Warrego Hotel, Fords Bridge NSW

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Warrego Hotel, Fords Bridge NSW

The Warrego Hotel is a hotel located in Fords Bridge, New South Wales.
They have an average rating of 3.5 out of 14 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 3 to 5.

The Warrego Hotel does not appear to have any published opening hours.
16 Aubrey St, Fords Bridge NSW 2840

Latest reviews for Warrego Hotel, Fords Bridge NSW

Trev Monteith
Great historic pub if you are interested in great historical pubs.
Pub opens at 12pm but does not serve meals of any kind.
No pies, Lattes here.
Fabian Hocking
Pete is in a wheelchair and does a good job to give you a bloody cold beer ,chocolate bars and chips,thats good enough,carry enough food on board my rig,free camp and showers,becarful of the frog,?just enjoy and don't be critical,or just keep driving,,?
Dean Milgate
I went to the Warrego Hotel during the early 1980's. I was first off to buy a round of drinks for me and my mates. I said to the big barman, 5 schooners please mate, he said you'll have cans or nothing, no beer taps here! It's the furthest place I've been in the NSW outback, a unique hotel for a city slicker, apart from the hotel there is pretty much nothing else there.
Filipe jesus
Joanne Connell
It was an experience.
Joanne C
Interesting old building
Happy Magoo
One of a kind.
mark weston
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