 for such a room. After paying the extra we were given a so called "disabled room " with two large steps to.get into. When we returned to the motelnaround 9.30pm we could not open the door so had to ring the manager for assistance to get into the room. In a very grumpy manner he said we could access the room through the corridor however it was at this point in time he discovered our room key did not unlock the corridor door which, by the way, was marked as 21 which i believed was another room. Yes there is a rear entrance through a corridor which we could not access with our room key so one of us had to climb the high steps, gain access to the room then open the door into the corridor and open the access door from the inside meanwhile my disabled wife had to stand leaning on her walking stick struggling to stand and breath. We then pointed out that there was no seat in the shower to which the manager returned with a plastic chair which is so dirty I wouldn't sit on it if I were wearing dirty, oily and greasy overalls. This has spoilt what we were hoping to be a celebratory weekend and I would not recommend this motel to anyone especially as there are a number of other motels in Cowra which surely could not be as bad as this one. To say we are very disappointed would be the understatement of the century.
Arti Gadgil
I booked family room few weeks ago for long weekend. Arrived bit late 11pm. I noticed that can't lock the room from inside toilet is blocked. Next morning called the maintenance guy who said he is unable to arrange the plumber. Then we requested for exchange of room but it was not possible as motel was fully booked.
If I could rate this motel below one I would do it. Absolutely third-class motel.
alan smith
A budget motel, reasonable price Very small room. There is no heater in the bathroom. Central location. No hot breakfast, no restaurant.
Alec Jarvis
Stayed 1 night, booked on Wotif from another town prior to arriving in Cowra. Was told booking was for the next month and nothing was available at that price $108, instead another room was available at $145 , after all day driving went ahead with the $145 room. Found it very dated and not exactly clean around the edges, although the sheets and bed were spotless.
reception was fairly abrupt, not very helpful or understanding. Will give this place a miss in the future.
stephen Rout
Our room was very grotty. There were cobwebs hanging behind the door and from the ceiling, there were large cracks in the ceiling and multiple dirty marks on the walls and curtains ( the curtains didn't close over properly, so no privacy) . The exhaust fan in the bathroom ceiling was filthy and there was a colony of tiny black bugs living in the corner above the shower. We left our room early on Saturday morning for a full day out, when we returned after 5pm, our room door had been left open all day by we assume the cleaning staff. It was quite a fright to come back and find our room door had been not closed properly all day. The only positive thing was the linen was clean.
Tom Watt
Despite the bad reviews id read my wife and i stayed there and will definitely stay again, room was great very tidy and comfortable, and the location couldn't be faulted
Dion Francis
Great location, can't beat the pool during summer days. The rooms were starting to show there age, both my room doors would close easily. One I basically had to slam shut multiple times, not the best thing if you were getting up very early in the morning. Beds were super comfy, and pillows were great. Air con was good, and not loud so you could have on while sleeping if needed.
Craig Blanchard
The rooms were clean and the grounds were lovely. My kids enjoyed the pool which was also well kept. The location is great, just next to a wonderful Indian restaurant
Matthew Bell
This was inside our budget, $160 per night for two nights, 2 adults, 2 kids for a Fri - Sat booking. After I booked I looked at the reviews and was really worried. But, these were a bit over-blown. I think the management is better off staying shtum than engaging the trolls circling the site. Yes, it was a bit dirty and underkempt but you shouldn't spend your holiday staring at 4 walls. It is the best situated to Cowra's services and attractions. There is a fairly kid friendly pool and we were left alone to enjoy the services. We give it a solid 3.5/5...
Cianne Newborn
Ruined our Christmas,
booked 3 rooms in advance for Christmas Day, on a promise our family could visit use the barby and pool on the day,
3 adults 3 children in addition to the payed guests, a total of 11 people,
on arrival 24 th Dec we were told we couldn't use the facilities. Varied reasons to each guest were given leading us to believe lies were being told.
No one phoned us in advance so we could adjust our Familys Christmas plans.

In addition the rooms were the size of a walkin wardrobe, can't even completely open the door, fresh air is unavailable because if you open the windows bugs fly straight in.
Very dissapointed as the children had been looking forward to a swim on Christmas day with their Nanny, Uncles and Aunties, for months. They were quite upset.

I'm the Nanny and travelled 10 hours to get to Cowra the land of control no culture or fun,
War history seems to be the main attraction.
Nikita Gordon
In response to your response
If the door was "not impossible to open" why didn't you open it for me?
You also physically showed me that the door to the corridor leading to the pool was jammed as well.
No refund was offered - you told me I could pack my stuff and leave .
The polite and hospitable thing to do wouldve been to simply swap me rooms when you realised my door wasn't going to open.
Judging off all of the negative reviews, you're quite clearly in the wrong industry..
I understand that all of the community have been under stress and pressure with the recent flooding but that doesn't excuse the verbal abuse and having me feeling threatened.
Greg Mackie
My room was reasonably OK for the price. The 'washing trolley' in the parking space next to my (valuable) car worried me a bit. Reception was rather abrupt, and a bit like FaultyTowers - without a funny side. Doubt if I would recommend this motel to friends...
Dave Stuart
I was one of 70 odd vintage car people who stayed at the Townhouse Mote in Cowra recently for four days. We found the room adequate for the price however dated and probably could well do with a makeover.

However, I have read recent reviews of the motel and I am able to concur with many guests in confirming the owner/managers at times were quite abrupt and to the point of being most rude when speaking to the guests. This was often infront of other guests and at times came completely out of the blue. The response to the reviews by the owner/manager in all cases denies they are rude and abrupt and simply think people are telling lies.

