Wellington Hotel, North Adelaide SA

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Wellington Hotel, North Adelaide SA

The Wellington Hotel is a hotel located in North Adelaide, South Australia.
They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 667 reviews, with the latest ratings ranging from 1 to 5.
just a lovely pub. great food. friendly staff
36 Wellington Square, North Adelaide SA 5006

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Latest reviews for Wellington Hotel, North Adelaide SA

david P
500g T-Bone ??"?
Chicken Salad ??"?
The steak was not cheap but came with Quality Salad and plenty of crispy chips .
Jake Williams
One of the best beef schnitzels I've ever had, nice and thick and tender. Good gravy.
chotika sarojvisut
The place is not bad for a chilled day or night. Lovely location with park view.
The food is good with reasonable price except Risotto that can make better.
The service is nice except that I asked about my wine pairing with my pasta and they answered whatever I want.. If I could reselect, I'll go with white wine instead.
I also asked about some dust on my wine glass but they refused to change or clean up with the answer of it is just a dust from cloth when we wiped the glass. Yeah .. even it safe, I do not want additional fiber on my diet.
Andrew Schlein
Good atmosphere, food was good, bar service was efficient,
However there was a sign on the bar saying $17 schnitzel night deal (Tuesday) the barman tried to charge me $27, when I pointed out the sign I was then charged $20, should have been $17, I was at the hotel for a wake, the food was good but.....
Katie Britton
One of the best meals with wonderful friendly service.
Food takes waayyy to long we ordered before most and were one of the last to get our meals.don't get me wrong the staff were lovely and the food was alright. They just have to be quicker with getting the meals out. Even if they brought the kids meals out before every one else then there wouldn't be a problem. Apart from the time to get our meals it's goods. Also recommend the steaks even though mine was over cooked still enjoyed it.
Jayden Elliott
Food takes waayyy to long we ordered before most and were one of the last to get our meals.don't get me wrong the staff were lovely and the food was alright. They just have to be quicker with getting the meals out. Even if they brought the kids meals out before every one else then there wouldn't be a problem. Apart from the time to get our meals it's goods. Also recommend the steaks even though mine was over cooked still enjoyed it.
woobwoob Wild
Modern hotel, open fire place, comfortable seating, friendly staff and excellent food. We ordered 1kg rump and we're not disappointed in quality of such a big cut. Super tender, cooked to perfection. Really wish I didn't have breakfast or lunch I think maybe I would of come closer to finishing it. Highly recommend it. Portobello mushrooms on the side were to die for. All staff, waitress and lady behind the bar especially were fantastic, great job. We'll be back soon.
Guy Snow
One of the best 1kg steaks I have ever had, Wednesday night,steak night, 1kg black Angus,all meat, no bone $42, absolutely value for money, many other steaks to choose from ??'???'???'?
Free Life
This by far Adelaide the best kept secret when it comes to food, service and family friendly atmosphere. We became members, 10%everyhing and Thursday 25% all main meals with guests. three hours of happy hour everyday.
Footy tipping here is next level .
Say Hi to Indy and team,they will make you feel welcome.
Zahra Sahara
The experience was absolutely delightful!

The highlight of my lunch was undoubtedly the lamb shanks. They were cooked to perfection, tender and juicy, with a rich and flavorful gravy that was simply irresistible. Paired with a glass of red wine, the combination was heavenly.

What made the experience even more special was the cozy and inviting atmosphere of the hotel. Sitting next to an open fire while enjoying my meal was the perfect way to spend a chilly afternoon. The service was also top-notch, with the staff being attentive and friendly without being intrusive.

Overall, I highly recommend the Wellington Hotel for a lovely lunchtime experience. The delicious food, great wine, and cozy ambiance make for a truly memorable dining experience. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this place is definitely worth a visit.
Service was very friendly. My brother occasionally plays gigs here. The drinks selection is above board. The bar menu/snacks are a mid range in price, can't speak on quality/quantity, as we didn't order. Sport was across 2 TV's, for those that enjoy it ?
Imran Mahmood
Come here regularly as it is local, the double crumbed schnitzel's are pretty good, although a touch small, the Diane and mushroom sauces are both excellent. The tap beer list is a little boring but they have a slightly more interesting and extensive list of craftbeer cans. Good vibe all round.
Agent Hospo
Let's begin with the location, it's stunning view of the Wellington square from the outdoor section at the front of the pub.

Where it's peaceful atmosphere allows you to take in the beautiful view while having either crisp cold beer or a locally sourced glass of vino even for those who don't drink the selection of non-alcoholic options is abundant.

I do love how their happy hour offers some different options to choose from and it's even better when there is live music every Friday & Sunday.

There's not a long of places in the Adelaide pub scene that staff are able to truly showcase their personalities toward patrons to create an even lasting memory.

We shall get onto the most important part well for me anyways, the plentiful options for food and the daily specials they have;

Monday is a classic schnitzel night Chicken, eggplant or beef which is extra but following alongside this great special is there Trivia nights, who doesn't like to switch off from work mode to thinking mode where you can be confident on an multiple choice question and hear that the answer is completely different but you can't help but laugh and move onto the next question.