Our group in a response were referred to as 'arrogant, rude and an unfriendly group of people' and I take offence as their comment having been a member of the Club for 35 years. I have not experienced the Club members in this time as being described. Being a Past President I think I would have heard if any complaint about the member's behaviour had been received.

I would like to think that seeing reviews are requested, the management might take a closer look at the negative reviews they receive as well as the good. They are in the hospitality business and should aim to make the guest's stay as pleasant as possible. So many of the reviews mention both managers inappropriate manner of speaking to guests, so there must be some merit there. This is what reviews are all about, for those being reviewed to see how they well their business is functioning and make changes where they can do better.

Speaking to other business owners in Cowra during our stay only confirmed it is well known the unpleasant way the guests are spoken to at the motel by the owner/manager.

Can I suggest management install a security camera in reception and at times they might see themselves in a different light. If as they say in the reviews some customers are being 'rude arrogant and unfriendly' this will be captured as well.

I acknowledge there are good and bad reviews on this motel, the managers should take credit for the good ones and act on the comments where the reviews were not so good. Don't reject the not so good ones, read them as they make similar comments and management should not refer to them as lies. They should see if they can improve in the manner which they at times speak to customers making for an unpleasant stay.

I will not be returning to this motel when next in Cowra nor will I recommend it to others.

I hope the owner/manager takes my review seriously as I like many others cannot be wrong or out to persecute them. I recommend they accept there is room for improvement in the manner and tone of voice they display when things get a little tough with their guests. A pleasant stay would see returned patronage.
Syd Reinhardt
If it was possible to give a lower rating, I'd have done so.

If you read other reviews you might gain the impression that the managers of this motel are reported to be rude, unpleasant and aggressive and that they refute every negative comment made about their management style.

Having stayed here for 4 days as part of a large group I experienced exactly the same rudeness and aggression that others have reported and that the managers deny. A number of my colleagues also experienced this behaviour. I remain incredulous at the way that I was shouted at and verbally abused. When I complained and asked for courteous treatment I was told that it was all on the security camera system. Good. Perhaps the managers might provide a link to the video of that conversation.

I paid $735 for a 4 night stay, which included one dinner and the most basic breakfast possible. The advertised rate on the street front board was much, much lower. However, my room was large and comfortable.

The standard of cleanliness of my room left much to be desired. My room was never cleaned nor serviced for the entire stay. I was given a clean but threadbare towel and fresh soap each day but made to report to the office every day and state my room number in order to get milk for tea. There was mould on the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom, right next to the bed.

Read the many reviews and the constant rebuttals from the managers and form your own opinion. Having read the reviews and the management denials, I've kept my receipt and have photographs of that which I've reported.
Vivienne Nolan
I booked to stay with my infant and rang to update my booking to include an extra adult. The gentleman who answered was extremely rude, remarking "I'm in the laundry and don't even got a pen". I was told they would have someone call me back. After hearing nothing I rang the morning of my booking to confirm the addition and mentioned I had been expecting a call. The receptionist was absolutely disgusting in her response and even informed me I was being rude when I called her on her poor customer service. She told me I should cancel my booking. I was completely taken aback and explained I didn't want to cancel but before I could gather my thoughts to continue the conversation she hung up. I decided to see if there were other vacancies available before calling her back to accept her offer to cancel. I spoke to a few lovely places before finding something. All told me I didn't want to stay there anyway as it wasn't very nice place to stay and happily recommended another option to try. I didn't need to call back as they had decided to cancel my booking anyway and left me a voicemail. Can not believe how poorly I was treated.

After response from Motel:

Your an absolute joke! Why don't you re-read your reviews from the last 4 months and see the pattern emerging. We can't all be liars. Why would I take the time to come on here and write this if I was lying. After reading your previous replies to the reviews I was waiting for you to call me a liar. Whatever makes you sleep better.
Narelle Athorn
Good location, the room was pleasant enough the cleaning staff were very nice and helpful. The woman at reception needs lessons in Customer Service, a very unwelcoming and aggressive person. No doubt her reply will be "no I wasn't " but she was.
Emily McGrath
It was good clean, but outside smelt like cigarette. No sink to wash up only bathroom sink.
Overall this is good and quite up to date!
Denis Ellem
This is a value for money model in a quiet location. Good, tidy and clean rooms, friendly and helpful staff. Would return here again.
Paul Friend
Don't go by the glossy photos on their website as we did. In fact this is a very tired unloved motel that is sadly lacking in general maintenance. We had bugs on the cornice in the bathroom, lots of old plastic holders that look like they have not been used for decades, smoke alarm falling off the ceiling and a light switch missing its basic cover. Breakfast was just continental, no full breakfast and no restaurant available, room very basic. Garden beds all round neglected and driveway full of potholes, cheap prices reflect the state of the premises. Could not recommend, the on-site manager was friendly and welcoming but stuck having to manage this run down business
Marg Gibbons
Stayed three nights at this motel as a club booking. Two separate nights guests had a mouse in their room. Found they didn't restock coffee,sugar milk and had to go to office one night to get milk and borrowed sugar and milk from other guest in our group.Rooms need revamping. Next time in Cowra will be somewhere different sorry
Deborah Southwell
Clean room and modern. Friendly staff. Enjoyed good continental breakfast too! Walking distance to lots places to eat!
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