Tuesday they switch it up from the classic schnitzel to multiple variations of the classic parmigiana. I've been hooked on the bbq chicken option but slowly getting addicted to the Mexican topping - chorizo, guacamole, sour cream + corn chips. Always choose the regular unless you are feeling super super hungry then get a large as it's basically a double portion.

Wednesday night is steak night where they have a few different cuts for such a great price, if you are a little bit of a foodie or gym junkie then look no further to get quality food or a quick intake fix of protein. Everyone's unique but I do enjoy my steak rare and a side of mushroom gravy ?

Now to finish the the week on a high, Friday night is curry night. For those who maybe had a long week or even a long day. Swing past this gem to try their selection of curries, well portioned and nicely paired with a craft beer can special they usually have on the bar , you can't go wrong.

If you live locally or not, I would strongly consider joining their Welly membership program. It's a once off cost of $30 for a lifetime worth of benefits and when the time of the year comes to celebrate turning "21" again happens, they send you a voucher to use on food & beverage. Another benefit is the extra hour of happiness you get when certain beers are $6.
Ciro Albanese
Great Christmas lunch, staff were really friendly and accommodating and the food was great
Jeff Moffatt
Wife and I had a nice meal and a few drinks. Very impressed with the service from the big red haired gentleman, offered a few suggestions for something different with the drinks, he knew his stuff.
Jimmy Eldridge
Beef burger was nice after I scraped off the mustard see sauce! That sauce is disgusting and a great way to ruin the burger.
Patricia Teare
Recently dined there for lunch . Staff were very friendly. And the food was delicious. Lovely atmosphere. Highly recommend this pub.
Alex Lefevre
Great food and alcohol selections.

I would say it's one of the nicer pubs in Adelaide with nice outdoor indoor options and plenty of room for events etc.

Price is on the steeper side. But I'd say relative to location and costings.

Overall would recommend and the schnitty /parmy was fantastic!
Rebecca Schiller
Was alittle disappointed only cause the took the luscious garden restaurant away and turned it into more TV's for sporting. The meals are a typical pub meal.. salads are small and the chips where disappointing. Pre cooked meals.
Don Stewart
Generally love the Welly but food service super slow tonight. One hour from order to table... Food was great once it arrived though
David Maddison
We frequent the Wellington every few weeks on a Wednesday for their half price steak specials. Removed from the main drags of North Adelaide, the Wellington still draws a crowd. It's been great weather recently to sit outside and enjoy the evening sunsets
India A
Really disappointed. Table of 4 and took an hour for our food to come out. I ordered the Asian chicken salad and did not receive what I had ordered. I received what seemed like a standard grilled chicken salad; chicken not marinated, riddled with tomatoes, and absolutely no Thai green basil or tomato, mint and chilli salsa as stated on the menu. The only things on my plate off the menu was the greens and cucumber. Because the food took so long to come out and we were not forewarned I had to just eat what I was given and then leave - no time to complain and wait longer so it was not enjoyable. Additionally my partner had the pulled pork burger which was served with only ten chips on the side.
Wayne Dunk
Food could have been better!! But overall we enjoyed it !!
Obie O'Brien
just a lovely pub. great food. friendly staff
Kirsty Johnston
Recent dinner for 8 of us, we all had great meals, my son especially enjoyed the mixed grill, will be back soon.
Allan Joslin
Just had a fabulous 250grm (medium to well done) fillet steak and vegetables both cooked to perfection!
Friendly staff.
I highly recommend this place!
Andrew McMaster
Had a delicious meal. The menu was extensive and the staff were very friendly and accommodating.
Mary McMaster
After a fun but exhausting weekend we had a great meal at The Wellington Hotel restaurant. We shared the most extraordinary haloumi wrapped in vine leaves on a bed of hummus with kalamata olives, then a mixed grill and a roast vegetable stack. Absolutely scrumptious and just the right size serves. Lovely staff and service, we'll be back tomorrow !
Sally Balfort
Great vegetarian options & friendly staff. Maybe could have had more salad options but we all liked the veggie stack with blue cheese sauce. Easy parking on a weekday (between Xmas & new year anyway)
Karen Harris (Kaz)
We waited an hour for our meal but after me asking for them and some sort of compensation so we got a round of ciders. Food was average.
Best part was to celebrate with friends a Christmas get together and her Engagement!
Lachlan Taylor
Good food and great atmosphere. Miss the ping pong table though.
Liisa Grace Baun
Great location to have a quick meal prior to concert at Adelaide oval. We got a seat as soon as we walked in and our meals came out promptly after ordering them. Service was friendly. Nice booths to sit in if preferred to sitting at tables. Big bar area. Will be eating here prior to any future concerts at Adelaide oval.
Steven May
What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday. Chilled acoustic tunes, great food, stunning views and friendly staff. Thank you for making my stay in Adelaide a special one.
yTez Nash
Flathead was dry tasteless and overpriced. Pie had burnt crust. Not value for money at all. No wonder the dining room was empty on a Friday night.
Rod Stokes
Something wrong here, very panicky
Nikki Cotts
Should replace the manager he's to cool for school. He's not very welcoming, I was waiting at the bar. 10 minutes he did see me but he turned his back and I had to wait another 5 minutes. He's not on a professional level and does not have what it takes to be a manager I want be coming back.
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